After her husband, 52 year old, reported her missing, her body was found in a suitcase near her home. Inquest hearings

  • Dawn Walker’s body, aged 52, was found in a suitcase near her West Yorkshire house.
  • Dawn and Grandmother had just been married five days prior to Dawn’s death.
  • Thomas Nutt 45, a scrap man, admitted to murdering his wife and reporting that she was missing  

The body of a newlywed wife was found dumped in a suitcase near her home after her husband reported her missing. 

Dawn Walker, 52 years old, was discovered dead in her Halifax, West Yorkshire home by paramedics on Halloween.

Thomas Nutt (45) was her husband. He had reported Dawn missing that day. An inquest at Bradford Coroners Court heard this today. 

After the discovery, Nutt (45), of Lightcliffe near Brighouse in West Yorkshire, was taken into custody

Nutt confessed to killing Ms Walker, but said that he didn’t intend to cause her any serious injury or death. 

Dawn Walker, left, married Thomas Nutt, right, four days before her body was found in a suitcase in West Yorkshire on October 31

Dawn Walker (left) married Thomas Nutt (right), four days before her body, which was discovered in a suitcase in West Yorkshire, on October 31, 2017.

Nutt is charged with murdering Ms Walker some time between October 27 - the day they were married - and October 31, when her body was found in a suitcase

Nutt has been charged with killing Ms Walker between the days of their marriage on October 27, and October 31, after her body was discovered in a suitcase.

Ms Walker pictured as a younger woman. Her new husband reported her missing before police and paramedics found her body in a suitcase

Picture of Ms. Walker as a young woman. Before her husband filed for her disappearance, police and paramedics discovered her body in a suitcase.

He told police Dawn had gone to their home at 9:30 AM on Sunday, Oct 31 with the intention of meeting her daughter. However, she didn’t show up.

Inquest revealed that police and paramedics responded to an emergency call made at 4.38 pm that same day.

The inquest was then told that Dawn’s remains were found in a suitcase.

Nutt admitted killing Ms Walker but 'he did not intend to kill her or cause her really serious harm'

Nutt acknowledged killing Ms Walker. However, he said that he had not intended to cause her any serious injury or death. 

Nutt was remanded in custody in HMP Leeds until February 10 for a plea and trial preparation hearing

Nutt was placed in HMP Leeds custody until February 10, for a plea hearing and preparation hearing.

Inquest revealed that Thomas Nutt (45) was charged with murder. He has been placed in detention in preparation for a trial at Bradford Crown Court.

Martin Fleming, senior coroner, told the hearing that a forensic postmortem was done. However Nutt’s legal team requested another one.

The second pathologist, Dr Hope had been discussing the matter with the first examiner. Mr Fleming believed that only a desktop exam would suffice.

Ms Walker was a grandmother who had only got married to Nutt five days before her body was found in the suitcase

Ms. Walker was a grandmother and had married Nutt just five days prior to her body being found in the suitcase.

The inquest was rescheduled until the results of court proceedings.

Fleming sent condolences and sympathies to the Walker family during a very, very tragic and sad time.

Nutt was charged with murdering the grandmother between October 27 – the day they were married – and October 31, Halloween, the day her body was discovered.

Abigail Langford, the defense counsel, stated in court that the defendant accepted the death of the victim. In the matter, it will be argued that he did not intend to kill or cause serious injury to her.

She also said that he accepted illegally killing his wife.

Because of the facts and the background, Miss Langford stated that Nutt agreed to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

The trial will take place on July 25, 2019. Nutt’s leading lawyer Stephen Wood, QC will represent him.

Judge Richard Mansell, QC, Recorder of Bradford said that the court will try to locate a date earlier or look for another one elsewhere on the circuit.

Next, Nutt will appear in court via a videolink to prison on February 10, for a hearing to prepare for trial and plea negotiations. He will plead guilty to the murder allegation.