Ellie Goulding joins Princess Eugenie dancing as they call for climate action at COP26

  • Ellie Goulding and Princess Eugenie were joined arms during the Glasgow summit 
  • Eugenie shared a video from COP26 that she posted on Instagram. It was set to Porcelain. 
  • Video starts with Eugenie (31), spinning with her arms open, and then she stops. 

With her arms open and dancing, Princess Eugenie has accepted the challenge of fighting climate change at COP26.

Ellie Goulding was her singer, and she joined her. Together they listened and examined the situation and agreed to continue to save the world.

The royal and pop singer, both of whom are passionate about environmental issues, toured Glasgow’s summit together at one point.

Eugenie shared a video from COP26 via Instagram. It features the song Porcelain, which Moby is a fellow green activist.

Although lyrics to the songs suggest a separation, Moby was one of a few celebrities who sent letters to Alok Sharma (COP26) about animal rights.

Princess Eugenie, dancing and arms wide open, has welcomed the challenges ahead to battle climate change at COP26

The dancing Princess Eugenie and her open arms welcome the challenges of fighting climate change at Conference on Climate Change 26

Eugenie, wearing a white face mask, toured the various stands set up relaying expert views about the climate crisis with singer Ellie Goulding

She joined singer Ellie Goulding and the two women listened, examined and promised to do more to help save the planet

Ellie Goulding was her singer and she joined her. The two of them listened, examined the situation and agreed to continue to save the world.

The video begins with Eugenie, 31, on a ‘boomerang’ moving image showing her spinning around with her arms wide open, and then speaking to experts about carbon issues and oceans.

Eugenie, wearing white face masks, visited the different stands that provided expert perspectives on the climate crisis.

She said: ‘I then met Professor Gail Whiteman, founder of Artic Base Camp base camp, highlighting the importance of action to save the ever melting ice.

‘(I was ) So proud to have been here with my friend Ellie, learning from her work in combating climate change.

Eugenie posted a video of her time at COP26 on Instagram to the song Porcelain by fellow green campaigners Moby (pictured)

Eugenie uploaded a clip of herself at COP26 to Instagram, and it was to Porcelain (pictured), by green campaigners Moby.

‘I loved seeing Grace Forrest who is leader in sustainability and the importance of social justice in line with climate justice.

‘It was a very inspiring few days learning and sharing with some of the most impressive minds and passionate people.

‘Whilst we have a way to go, there is an energy of change and a determination to tackle climate change.’

Glasgow saw more than 50.000 people marching today in support of climate change.

Actor IdrisElba, who was visiting COP26 today in support of climate change initiatives with Angelina Jolie (reportedly coming to Glasgow next week), was the latest celebrity to do so.