Boris, is that baby sick? The PM addressed the nation, revealing a suspicious stain to his suit. This prompted social media speculation that Boris had already made her mark. Carrie is now spending a third night at hospital.

  • Social media was abuzz following the Covid address from Downing Street 
  • PM reveals plans to launch a faster-paced booster campaign, with a suspicious focus on suit
  • Mr Johnson had visited Carrie and new daughter in hospital hours earlier 

When he spoke to the nation last night from Downing Street, his suit was usually creased while his hair was untidy.

Boris Johnson’s brand new girl could have been a major influence on his sense of style.

After the Covid Address, social media buzzed with excitement. The Prime Minister revealed plans to boost his campaign and left a mark on the shoulder.

It could be that he was urinating on his newborn daughter of just days and she left him a gift.

Last night was the third night that Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie spent in hospital. The PM visited hours prior to Johnson’s televised speech.

After spotting him at 8pm last night, online jokers suggest he need to buy a muslin. 

Social media was abuzz following the Covid address in which the Prime Minister unveiled plans for a sped-up booster campaign with a suspicious mark on his left shoulder

After the Covid Address, in which Prime Minister David Cameron revealed plans to boost his campaign and placed a questionable mark on the left shoulder of the country’s leader, social media was buzzing.

The Prime Minister was spotted leaving Downing Street via a back entrance in jeans and a grey jacket

In jeans and a grey jacket, the Prime Minister was seen leaving Downing Street through a back door.

It seems that social media experts were not barking at the right tree.

Mr Johnson went to  the London hospital he was pictured wearing jeans and a grey jacket. For his television address, Johnson had changed to a dark suit.

The Prime Minister was spotted leaving Downing Street via a back entrance at lunchtime on Sunday.

The Prime Minister gave birth on Thursday to Mrs Johnson’s second child. 

They announced their new baby at the end July. The environmental activist, 33, spoke out about having miscarried earlier this year.

Wilfred was blessed with a new sister the day following the announcement by the Prime Minister that England has entered ‘Plan B to fight the Omicron strain of coronavirus.

Johnson’s pledge on television to distribute a million booster shots per day in an effort to fight Omicron was met with chaos. The vaccine centers warned of low stocks and Britons were stuck in long queues.

Britons lined up in wait lines of 300 yards to get boosters today. The line formed before any centres were even open.

There was no way to book a place for your top-ups, so the NHS booking system crashed. Although it is online now, they advise people to wait in line for another day.

Today also saw the end of lateral flow testing. According to the Government’s website, “Sorry, no home-test kits are available at this time.” People who have been vaccinated in close contact with a Covid case are required to test their skin once per day starting tomorrow. Experts urge people to perform repeated self-examinations in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

NHS bosses warn that scaling up the booster programme now will be ‘incredibly difficult’ and inevitably have ‘consequences’, with patients once again facing the threat of cancelled operations.

In a massively ambitious move last night, the Prime Minister brought forward the deadline to offer all over-18s a third jab by New Year’s Day as he warned the country: ‘There is a tidal wave of Omicron coming.’

For the purpose of achieving the goal, thousands more volunteers and the Army will be called in. Clinic hours will also be extended to provide up to 20million jabs within the next two-and a half weeks.

In addition to 42 military planning teams in each region, more vaccine sites and mobile units will be available, along with an extension of clinic opening hours so that they can operate seven days a semaine and the training of thousands of volunteer vaccinators.

But concerns about whether the Government could even hit the goal were raised almost immediately after Mr Johnson’s 8pm announcement last night. Even at the height of the NHS’s vaccine drive in March, the health service never managed more than 850,000 jabs a day.

GPs fumed they found out about the goal at the same time as the rest of the nation, and NHS bosses warned it would take ‘time’ to get the scaled up programme ‘fully up and running’.

David Davis (former Cabinet minister) and Labour MPs lambasted the Government for failing in September to increase the booster drive and warned that the “vaccine wall” was deteriorating.

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) said today that patients who are waiting to have elective surgery, such as hip replacements, could be put on hold while the NHS rolls out one million jabs every day. However, he promised that patients with cancer will not be affected by the changes.

Yesterday’s PM intervention comes amid increasing threats to tighter January restrictions. The potential for new locksdown should Omicron case surges out of control following the UK raising its Covid alert Level from Level 3 and Level 4

Scotland and Wales both have hinted at the possibility that they might need to do more to prevent the highly transmittable variant.