An artist aged 42 is selling the egg as an NFT. She stated that the eggs are hers to help her conceive children.

Narine Arakelian, who is originally from Armenia but lives in Los Angeles, California, is showing a painting called Love, Hope, Live at Art Basel in Miami, Florida.

An NFT is available for a portion of this painting. It comes with a twist. 

A contract is also given to the seller of the Armenian art piece. The artist expressed her satisfaction that it would be used. 

A 42-year-old artist is selling one of her eggs as an NFT, and she said she expects the buyer to conceive a child with it

An artist aged 42 is offering one of her eggs for NFT. She said that she hopes the buyer will conceive with it.

Narine Arakelian, who is originally from Armenia but lives in Los Angeles, California, recently created a painting called Love, Hope, Live

Narine Arakelian, originally from Armenia, has created Love, Hope, Live, a new painting.

What is NFT?  

What’s a NFT?

A Non-FungibleToken (NFT), is a digital token unique with artist signature that verifies the owner and authenticity of the piece.

How do they look?

The majority of NFTs have some digital artwork such as music, photos, videos, GIFs and videos. In theory, any type of digital artwork could be converted into an NFT.  

These items can be purchased from many places.

NFTs currently are sold most often in so-called drops, which are online sales that occur at the right time via blockchain-backed markets like Opensea or Nifty Gateway.

Why would you want one? 

A variety of reasons may lead someone to purchase a NFT. One reason is emotional value. NFTs are considered collectibles. Because their value can increase, they are considered an investment opportunity.

Narine is not willing to give a specific price for NFT but hasn’t yet stated a value.

Artist, with a 21 year-old son, stated that she was excited to “bring a baby into the world” through her art and hope to sell it to couples who are struggling to get pregnant.

‘It’s a beautiful act of creativity to give the gift of art and life,’ she told Page Six.

“My artworks are my children. The fact that this particular one can actually make a child is amazing.

The art is special because it has brought the child. That special memory will live on in the art forever.

Although the painting includes the words “love”, “hope”, and “live,” she plans to only sell the part that states “live” as NFT.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an example of cryptocurrency art. 

Narine – who was born in Siberia and graduated from the State Surikov Institute in Moscow in 2015 – appears to be selling a digital copy of the ‘live’ panel from the art she has on display in Miami this month.

It contains the contract that she will use for her egg. 

The mother-of-one, who now splits her time between LA and Venice, Italy, told Fortune Magazine that she intends to make good on that contract.

After the buyer has agreed, Narnie will be subject to “a fully monitored procedure by experts and doctors” in order to obtain an egg.

She did not say if she was willing to go through multiple egg retrieval rounds if she is unsuccessful. 

Narine said she is so excited to 'bring a child into the world' through her work, and hopes to sell it to a couple who is struggling with fertility

Narine expressed excitement at the prospect of bringing a child into this world through her work. She hopes to also sell the baby to someone who has difficulty with fertility.

The mom-of-one told Fortune Magazine that once the buyer is ready, she will undergo 'a procedure fully supervised by doctors and experts' to get them their egg

Fortune Magazine was told by the mom-of-1 that she would undergo “a fully supervised procedure by doctors and specialists” to obtain her egg.

She said she spent more than a year deciding whether or not it was the right thing to do, and now describes it as the 'biggest gift she can give'

According to her, it took more than one year for her to decide whether it was right. Now she describes it as the “biggest gift” she could ever give.

Female fertility after 40

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that women become most fertile in their 20s and 30s.  

Women lose fertility by the age of 30, with a rapid decline in their ability to conceive. The medical definition of advanced maternal age is 35 or more.

At 40, half of women’s eggs can be considered normal. By 45, the fertility rate has dropped so far that it is now ‘unlikely’ to get pregnant naturally. 

Some egg retrievals do not yield viable eggs. The changes in a woman’s fertility also decrease with age. The fertility of women begins to decrease rapidly after their 30s. After 40, only half the eggs that a woman produces are considered normal.

Narine is confident the NFT will produce a child and offered her egg without hesitation.

It was something she said that took her more than one year to decide if it was right.

Her response to critics was that she is simply performing for attention.  

“Art is always perceived.” This is a performance if people perceive it that way. But, I chose it because it wasn’t about whether it was performance, but it was more about the greatest gift that my art can offer, she said.

“The egg will eventually become a child. The child will then be art, and not an embryo.” Fortune reported that the mother hoped that the child would feel a special bond to her art and to the NFT. 

Narine’s publicist, Jane Owen, added that that the ‘NFT market is so explosive’ that this piece could sell for ‘any amount.’