An ex-student at Ole Miss, a 23 year-old woman, whose brother pulled her into safety but she ran off into the crowd as he tried to save her has been named the eighth victim in Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert.  

Madison Dubiski, of Cypress, and her younger brother Ty were at the concert in Houston, Texas, together on Friday night. 

According to The Houston Chronicle, they were pulled apart physically during the performance and Ty attempted to rescue her. Madison, however, was taken into the crowd by Ty. 

Dubiski was among eight victims killed during the stampede. Scott, the rapper continued his set for 30 more minutes, disregarding panicked concertgoers’ pleas to stop it. Many people sustained injuries and 13 remain in the hospital. 

The Houston Chronicle reported that Dubiski attended the University of Mississippi in 2016-17 and was employed as an advertiser and marketer. Cy-Fair High School was where Dubiski attended. She was a Varsity cheerleader at the school and also a member National Charity League. It is a service organization that offers community services for middle- and high-school mothers.

Friends claimed that Michelle, her mother was her best friend. Ty was also close to her after she graduated from Cy-Fair.  

The eighth and final fatality at Travis Scott's Astroworld concert has been identified as Madison Dubiski, 23, of Cypress

Madison Dubiski (23) of Cypress was identified as the eighth and final victim at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert.

Dubiski was at the show with her younger brother Ty, but the two were pulled apart in the crowd

Ty and Dubiski were at the show together, but they got pulled apart in front of the crowd.

Riley Dimeo shared a tribute on Facebook for Dubiski, who she called her ‘best friend, secret keeper, sissy, and soulmate’

Riley Dimeo posted a Facebook tribute to Dubiski. She called Dubiski her best friend, secret keeper, sissy and soulmate.

Lauren Vogler, an ex-classmate of mine, said that she was a bright, positive, and all around sweet girl. “I cheered for her as a child, and she was so supportive. She was always the center of attention and was loved by everyone.

Vogler noted that Dubiski was a dedicated Astros fan. Her favorite color was pink. Vogler also said she was always there to help her friends. kind of girl.

Riley Dimeo wrote a Facebook tribute for Dubiski. Riley called Dubiski her “best friend”, secret keeper and sissy” and added that she will miss Astroworld.

Madison was the first person to give her love and support. She said, “I’ve never experienced such pure love or friendship before Madison came into mine and I don’t know how my life would continue without her.” Mads was a sweet, loving, generous and kind person if you had the privilege to meet her. Every person that she came across in her life felt special and appreciated. She made everyone feel accepted.

Dimeo added, “I’m still unable to comprehend this tragedy nor accept that she’s gone.” Our girl will be rewarded with justice. She is the best angel I know. Your friendship and role as my Guardian Angel was truly an honor. I love you forever. Till we meet again, sissy. Through this time of sorrow, please keep her friends and family in your prayers. 

Franco Patino from University of Dayton, a 21-year old student, was at the event along with Jacob Jurinek (a 20-yearold friend) when both of them were also trampled. 

Jurinek purchased the tickets six months in advance to commemorate his 21st birthday, which is November 20. 

Both young men were raised in Naperville Illinois and first met when they were in elementary school. 

“They met at elementary school.” [in Naperville]Franco’s brother Cesar patino, said to reporters that the two were close friends throughout their lives.  

21-year-old Patino was a student at the University of Dayton in southern Ohio, where he studied engineering

20-year-old Jurinek was studying journalism at Southern Illinois University

Franco Patino, a University of Dayton student (left), was also among the victims. He was there with Jacob Jurinek (20 years old), when they were both trampled and killed. 

Patino (left) and Jurinek grew up in the same Illinois town and were best friends

Jurinek and Patino were born in the exact same Illinois community and became best friends.

John Hilgert was 14, the youngest victim in the tragic crush that claimed eight lives at the Astroworld Festival in Houston on Friday night.

Hilgert, left, was a ninth grader at Memorial High School and was remembered as a talented baseball player, as well as a popular student

Hilgert, left, was a ninth grader at Memorial High School and was remembered as a talented baseball player, as well as a popular student

Hilgert was pictured at the same time as Houston's medical examiner shared a photo of another male victim's body they were unable to identify

Hilgert was photographed at the same moment Houston’s medical examiner shared photos of another victim they weren’t able to identify 

Scott organized the lineup for the Astroworld Festival in his native Houston

Scott was responsible for the line-up at the Astroworld Festival, which he organized in Houston.

Patino was a huge fan of the rapper, traveling from southern Ohio to Houston for the concert, according to WGN9.  

Jurinek (also known as Jake) attended Southern Illinois University. 

Patino was studying engineering and was a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Alpha Psi Lambda.  

