Sixty-one percent of voters think Biden should give another candidate a chance in 2024. Only 24% believe he should be running again. Another dire poll has found that only 61% support Biden.

  • Survey results show that more than 50% of Independent voters want Biden’s resignation in 2024
  • Dems are his biggest supporters, but less than half of them want him back to run. 
  • As rising inflation continues to grip US families, the survey was conducted November 9-10.
  • Biden’s disapproval is at its highest point on a pollaggregation website that monitors his rating

A majority of voters say they want someone besides Biden to run in 2024 in a poll taken between November 9 and 10

According to a poll that was taken between November 9-10th, the majority of voters want Biden’s replacement in 2024.

New polls released Tuesday show that the overwhelming majority of American voters support President Joe Biden being removed and making way for a new Commander-in-Chief in 2024. 

This is the latest public rebuke to the 78 year old Democrat, whose poll numbers are on a downward slope ever since he assumed office. 

A little over 61 per cent of American voters polled for the Hill/HarrisX poll believe Biden should step down to make room for someone else who can run for President in the next White House race. 

Only 25% of respondents – 24% – said that he should be running again. 15% said they weren’t sure. 

While Democrats account for the majority of his support, only half of those who supported him in 2016 voted against him. 

Respondents polled by Democratic voters wanted 45 percent to support Biden’s bid for 2024 White House. Close to 37 percent wanted him to step aside. 

Republicans are overwhelmingly anti-Biden. In fact, 87% of GOP voters believe Biden must make room for someone else than the mere 8% who think he should run. 

The president’s approval among Independents is the biggest obstacle to his popularity. They helped propel him to the White House in 2020. 

According to the majority of Independent voters, Biden must step down for a new figure. 59% want to see a new candidate by 2024. Only 17% feel otherwise.

In two devastating blows, less than 50 percent of Democrats want Biden to run again and a majority of Independent voters feel the same

A shocking pair of blows: less than half of Democrats are willing to vote for Biden again, while the overwhelming majority of Independent voters support Biden.

25% of Independents remain unsure, the largest percentage among all the party affiliations.  

This poll was taken on 11 and 10 November, just days following poor performances by Democrats in local and state elections. The poll surveyed 921 voters.

Biden's disapproval rating also hit an all-time high today

Biden’s approval rating reached an all time high.

Biden’s job approval ratings fell by a significant amount late last week, according to FiveThirtyEight. On Thursday, he had a mere 42.5 percent approval rating. However, his popularity rose slightly today to 42.8 percent. 

He is currently at 51.7 percent disapproval. 

Hill/HarrisX’s poll found that 46 percent believe Biden did less than what they had expected when he was first elected in January. 23% have stated he did more than expected, 31% said he achieved their expectations. 

Half of Independent voters have stated that they’ve done less than anticipated, as compared to 72 percent of Republicans or 17 percent of Democrats. 

The result is that Americans are left with empty wallets and empty stores shelves due to supply chain and inflation issues. 

The government announced Wednesday that its Consumer Price Index rose 6.2 percent compared to a year earlier – the largest 12-month increase since 1990. 

On Wednesday, the government said its consumer price index soared 6.2 percent from a year ago ¿ the biggest 12-month jump since 1990

On Wednesday, the government said its consumer price index soared 6.2 percent from a year ago — the biggest 12-month jump since 1990

While pay has risen for many workers it is not sufficient to keep up the pace of rising prices. After accounting for inflation and average hourly earnings for US workers fell by 1.2 percent in October compared to the previous year.

Bidenflation was a term that the Republicans coined to describe rising prices used by Republicans as an attack on Biden’s country management. 

Biden, after repeatedly downplaying the rise in prices as a “short-term problem”, finally admitted that Americans felt economic pain during his speech last week in Baltimore. 

He stated that anything from a gallon gas to a loaf or bread will cost you more. “We face still many challenges, and we must overcome them.” 

Brian Deese was Biden’s top economic advisor and made three appearances over the weekend on different networks to support his Build Back Better agenda to end the economic spiral.

Additionally, he indicated that fighting inflation has become a key focus for the Biden White House and that the president might develop a plan to address it in the near future.