TikTok is a platform that allows male harassers to share their experiences with a bouncer, who claims that women touched him in inappropriate ways during his work shift. 

Charlie Jeer (19 years old), from Canterbury said he was grabbing on the stomach, genitals, and had even been made to take off his pants while working. He also revealed that one woman brazenly stated, ‘Who cares?’ after being chucked.

According to the teenager, he does not want to be considered a victim. He wants to emphasize what he and many others have experienced working in the field ‘to begin a conversation.

TikTok videos have more than one,000,000 views and show Charlie reminiscing about the experiences he had while working at the doors.

Charlie Jeer has gained millions of views from his TikTok videos highlighting sexual assault against men

Charlie Jeer’s TikTok videos, which highlight sexual assault on men, have been viewed millions of times

Despite feeling that his story needs to be heard, Charlie recognises that he is in control as a bouncer and as such he doesn't feel like a victim

Charlie recognizes that even though he feels his story is important, he knows that he has control of the bouncers and doesn’t feel victimized.

Charlie, pictured on holiday in the Maldives, is focused on changing the minds of men who say they envy him and implores women who grope men to stop

Charlie is pictured in Maldives on vacation. He is determined to change the minds of the men who envy him. 

According to the economics student who studies security in addition to studying, most commenters supported his decision. However, some jokers said, “Why doesn’t this ever happen?”‘.

Charlie stated, “So many men and women are sexually assaulted while working at the door. I don’t believe it’s ever spoken of.”

“I was informed, when I started in the industry that it might occur, but I didn’t know this would become so frequent.”

“I have only been working in security for one year, and there have been many occasions when women approached me to try to take my clothes off or grab me sexually.”

Despite having many stories of being assaulted under his belt, Charlie has only been working as a bouncer for a year

 Despite having many stories of being assaulted under his belt, Charlie has only been working as a bouncer for a year

The economics student, who works on security alongside studying, said most commenters supported him for speaking out, but that some blokes joked: 'Why does this never happen to me?'

He said that most commenters supported his decision to speak out. But, some people joked, “Why is this not happening to me?”

“I don’t feel like I’m a victim, because when you work security you have some control over the situation.”

“You’ve got people around you. There’s cameras everywhere.

“If a woman grabs me, I feel strong enough get her away from me. This makes me less victim.

“But at the exact same time, touching is unwelcome.”

Charlie, before being kicked out by her mother, was one of the most unpleasant incidents. She was grabbed three times on Charlie’s bum.

Charlie describes his experience as like a sea of women who wouldn't stop groping him all night

Charlie described his experience like being groped by a sea full of women all night.

According to reports, the unrepentant reveller declared that he didn’t care about sexual assault. She was being forced to leave the premises by a frog marcher.

Charlie stated that he was at an event in Norwich and was told by the venue’s policy to ensure people could not get on top of the chairs and tables.

“We spent most of the night going up and telling people to get down. “I went up to the lady in question and said to her that she should get down.

She grabbed my bum as I passed them once more. I didn’t notice the second time but she stopped me from passing through again.

One one occasion Charlie had to ask his female colleagues to escort a woman from the establishment as she would not stop harassing him

Charlie was harassed by a female colleague and had to get her to accompany him to the place.

Despite the occasional negative experience, Charlie largely enjoys his work and feels it provides a lot of good opportunities.

Charlie is a happy man, and despite some negative moments, enjoys his work.

“I requested to move out of her way, and she grabbed me again as soon as I was past.

“I turned my back and said, “Don’t touch me again!”

“Later on, I approached her at her table to ask her friends to move to the other side.”

“By that point, I had been walking through a sea women who were touching me for two hours.

“I would say that I was touched over ten more times in that evening – in ways I did not want to be touched.”

“I asked one lady to sit down on the bench and she began rubbing my face. It was very uncomfortable for me.

“As this was occurring, the same woman who previously touched me moved around and grabbed my bottom for the third consecutive time.”

“At that point, I was just getting fed up. I looked around and decided it was time to move on. Evidently, she wasn’t happy with that.

“I asked my two female coworkers to remove her from the building. She said, “Who cares about the sexual assault?” as she was walking out of the building.

Some men viewing Charlie's videos didn't grasp the severity of the situation and instead made joke that he was lucky

Some of Charlie’s video viewers didn’t see the seriousness of the situation, and made fun of it by telling Charlie that he was just lucky.

“That is what I remember about this situation, and it inspired me to post about it.

“If she believes that, then how many women think she cares about the male sexual assault of men?”

“How many people are thinking, “Who cares about sexual assaults on nightsout?”

“To make things worse, she sneaked in again and looked at me with an irritated look.

Charlie says he isn't looking to make his TikTok a 'doorman's diary' but if he thinks something needs to be said, he'll put it out there

Charlie claims he doesn’t want to make TikTok his ‘doorman’s diary, but he will share what he feels is important.

“She was removed yet again, but I found it frustrating that she managed to get back in. It annoyed me greatly.