He was also a member the society’s special interests house which he co-founded with Andy Prieto.

Patino stated that Andy and his wife worked tirelessly to realize this dream because they believed it was necessary to provide a place for Hispanics in the institution.    

Jurinek, a junior journalist at SIU’s People Finder’ website is listed.  

SIU Chancellor Austin A. stated that he was heartbroken by the loss of Jacob Jurinek from Saluki Family. He also extends his deepest condolences and sympathies to his loved ones. Lane released a statement on Sunday. “Jacob was an intelligent, creative young man with a promising career as a journalist and advertiser. We will remember Jacob’s friends and family as we grieve this loss.

John Hilgert was 14 years old, the youngest victim. 

Spring Branch ISD spokesperson said that they were sending their condolences to the family of the deceased student, his friends, and all members of Memorial. It is an awful loss and MHS is still grieving.

“Please remember the family of this student as they deal with this terrible tragedy. Students will have counselors next week available to them for any assistance or support.

Justin Higgs was John’s favorite baseball coach and he also shared a sincere tribute via Instagram. He posted: ‘RIP John Hilgert. The Almighty granted him the call up to the Major Leagues. John had an immediate impact on everyone who knew him. They will always remember him. John has a place in my heart that I won’t forget. 

“You must love this child. There was no other way than to love him for who he is. He was passionate about baseball. This was an honor to coach. Many prayers go out to any of his friends, teammates, and his family… especially Ms. Hilgert. 

“One of the most kind and caring people I have ever known. John was an Angel the whole time I knew him… impacting others for good and he himself was a legend. John is a legend. John. My friend, keep an eye on us until then. A great catcher, pitcher and shortstop. He lived his best life. 

Hilgret attended Friday’s concert with his long-time friend, Robby Hendrix, 15.

Hendrix’s mother, Tracy Faulkner, bought her son’s ticket it for his birthday and ‘ultimately regrets the decision.’

Faulkner stated to the Houston Chronicle that “everything about that evening was tragic.” “They were in the exact same spot at the same moment and they both came home, one of them we’ll never see again.”

She stated that Hilgret had been friends with Hendrix since childhood and they played football together.

“John was an excellent student, athlete, and polite. She shared that he was the smartest, sweetest young man she knew. 

Hilgert was photographed at the same moment as Houston’s physician shared a photograph of another victim they couldn’t identify.

Since then, the family of this man have come forward. He has been identified by KTRK as Axel Acosta. 

Axel Acosta, 21, had traveled from Washington to attend the festival - his first concert. Cops shared a photo of his body after they were unable to identify him

Axel Acosta (21 years old) had traveled from Washington in order to see the festival. This was Axel’s first concert. After being unable to identify Axel, cops took a photograph of him and shared it with the public. 

Acosta's father Edgar, pictured left, says he struggled to file a missing person's report because the family live out-of-state

Edgar Acosta (pictured left) says that Edgar struggled with filing missing person’s reports because his family lived out of-state.

A makeshift memorial was placed outside NRG Park, where the festival was held

An unofficial memorial was set up outside NRG Park where the festival took place.

Annunciation Catholic Church in Houston holds its own memorial for the victims

Houston Annunciation Catholic Church has its own memorial in honor of the victims

A visitor writes a note at the NRG Park memorial

An anonymous visitor leaves a message at the NRG Park Memorial

His aunt Cynthia stated that Acosta traveled from Washington in order to go to his first concert. Edgar Acosta, his father, identified the remains of his son at Memorial Medical Hospital. 

Acosta, who turned 21 in October 2017, was studying computer science at Western Washington University. According to his father, he was unable to file missing persons’ reports in the aftermath of the tragic crush due the fact that the family is out of state.   

One brother of one victim slammed the poor management of the event run by “horrible” people. 

Danish Baig (27 years old) was among those who were killed in the aftermath of a concert surge.  

Basil Baig confirms that Baig was murdered while trying to help a relative in the concert stampede. 

Basil shared the following Facebook post: “My brother was murdered in an awful Astroworld event, which was managed poorly by such terrible people,” 

He gave his brother a standing ovation for his courage and called him an “amazing soul”.  

Others whose deaths have been confirmed to various news outlets are 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23.

Danish Baig, 27, pictured, was killed at Travis Scott's Astroworld after saving a relative during the stampede on Friday, his brother said

Danish Baig (right) was killed in Travis Scott’s Astroworld. He had saved a relative from Friday’s stampede, according to his brother.

Rodolfo 'Rudy' Pena, 23, was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. He died of cardiac arrest

Rodolfo “Rudy” Pena (23), was an aspirant model who hoped to become a US Border Patrol Agent. He was struck with cardiac arrest and died.

