Prepare for a January lockdown Omicron has already been behind over 200,000 cases of Covid infection per DAY. Chris Whitty advises that cabinet pubs and restaurants might be shut down due to illness.


Because so many Britons are going to be caught Omicron, fears were expressed that restaurants, shops and pubs could have to close down next month. This would plunge the country into an actual lockdown.

Boris Johnson spokeswoman said that it was “valid” to presume the UK could have 1 million Omicron-related cases daily by January. That is roughly one in every 6 Britons who contract the disease.

Chris Whitty, chief medical officer of the Coronavirus Unit gave today’s stark update to Cabinet. He was reported to have told them that such high infection rates would cause staff shortages.   

The possibility of another ‘Pingdemic,’ which shut down large swathes the economy last summer, is now being considered. However the spread of this new strain of infection makes it more serious than the one that struck Delta.

The Department of Health had reported that there were 59610 coronavirus infections in total in 24 hours. This is more than 30% higher than the average weekly number and represents the highest level since January 9, when the first wave of cases peaked. 

Daily deaths — which are a lagging indicator— were down 17 per cent in a week with 150 victims today, while latest hospital data shows there were 793 last Friday, up 11 per cent. 

Omicron is estimated to have 200,000 new infections every day according to public health experts. The mutant virus doubles every two days, the officials say.

Chief medical advisor at UKHSA Dr Susan Hopkins said that Omicron vaccine passports and working remotely will be required for the ‘next four to eight weeks.