One woman claims that she feels better after drinking her period blood.

Jasmine Alicia Carter (30), from Barcelona also claims that using her freshmenstrual blood to make ‘period pictures’ and as a facemask has helped her spiritually and physically.

A mother-of-1 is a Sacred Women’s Empowerment Mentor, who assists and coaches women in understanding and recovering the sacredness inherent within each menstrual cycle.

According to her, understanding and reclaiming one’s period gave me a new appreciation of myself and other women. 

Jasmine Alicia Carter has encouraged woman to drink their own period blood after claiming the practice can boost health

Jasmine Alicia Carter encouraged women to have their period after claiming that it can improve health.

Jasmine is a sacred women empowerment mentor who helps women understand their menstrual cycles

Jasmine, a mentor for women who is committed to women’s empowerment, helps them understand and manage their menstrual cycles.

The painter uses her own menstrual blood to create art and revealed that she mixes it with water to create different tones The mum-of-one Jasmine Alicia Carter, 30, with one of her paintings she made from her own menstrual blood

This artist uses her own blood for art creation and shared that water is mixed with it to make different shades 

“We’re here because our vaginas are healthy and we have enough blood to support that. Women don’t get enough credit.

“Instead of feeling ashamed about their periods throughout history, women have been taught that they should be proud.”

You can see that sanitary pads are full of chemical compounds to conceal our blood, and slow down the natural function of our periods.

“But, in fact, our menstrual blood contains all of the nutrients we require.”

Jasmine claims menstrual blood is highly packed with all the nutrients that women need, such as protein, iron, copper and  selenium

Jasmine claims menstrual blood is highly packed with all the nutrients that women need, such as protein, iron, copper and  selenium

Jasmine reveals that, after becoming attuned with her periods, her blood is so 'clean' and that she no longer has to use a strainer and can paint with it immediately

Jasmine shares that after getting attuned to her periods, she is so clean that she doesn’t have to strain her blood anymore and can immediately paint with it.

Although Jasmine has never suffered from skin problems, she claims applying menstrual blood to her face has improved it

Jasmine claims that applying her menstrual blood on her skin has helped improve it, even though she has never had any skin issues.

“It is rich in iron, protein, copper and selenium, which are all important nutrients for women. It has regenerative stem cells, antimicrobial and detoxifying properties.

“Your period blood is pure medicine.” You can get your period blood for many reasons. It can also be used to benefit your overall health.

“When I have my period, I usually sit down on the floor, take out my cup, and then drink a glass of blood. Because I am so in tune with my body, I know how much to drink.

“Sometimes I just need a little bit of it, other times it can be a full menstrual cup to get more nutrients.

Jasmine Alicia Carter, with husband Suriya and son Rav. Jasmine's husband is supportive of her love of menstrual blood

Jasmine Alicia Carter and her husband Suriya with their son Rav. Jasmine has a supportive husband who supports her love for menstrual bleeding.

Jasmine wearing a period blood facemask. The mother revealed it felt 'natural' to apply it to her face for the first time

Jasmine wearing a facemask made of period blood. According to the mother, it was natural for her to use it on her first application.

The painter says that applying her fresh menstrual blood as a facemask and creating 'period paintings' with her blood has improved her spiritual and physical health

According to the painter, applying fresh menstrual fluid as a facemask or creating “period paintings” with it has helped her spiritual and physically health.

“In order to consume your period blood, you must be healthy.”

Junk food is bad for your period. You can still feel the positive effects of being in touch with your periods when you understand how much water you should be drinking.

Jasmine lives in the same house as her husband Suriya, and with their son Rav. She also uses “period masks” regularly to enhance her skin care routine.

She said, “Your menstrual blood works great as a skincare product. I also love using period face masks.” It felt natural to put fresh blood from my menstrual cycle on my skin for the first time. This feeling feels so refreshing and cool on your skin.

Jasmine's husband, Suriya, is used to seeing his wife walk around the house with a menstrual blood face mask. Pictured: the couple holding Jasmine's blood

Suriya Jasmine is used seeing Jasmine with her husband wearing a mask made from menstrual fluids. Pictured is Jasmine and Suriya holding her blood.

Jasmine 'Your period blood won't as good if you're eating junk food everyday for example because your nutrients will be poor. But when you're in tune with your period, then you know how much you need to drink and can feel the benefits.'

Jasmine ‘Your period blood won’t as good if you’re eating junk food everyday for example because your nutrients will be poor. You can still feel the positive effects of being in tune with your periods if you drink enough.