Pena died of cardiac arrest after being injured at the show

After being hurt at the event, Pena suffered cardiac arrest and died. 

Basil wrote, “My brother attempted to save my sister-in law from these horrible acts that were being performed to her in order to lose his life.” 

“My brother Danish Baig [is]Beautiful souls are the best![e]His smile was infectious and brightened up everyone’s day. My sister in law was saved by him last night through his bravery. 

“I was there, but I couldn’t save my brother.” 

Basil said that people were hitting, pushing, and shooting at each other and didn’t really care about the lives of others. 

He also claimed that Stormi Jenner, Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy and super-rapper, “provoked” these people and “made them do what they wanted to.” [stampede]He called more people onto the stage, encouraging them to get into the crowd. The show did not stop. 

Basil added that he was still alive and would continue to fight for justice. 

His brother Basil (second left) confirmed his brother's (left) death on Facebook and called what he did a 'courageous act'

Basil, his brother (second from left), confirmed the death of his brother (left) on Facebook. He called it a “courageous act” 

Brianna, pictured with her mother, was killed at the event

Brianna is pictured below with her mother. 

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, (left) was a dancer and junior in high school. On Saturday, the family of 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez confirmed that she was one of the eight victims who died

Brianna Rodriguez (16) was a junior high school student and a dancer. Brianna Rodriguez, 16, was a dancer and junior in high school. Her family confirmed her death on Saturday.

Scott shared a message on his Instagram on Saturday, where he told fans he was 'devastated' and was 'working closely with authorities'

Scott posted a Saturday message to his Instagram, in which he said he was “devastated” and that he was “working closely with authorities”. 

Eight people were killed at the event after a crowd surge happened

Following a large crowd surge, the event saw eight deaths. 

One witness described it as a 'floor of bodies' and fans were screaming at to 'stop the show'

Witnesses described the scene as a “floor of bodies”, and people shouted at one another to’stop this show!

The chaos began after Scott took the stage. The star completed his set

Scott was on the podium and chaos started. Scott completed his set. 

Families identified the deaths of two others at this tragic incident.  

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, People confirmed, and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23, confirmed by the Laredo Morning Times, were among the eight. 

Rodriguez was both a dancer as well as a senior in high school. 

On Facebook, she wrote, “Gone from our websites, but not from our hearts,” to her family. 

To help her family with their funeral costs, they set up a GoFundMe account. The GoFundMe has already raised $8,910 of the $30,000 it set out to raise.  

Peña was an aspiring model and had dreams of becoming a U.S. Border Patrol agent, according to USA Today.  

With his friends, he traveled five hours to Houston to see the show. Unfortunately, he suffered cardiac arrest.  

The Laredo Morning Time was told by his sister that her brother was a sweet, kind, and friendly person. He was also outgoing and had many friends. Travis was his favorite artist and he loved Travis.

Around 2pm hundreds of fans stormed the festival's VIP entrance. About seven hours later the surge in front of the main stage killed eight people but the two events appear to be unrelated

Around 2pm many fans stormed to the VIP entry of the festival. Eight people were killed in a stampede to the festival’s main stage seven hours later. However, the events seem unrelated

On Friday, approximately 50,000 people attended Astroworld Festival at NRG Park. Witnesses claimed chaos broke out when Scott performed. 

The surge took place at 9:15 PM. At that point, the’mass causalty incident’ was officially declared. A little over an hour later at 10:10 pm, Live Nation, the concert producer, stopped the show. 

On Friday night, hundreds of people were captured rushing through the VIP entry at Live Nation’s event. This raised concerns about crowd control and overcrowding. 

Scott, aged 29, performed after eight others were killed, two of them children under 16, and Scott continued his performance in what one witness called a floor of bodies’. 

Video circulating on Twitter shows fans chanting ‘stop the show’ as concertgoers were being knocked down and crushed by other attendees.  

Scott called for assistance at one point, even though he had completed the 75 minute performance. Another video shows him standing on a platform while chaos was unfolding below.

The chaos continued and the rapper finished his performance. He even glanced in the direction passed out fans while the show was going on. Scott stopped the show at least once and called for security assistance to those in distress. 

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner revealed during a press conference Saturday that the dead ranged in age from 14 to 27. They have not been identified as to their cause of death.  

Scott’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner (pregnant with their second child) was also present at the event. However, she was criticised online after posting footage of an ambulance caring for the wounded and the dead during the chaos.  

Other videos of the evening showed disillusioned fans asking concert staff for help to stop the show and get them out of the torrent.

‘People are f***ing dying, I want to save somebody’s life,’ a man said as he climbed on a platform where a cameraman was filming the performance.