“It is the truth that people will forget what morals they practice in their day to-to-day lives.

“It is wrong for people to ignore these values and behave in such a way.

“Working in the industry allows you to have fun with others, but it is not possible to cross a line.”

Commenters came out in support of Charlier and abhorred the behaviour of the women sexually harassing him

Charlier was supported by commenters who resented the behavior of women harassing him sexually.

Charlies shares his experience online to encourage revellers not to be so reckless on their nights out.

Charlie explained that he made these videos to initiate a discussion and encourage people to think differently.

“The general reception was positive, but there were still a few guys saying things like “I must get this job”.

“I felt like I got a response from a woman was, “I’m jealous”, and that this was something I had been blessed with.

The comment 'who cares about sexual assault' from a woman who groped him stuck with the university student and made him want to act

He was moved by the comment “Who cares about sexual violence” from the woman who had groped him.

The post didn’t have the intention of raising awareness among women.

“But, there is a huge number of men that think men have the right to touch other men.

“I would not want to choose one gender. These people don’t really care about the sexual assault of men.

“The reply was split. Most people who private messaged each other were kind.

In one video Charlie speaks to the camera and re-calls the moment a woman grabbed his penis without permission

Charlie talks to the camera in one video and recalls when a woman took his penis.

Charlie is a happy man, and despite some negative moments, enjoys his work.

Charlie said, “What I enjoy about being doorman is that it can be self-employed work. I can do it no matter where I am.” [at uni]Canterbury.

“The work hours are very convenient to student life. The job I like, in spite of any bad experiences.

“Doormen exist to assist people. It is my goal to ensure that people are comfortable asking for assistance.

Charlie knows his job as a doorman is to help people and does not want to be hindered by women groping him

Charlie is aware of his role as doorman and doesn’t want women to harass him.

“It is a constructive job that I enjoy. It’s not difficult, but there are always things to be aware of.

“I am not trying to make my TikTok an entry-level diary. But if there is something I feel needs to be said, it will be put out there.”

Numerous commenters complimented Charlie’s speech and offered support.

TikTok user: “Normalise men speaking out!” Thank you for sharing your story.

One other commented, “Good for you.” Without their permission, no one can touch any person.

A second social media user commented: “It is sad that men must use the phrase “imagine if that had happened to a woman” to help people get it.

Some people were more supportive, while others made fun of the situation.

One commenter said: “I am a plumber. Why doesn’t it ever happen to me?”

Another comment: “Standard” but, if she had been peng would you? It would have been.

Charlie talks to the camera in one video and recalls when a woman took his penis.

Charlie stated, “I do security along with my degree. One night I worked at this place and was standing at the front door.”

“And these girls were basically on their way out. Two of them were there, had been drinking, but maybe too much.

“We didn’t kick them out, or any other similar action. They had chosen to end the night.”

“So, as they walked by me, one said, “Ah yes, your Instagram?”

“And they said that I don’t give my Instagram out as such.” But they continued to ask and keep asking.;

He stated that the womenn continued insisting on him and finally one grabbed penis with no hesitation.  

“And then I looked away and boom. It grabs my wood with a ting. This ting grabs my wood without hesitation. My wood is full pelt.

‘So obviously, I was like ‘What the f*** are you doing?’ She pushed me off and I told her to get on with it. She fled.

“But then she’s back the next weekend with her friends. It was like you had sexually assaulted my child. The same thing. You wouldn’t be allowed in again if you did that to a girl. I’m sorry, but you didn’t do it.

“I made her turn around with her friends, and she didn’t come in again.

Charlie continued the story with a video of Charlie saying: “There was one woman that got up from her chair. And I went up and said to her, ‘Can you get off your chair?”

“As she rises from the chair she feels it is a smart idea to grasp my bum.

“And it was just something I did not notice, as there were many others on the tables and chairs. I really wanted to move them all.

“Alter in the evening I am walking through the crowd and she grabs again my bum.”

“At that stage, I simply turned to her and said, “Don’t touch my like that.” I am just trying to do my job. “I don’t want to squeeze your bum at Tesco’s.”

“She listened and continued to speak.

“Of course,” she replied. Later in the evening, one of her friends gets up to the table. When I got to her, she said, “Look, you need to get off the table.”

“And then she started touching up my face, and lots more.

‘I said to her “Look, stop f*****g touching me’ because it was actually starting to p**s me off”.

“And, as I said it, her mate — who was also the one that grabbed my hand before– is back behind me. Boom. Grab me.

‘At this stage, I was getting so p****d off. I’d had enough of women just f*****g touching me all night, while I’m trying to do my job. She got kicked out.

‘I counted. I was touched up non-consensually by more than ten women that night.

“I called over the female doorman and kicked her out. I was uncomfortable with her gripping me or kicking her out.

After denying the incident for several hours, she finally said it to the female frontman: “Who cares about sexual abuse ?”.’.”