He is heartbroken as his father tells how his wife consoles him from the beyond with a post on Facebook saying that ‘grief provides the full measure love.’ This was just days after she lost her husband in a crash car accident.

  • One-year-old mother of one is supporting her family in their grief after she was tragically killed in an automobile accident.
  • Alison Clark from Elloughton posted her grief advice just days before she died.
  • Her husband and her daughter now take their comfort in her words 

The words that she wrote on Facebook days before her death, in support of her beloved mother who was killed in a car accident, are helping her family to cope with their grief. 

Alison Clark from Elloughton was killed in an accident on the A63 in Melton, November. She had been hit by a BMW going the wrong direction and she collided with it.

Together with three others, the BMW’s 43-year-old driver died instantly. 

A few days prior, she posted some comforting advice on the Good Grief Walk Elloughton Facebook page. This was a group that she created in support of those who are grieving.

The group was started by her after she lost her father to brain tumor last year. She also cared for him during lockdown. 

Rob, Alison Clark and their daughter Emily. The Clark family are healing by reading Alison's own words about grief that she posted just days before her death

Rob and Alison Clark with their daughter Emily. Alison Clark’s words of grief, which she shared just days before her passing, can help the Clark family heal.

The mother-of-one held a regular grief walk in her local area to help those struggling from losing a loved one

A regular grief walk was held in the local community by the mother of one to support those who have lost a close friend.

It read: ‘Sometimes it can feel like the pain will overwhelm you but have faith in yourself, you can come through it. The fullness of your love is given to you when you are grieving. You can be kind to yourself, and you may ask your friends or loved ones for help if needed.

Alison’s husband Rob shared his feelings in a post following her passing. He said that Alison wrote it just days before she passed away. Her abilities are truly amazing. She is able to assist me and us even in our final days.   

Speaking to Hull Live Rob revealed how much these words were a comfort to he and their nine-year-old daughter, Emily. 

“It’s like she’s talking to me during this nightmare time, and now we can look back at those words and find comfort.

Alison had recently posted some words of encouragement to a grief facebook walk group she had created

Alison recently shared some encouraging words to the grief Facebook walk group that she created

Rob has thanked his community for their instrumental help in celebrating his wife's life after her death

Rob thanked his family for helping to celebrate his wife’s death.

Alison’s burial was attended by 200+ people on 7 December. Many celebrations have taken place since her accident.

Rob spoke about how Alison was remembered by the community that came together following her death.

Alison’s funeral service was a time when her words, along with the other guidance and advice she gave over the years, were displayed in St Mary’s Church. 

Triton pub, the local bar and restaurant offered a place to hold the funeral.

Paul Williams, the DJ, played the track ‘Chasing rainbows’ from Shed Seven. Shed Seven had just dedicated this song to Alison at their Hull performance earlier in the month.  

Rob gave Alison a poem and an eulogy. 

Rob also wrote on Facebook, expressing his gratitude for the kindness of his wife. He said, “As well as being my guide star, love, and best friend she was also a fantastic mum to our nine-year old daughter Emily.”

“She was an amazing person. As a natural caregiver, she moved from her home in California to Bristol last year to care for her dad, who died of brain cancer. Her individual contributions were invaluable.   

A memorial garden area has been proposed in Emily’s school, where Alison volunteered for years, after community donations and fundraisers raised over £4000.  

Rob will in March 2022 run the Dalton Dash 10km, in honor of his wife. In tribute to Alison, the Ali Clark Memorial Run has been named.

Rob stated, “The community support that we received has been just amazing.” Many people continue to support us and offer help through this.