Fourty people were taken into custody across the UK after armed police arrived at a Cardiff traveller site to disrupt three people’s lives.

  • During a major police investigation, officers raided a Cardiff, South Wales traveller site. 
  • Further arrests were made in London, England and the south east.
  • One man was left with life-threatening injuries after the initial brawl  

Police in Cardiff arrested more than 40 people for investigating a disturbance at a tourist site.

After three people were left in hospital, 20 people were arrested in Cardiff – 15 men and four teenage boys and a female. 

Another 26 arrests were made, including 18 by Met Police and four by Thames Valley Police.

The majority of the 46 arrests were made on September 22. All of those who were arrested are still on police bail.

Shortly after 4pm on Sunday, 23 March, Armed Police were called to Shirenewton Gypsy and Traveller Site in Trowbridge. 

Police stated that a 27 year-old man suffered ‘potentially fatal injuries’ in the midst of the ‘large scale disturbance. Two other men, aged 25 to 55, were also taken by police to hospital with serious injuries.

Police in Cardiff have arrested more than 40 people in a series of raids across the Welsh capital

In a series of raids in Cardiff, police have taken into custody more than 40 people.

Armed police joined uniformed officers and plain clothes detectives during the operation

During the operation, armed police joined plain-cloth detectives and uniformed officers. 

A number of weapons were taken at the scene and several arrests were made within a short time.

South Wales Police Detective Chief Ceri Hughes stated that this enforcement follows a six-month-long investigation by a team South Wales Police detectives. This investigation also involved many other police forces.

“In March, we made a promise to identify those responsible. I’m happy to report that, with the support from other police forces, a substantial number of people were arrested.

“We believe that the arrests were made in connection with the serious disorder at Shirenewton Gypsy and Traveller Site on March 21st, this year.

“South Wales Police tries to protect all communities against serious harm.

A number of people were arrested during the raids in Shirenewton, Cardiff

During the raids in Shirenewton (Cambridge), a number of people were taken into custody 

Part of the operation involved a series of co-ordinated raids on traveller sites in Cardiff

A series of coordinated raids on Cardiff-based traveller sites was part of the operation. 

“Anyone who believes they can commit such violence at the South Wales Police area should reconsider. We will not tolerate it and we hope that this multi-force operation makes this clear.

“We thank the local communities again for their patience, understanding, cooperation while arrests were made and searches were conducted.”

Witnesses or anyone with information, including video and dashcam footage relating to the incident, are asked to contact South Wales Police quoting reference number *098726.