Boris Johnson sympathizers organized a desperate frontguard action to surround the Prime Minister as he was confronted with more shocking Partygate claims. 

Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary and senior Cabinet minister, downplayed how serious the PM was at the event with cakes and nibbles inside a No10 Stateroom in 2020.

They insisted that the gathering of around 30 people specifically to mark the PM’s  56th birthday in June 2020 could be seen as a extension of the workplace.

Today, Ms Dorries took to Twitter to criticize senior Tories like Ruth Davidson (former leader of the Scottish Party), who criticized the Prime Minister in light ITV News’ revelations.

Other normally loyal ministers, like Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, were less supportive of the PM’s agenda this morning. 

He admitted to being upset by these latest claims during a morning media conference.

Others ministers that have been rumored to want to replace Mr Johnson remain silent. 

It was believed that Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of India, briefly attended the meeting as it was closing. He entered the room to participate in a Covid strategy discussion. 


Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary

Ms Dorries was one of the first out of the blocks to defend the PM last night afer the allegations emerged.

Ms. Dorries was the one who defended the PM in the block immediately after the allegation emerged.

Boris Johnson with a birthday cake earlier on June 19, 2020, which he was given on a visit to a school in Hemel Hempstead

Boris Johnson presents a birthday cake to himself on June 19, 2020. It was given by a Hemel Hempstead school.

Following the revelations of allegations, Ms Dorries wasn’t far behind in defending the PM. Tweeted her: “So people buy cakes in offices in middle of afternoon to give to someone they work with, and then stop and sing happy birthday for 10 minutes before returning to their desks. This is what we call a party?” 

And she continued her spirited backing for the PM, taking on his internal Tory critics after former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson criticised him.

Ms Davidson tweeted that her partner’shares a Birthday with the Prime Minister,’ however she didn’t think it was a violation of any 2020 rules. Ms Dorries replied: ‘Ruth. You were at home with you partner. Ms Davidson was in Downing St working with hundreds of people in Covid’s war room offices. Is there a comparison?

Jacob Rees Mogg, Commons Leader 

Jacob Rees-Mogg walked out of No10 at shortly after 10.30am and straight over to cameras to vow loyalty to Mr Johnson.

Jacob Rees Mogg exited No10 just after 10.30am. He then walked over to the cameras and pledged loyalty to Johnson.

News of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into Partygate  broke as the Cabinet held its weekly meeting in Downing Street,.

Jacob Rees Mogg exited No10 just after 10.30am. He then walked over to the cameras and pledged loyalty to Johnson.  

Boris Johnson said, “The leadership that this country has enjoyed, which has been so brillant that it has helped us get through this extremely difficult period,”

“He made the right decisions and the country is now open faster than ever before. That’s thanks to the Prime Minister. It’s an honor to work under his leadership.”

George Eustice – Environment Secretary

Environment Secretary George Eustice (pictured today) was sent out to bat for the PM last night

George Eustice, Environment Secretary (pictured today), was dispatched to bat last night for the PM

Last night, Environment Secretary George Eustice went out for the PM’s bat. According to him, “What actually happened was that a few staff members who worked closely with Prime Minister brought in birthday cakes at the end. There were 10 minutes spent sharing one piece.

“I don’t believe that that constitutes a party in any way that some of the more serious claims that are being investigated might.”

Adam Wagner, a human rights expert and lawyer on Covid regulations said that he couldn’t imagine how the report could have been legal if it was true.

He stated, “It’s clearly not within the rules. Nobody from the Government at that time would have said it was.”


Grant Shapps – Transport Secretary

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps admitted this morning that he was 'upset' by the latest allegations

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, admitted that he felt ‘upset by’ the most recent allegations.

Grant Shapps the Transport Secretary admitted today that he felt upset about the recent claims that 30 people were present in the Cabinet Room. He presented Johnson with a cake, and sang to him.

When Mr Shapps went out to answer questions, he was asked why Lulu Lytle (interior designer) had climbed three flights of stairs while renovating the home of Mr Johnson and had attended the party.

“You’re asking me questions that I don’t know the answers to, because I was not there,” Mr Shapps stated.

Sky News heard from Mr Shapps, who was a faithful minister and has been an important figure in the fight against the revolt.

“As I stated, I do not seek to defend it. Sue Gray will decide if this is appropriate and she’ll give the recommendations.

Minister seemed to place the blame on Carrie Johnson, sometimes called Carrie Antoinette due to her influence and behind-the scenes. She is thought to have organized the meeting in the Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020.

‘Look, as the Prime Minister’s said, where mistakes were made, even though it wasn’t… I mean, he would have turned up and the cake would have been there,’ he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

“He did not know it was happening, which is clearly unacceptable.”

“But Sue Gray will find the truth; The Prime Minister has already stated that there will be consequences from the Sue Gray Report, and I hope that we will see this very soon.”

He stated, “We are aware that it was surprising, that the Prime Minister wasn’t part of it, but that we still need to understand all that.”


Rishi Sunak – Chancellor

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary

Liz Truss – Foreign Secretary

Nadhim Zahawi – Education Secretary

Liz Truss today

Sajid Javid today

Sajid Javid (the Health Secretary) clashed at the weekend with the PM by calling for an investigation into claims made by a Muslim Tory MP about being sacked by her position as minister because of her faith. The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has yet to support the PM regarding the party’s birthday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is implicated in this latest gathering, with reports he briefly attended as the gathering was breaking up as he entered the room to attend a Covid strategy meeting.

According to reports, Rishi Sunak was briefly present at the latest gathering as it broke down.

A host of ministers in high office have not yet spoken publicly about Partygate. 

Rishi Sunak the Chancellor is frequently seen to be trying to replace Johnson. However, Rishi has only previously provided tepid and qualified support while waiting for the Sue Gray report.

He is also believed to have been present at the latest gathering. Reports say he was briefly there as the group broke down and he entered the room for a Covid strategy discussion.

Sajid Javid (the Health Secretary) and Nadhim Zhawi (the Education Secretary) have remained silent. The PM clashed at the weekend with them by calling to investigate claims made by a Muslim Tory MP about being sacked for her faith as a minister. The PM agreed to an investigation yesterday.

Liz Truss is the Foreign Secretary and has not yet publicly supported the PM during the birthday celebration.