999: What is Your Emergency? After witnessing a mother fight with her children, viewers were disgusted.

Last night, Channel 4’s last-minute episode featured police officers responding to reports of disturbances between two women in Doncaster.

Surprising CCTV footage captured the mother of three dragging a woman’s hair at the pub around 5pm. Diners then raced to seperate the two.   

Police officers arrived on the scene to be shocked when the mother, who was wearing pyjamas, was being surrounded her 3 crying kids. She then said she wouldn’t go to the station without them.

The mother refused to give contact information to a friend, or to take them all in a single package.

One viewer wrote: “My God that Horror Show of a Mum, some hard prison time might help you out.”

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In last night's episode of the Channel 4 programme, police officers (pictured) could be seen attending to a report of a disturbance between two women at a pub in Doncaster, South Yorkshire

On last night’s Channel 4 program, two police officers were seen responding to a complaint about a disturbance in Doncaster between two females.

Shocking CCTV footage (pictured) showed the mother-of-three 'dragging' a woman by her hair when at the pub at around 5pm, before diners rushed to separate the pair

Surprising footage from CCTV (pictured) shows a mother-of-3 dragging a woman’s hair at the pub around 5pm. Diners then rush to seperate the two.

Reaction: Outraged viewers branded the mother an 'absolute disgrace', with one writing: 'My god that horror show of a mum, some hard jail time might sort you out.'

Reaction: Outraged viewers branded the mother an ‘absolute disgrace’, with one writing: ‘My god that horror show of a mum, some hard jail time might sort you out.’ 

The brawl was reported to South Yorkshire Police, with an unknown person calling to say: ‘There’s a fight in there between two women, literally one’s just ripped the hair off the other.’

One of the suspects was a mother sitting with her children at the bar. Officers responded by locating the woman.

When asked by officers about what happened, she replied: “I was sitting with my friend and I started talking at her.

“I told you that I thought your order was out of control. She says don’t f****** start with me. It’s not like you are yelling at me. I says if you wanna play it that way, get outside.  You were so large, she said “Yeah! I will come outside .”.’

One of the attending officers replied, “Why would anyone want to drag another person outside while your children are out here?”

“She’s just sat there and laughed at me,” she said. She sat there laughing at me.

Officers attending the scene were left shocked to discover the mother, dressed in pyjamas, was surrounded by her three crying children - before she insisted she would not be heading to the police station without them. Pictured, the CCTV footage

Police officers arrived at the scene to be shocked when the mother dressed in pyjamas was surrounded with her crying three children. She then stated that she wouldn’t go to the station without them. The CCTV footage is shown.

'You either take us all as a package or you don't take us at all,' said the mother (pictured) when officers tried to find somewhere else the children could stay, refusing to hand over contact details for a friend or family member

The mother, (pictured), refused to provide contact information for family members or friends when officers attempted to arrange for her children’s accommodation.

When attending the scene, officers found one of the women, a mother (pictured) with her three children, sitting outside the pub

Officers arrived at the scene and found one woman, a mother, with her children outside the pub.

The mother continued her story by saying: “So, when she wouldn’t come out, I did exactly what I promised to do. 

I dragged her along by her hair. It apparently knocked one their highchairs over. However, if you check CCTV footage, it wasn’t me who knocked it over. The other lady was dragging her along.

One officer on the scene reported that he was “quite shocked” by the incident.

He explained that she had brought her three kids down to the pub, in the freezing cold. She admitted that she was drunk, but it wasn’t something that usually happens. 

The brawl was captured on CCTV and showed the women fighting, before they were ripped apart by the pub-goers. 

According to the police officer, although she had told us that her mother was being provoked by our presence, we have seen CCTV footage back and it does not appear to be.

Asked by the officers what had occurred, the mother (pictured left) said: 'What happened were I've been sat with my friend drinking with her and the other girl started mouthing off at me and everything'

Officers asked the mother what she said.

The mother (pictured) was arrested and asked if there was anyone else to look after her children, who were crying next to her, while she was taken to the police station

She was then taken into custody and asked her mother if anyone could look after her children. They were both crying beside her as she went to the station.

“It is not very often you see such an attack, so you might see someone punch you or make a lash, and then people split up. This went on for about 30 seconds, which is quite long for an assail.

She was asked by the mother if she knew anyone to take care of her kids, as they were crying right next to her.

She refused to give up her children and explained that she would either accept them all in a single package, or not at all.

Following the arrest, PC Ben Gill declared that “Part of me believes they were her get-out of jail free card,” and added, “I’ve got all my children with [me], nothing’s going to occur.” 

They took the mother, her children and their three young grandchildren to the station. The woman’s actions were shocking to viewers.


Reaction: The mother and her three children were taken to the station. Viewers couldn't believe the woman's actions

Reaction: The mother and her three children were taken to the station. The woman’s actions were shocking to viewers.

One of the victims said, “My jaw is dropping with these women… As a parent, I’m shocked. Poor kids. My heart hurts for them.”

Another said, “I don’t know why it’s so surprising that someone is out drinking while her kids are with them and wearing pyjama pants. Being arrested for fighting her child’s screams doesn’t make her feel better.”

One third said on Twitter, “Can’t see much more of this series.” Children are often involved in these situations.

The fourth stated that he had never once been beaten up or pulled someone’s hair out while taking his kids to the pub for roast Sundays. It was awful for the kids to see that.