Jasmine advises that women with bad diets will have nutrient poor period blood, and those wanting to drink their own should monitor their menstrual blood closely

Jasmine suggests that those who eat poorly will experience nutrient-poor period blood. Those wanting to have their own menstrual cycle should closely monitor it.

“Now, I go about my house wearing my period mask and my husband loves it. I have never experienced any skin problems, but I feel my skin is healthier now that I use these masks.

Jasmine knows that not everyone feels comfortable applying their menstrual fluid to their faces or drinking the blood from their period.

However, she believes there are ways that women can understand and accept their periods. She suggests painting with the period and giving back their fertiliser blood to the Earth.

Jasmine said: “I don’t expect everybody to be obsessed about their period blood in the same way that I am. I encourage all women to take a look at their periods to find out what they can learn about their health.

The artist describes using her own period blood to create her own art as 'a really beautiful practice'

Artist describes creating art from her own blood as “a beautiful practice.”

Jasmine knows not all women would be comfortable drinking their own menstrual blood but encourages them to try painting with it

Jasmine is aware that not everyone would like to drink their menstrual fluid, but she encourages women to paint with it.

The menstrual coach revealed that ancient women would squat down and give their period blood to the earth to connect themselves to nature and encourages modern women to rid themselves of period shame

Menstrual coaches revealed ancient women would sit down to give their period blood. It was a way to reconnect with nature.

To drink  her own period blood, Jasmine's process entails squatting on the toilet, removing her menstrual cup and taking a sip

To drink  her own period blood, Jasmine’s process entails squatting on the toilet, removing her menstrual cup and taking a sip

Jasmine describes period blood as containing regenerative stem cells and having antimicrobial as well as detoxifying properties

Jasmine describes period-blood as being rich in regenerative stem cell and with antimicrobial, as well as detoxifying, properties

It is possible to get an accurate sense of your health by the color and consistency of blood.

“I urge women to let their period go back to nature, and have a strong connection with the Earth. The fertiliser that your period blood provides is an invaluable fertilizer for plants.

“In the past women used to squat and donate their blood to the earth in order to connect to nature. Ancient cultures knew that the wisdom of the womb existed long before women had to be ashamed about their periods.

“I also enjoy creating paintings using my period blood. It’s an amazing practice.

Since sharing her beliefs, Jasmine has found an 'amazing' community of women who understand and support her message. Pictured applying her period as a face mask

Jasmine is a believer and has met an amazing group of women who share her belief. Image of Jasmine applying her period to make a mask for her face

The mother will sometimes receive hateful comments for her work and trolls have told her that what she does is gory

Sometimes, the mother receives hateful remarks for her work. Trolls tell her it is disgusting.

Jasmine claims that being in tune with with her menstrual blood and body allows her to know exactly how to drink

Jasmine believes that her ability to be in touch with her body and her menstrual cycle allows her to choose the right drink for her.

Jasmine pictured with one of her period blood paintings. She describes the subject of period blood as a passion

 Jasmine pictured with one of her period blood paintings. Period blood is a subject that Jasmine considers a passion.

Jasmine describes menstrual blood as 'pure medicine' and reveals that if you can collect you period blood, there are so many things you can do with it—including face masks

Jasmine describes menstrual blood as ‘pure medicine’ and reveals that if you can collect you period blood, there are so many things you can do with it—including face masks

“I had to strain my menstrual fluid before I could use it to make paint, or blend it in a blender.


The menstrual blood travels differently from the regular blood and has fewer blood cells than regular blood. 

Menstrual blood contains mucus, bacteria and uterine tissues during a woman’s period. 

Drinking any kind of blood will cause no harm if there is no disease. Consuming more than 1 teaspoon of the iron-rich liquid can lead to iron overload. This is a deadly condition known as hemachromotosis. 

Hemochromatosis refers to a condition where too much iron is built up in the body. This can cause organ damage or even death.

If drinking another person’s blood, a danger posed is through potential bloodbourne pathogens (like HIV). 

Source: Healthline 

“But, after getting attuned to my periods my blood is now so clean that I can immediately paint with it and then dilute with water to create different shades.

Jasmine was a waitress until she found her calling in mentoring women to understand their natural power and how they can control it.

Jasmine, who was the inventor of Sacress Menstrual Cups as well as the founder and CEO of Menstrual Art Movements, recalls: “My passion and love of my period turned into a company and that’s something I am so proud.” My life is centered around periods.

“I’m out there to help other women find their peace with their periods and bodies.

“I received a lot hateful comments about my work, and some trolls told me it was gory. It’s only my period blood, so I’m not surprised by this idea.

“But, since then, the most incredible community of women have understood my message and now support it,” she said.