Kitten dinner! A gruesome 8ft Python spits out the Thai family’s cat after it has been eaten whole

  • A family witnessed horror when a wild python drank their cat’s beloved food. 
  • Before sliding under the house gate of Thailand, a snake attacked a cat named Meow 
  • Farmer Chalom Suksabai, 65, discovered the hungry python on December 7

It was a heart-stopping moment when an 8ft-long Python swallowed the entire pet cat in its mouth. 

Chalom Sukabai (65), a farmer discovered the snake crawling underneath the gate to his Surin home, Thailand on December 7, after hearing the barking of his dogs.

This footage captures the Python (which reportedly weighed in at 44lb (20kg) being pulled by its tail, after it had ate Meow, the tabby cat of his family. 

Farmer Chalom Suksabai, 65, discovered the snake sliding under the metal gate of his home in Surin province, Thailand, on December 7. The python had eaten family's cat, Meow

Chalom Sabai, 65 years old, found the snake crawling under the gate to his Surin home, Thailand. Meow was the victim of the snake’s bites. 

Stunned locals gathered to watch the 'violent' snake after it attempted to attack the specialists, who were trying to put it into a white bag so it could be taken away

After the snake tried to bite the experts, stunned locals assembled to observe the “violent” snake. They were trying to place it in a bag to take it away.

It tried to escape Mr. Suksabai by pulling the gate metal, but it continued its march into his house.

He was afraid that the aggressive snake might inflict injury on his family, so he called local snake handlers. 

Specialists dragged the snake from the farmer’s garden under dried leaves onto the streets and observed its bulging stomach. 

This horrifying video captures the 8ft Python getting sated. It then regurgitates the cat before trying to crawl away. 

According to local legends, the snake may have entered from a sugarcane field near the residence. 

Villagers reported that they had seen other snakes, and lost their pets to hungry reptiles.

Fearing the aggressive reptile might hurt pets and children in the area, Mr Suksabai called the local snake wranglers for help

Fearing the aggressive reptile might hurt pets and children in the area, Mr Suksabai called the local snake wranglers for help

The 8ft wild python has hidden itself under some dried leaves in the farmers garden so it could prevent being spotted

It has been hiding under dried leaves from the farmer’s garden, so that it can be detected.

The snake specialists posed with the snake after it was caught, showing off it's incredible 8ft length

After the snake was captured, its experts took photos with it. They showed off its incredible length of 8 feet.

After the snake tried to attack specialists who attempted to place it in a bag, stunned locals assembled to observe it.

According to Mr Suksabai, “There are many Pythons in this area.” The one that attacked the cat was extremely violent. The poor kitten was weak enough not to be defended. It’s not surprising that the snake managed to get it.

Rescuers carried the snake in a bag to observe its behavior before releasing it into the wild.