Sergei Glazov, 45, reportedly opened fire with a 'combat pistol' at the Ryazansky Public Offices Centre in south-eastern Moscow

Sergei Glazov (45), allegedly opened fire at Ryazansky Public Offices Centre, south-eastern Moscow, using a “combat pistol”.

According to city officials, a gunman killed 2 people and injured 4 after being asked by a Moscow public service office for a mask. 

Sergei Glazov, a 45-year-old Moscow resident opened fire at Ryazansky Public Offices Centre. He had been told by Ren TV to use a mask because of the pandemic.

Russian media reported that Glazov was detained following the shooting. He had previously served as an intelligence officer in Russia, the SVR (previously the KGB).

Anastasia Rakova, deputy mayor of Moscow said that two employees from the center – an administrator as well as a security guard were among those killed. 

The 34-year-olds were later referred to as Alexei Ruzlev or Vladimir Sheshenev. 

Sofia Kozak (10 years old) was one of the victims. She is currently fighting for her life after being rushed to hospital with neck injuries and in serious condition. 

EvgenyKondratyev (35), who sustained a hand injury and Lyubov Titova (56) who was injured in the chest were also among those who were hurt. Zainab Tamazova (33) suffered from a back injury. Three adults were being treated.

The gunman killed two people and wounded four after he was reportedly asked to put a face mask on in a public services office in Moscow, city authorities said

According to city officials, the gunman had a facial mask put on by a Moscow public service office and was asked to kill two people.

Police and investigators are seen at the Moscow government services center in Moscow, Russia, on Monday

Moscow police officers and investigators can be seen Monday at the Moscow government service center, Moscow, Russia.

German husband killed himself and his wife, along with their 3 young daughters. He had faked the Covid jab certificate in fear that his children might be stolen. 

After he falsified a Covid-19 jab certification, he killed his wife and his three daughters. He feared that his children might be stolen when it was revealed.    

On Saturday, police found three children, aged 4-8 and 10, dead of gunshot wounds and two adults in their home in Koenigs Würsterhausen, south Berlin.

The police found the pages-long goodbye note of Devid R. It stated that he had created a Linda vaccination certificate. 

According to Gernot Bantleon prosecutor Gernot Bantleon news agency dpa, her employer discovered the information, leading them to be afraid of being arrested and losing their children Leni Janni, Rubi, and Janni.

After witnesses reported seeing dead bodies inside the house, police were dispatched to investigate.   

Two weeks ago, submitting a false Covid-19 vaccination certificate was made a crime and can result in a heavy fine or years imprisonment.   

The man is suspected of having killed his children, wife and child and then shot himself. The house was found with a gun, although it is not clear if this was the same weapon that fired the fatal shots. 

There was no sign that someone else was there at the moment or forced into the home.

The police stated that autopsies had begun on the bodies and would determine the length of time the relatives were dead.  

This incident occurred at Ryazansky Public Offices Centre. It is a multifunctional government office dealing with administrative matters in South-eastern Moscow.

Sources in law enforcement reported that the man started shooting shots following an argument with Tass’s state news agency Tass. 

Indoor public places such as the municipal service centre require masks. Residents can apply for passports and obtain documents to prove their property.  

Rakova stated that the Ryazansky Public Offices Centre staff and visitors had been evacuated ‘immediately’ after the shooting began at 3:00 PM Moscow Time (1200 GMT).   

The man entered the centre ‘and started firing at the citizens there, after which he tried to hide,’ the Russian interior ministry said.

According to the ministry, an officer of the law who arrived on the scene “managed the capture and neutralization of the attacker,” Irina Volk, its representative, said that. 

Sources said that the source had information suggesting that the man did not wear a mask in the multifunctional center.

“A security officer tried to get him out, but the man grabbed a gun from his pocket and opened fire.

Russia’s Interfax news agency stated, citing an unknown source, that a Glock pistol had been discovered at the location of the shooting.

Russia has strict restrictions on handgun ownership and the possession of other small-barrelled weaponry. These weapons are only allowed for professional shooting.

Multiple agencies reported also that the attacker was an ex-military serviceman.

It is not known what the motivations of the shooter were.

Russia’s Investigative Committee launched an investigation into the shooting death on suspicion of murder and arms trafficking.         

According to the statement, a man broke into the government-run building in which it was located and “opened fire with his firearm upon the persons in the room.”

It stated that “Two persons were killed instantly from injuries,”

The committee said that the injured, which included the child, would be given medical attention.

In the interim, the shooter will be subject to a psychological examination.

Sergey Sobyanin of Moscow said, “A tragedy took place in Ryazansky’s public service office.”

Police and ambulance vehicles parked at the Moscow government services center in Moscow, Russia, on Tuesday after gunman Glazov opened fire and killed two people

On Tuesday, two victims were killed and two others were wounded when Glazov opened firing on police cars and ambulances.

Police guard an area near the Moscow government services center in Moscow on Tuesday

On Tuesday, police occupy an area close to the Moscow government service center.

“An unknown shooter shot two victims and injures three others.” The suspect has been arrested. 

According to reports, the shooter was using a modified weapon that is not lethal.

Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal probe based upon double murder and illicit arms trafficking.

A conviction could lead to life imprisonment.

Although mass shootings are not common in Russia, two tragically-accidental killings at schools and universities occurred this year. This led to lawmakers tightening gun laws.

According to authorities, foreign interference was responsible for the shootings at schools in the past. They also claimed that Russian youth were exposed via television and internet to similar attacks elsewhere in the United States.

A gunman opened fire on the FSB headquarters in Moscow in a high-profile shooting incident in 2019. One officer was killed and five others were injured.

Russia’s Army has seen other high-profile shooting cases.

Three fellow soldiers were killed by a soldier aged 20 at a military station near Voronezh, south of Moscow in November 2020.

Eight servicemen were killed in an attack like the 2019 one.