REVEALED: TikTokers have gone wild for a £10 gel polish removal hack – no foils, acetone or nail clips needed!

  • Simple tip from TikTok users to get gel polish off your nails at home
  • Users hail the MYGEL by Mylee Magic Gel Remover (£9.99) a ‘must-have’ 
  • You can paint directly onto the gel nail polish and it bubbles up with no effort. 
  • Mylee have been selling an item every second online since they went viral. 

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TikTok users discovered a new way to get rid of gel polish at your house. And it costs just £9.99.

Social media has been flooded with posts from manicure lovers praising the MYGEL By Mylee Magic Gel Remover for removing gel nails in six minutes. There are no nail clippings or foils required.

Showing her admiration for the TikTok hack, @jesslizs explained to her viewers how she painted directly on gel polish. Magic Gel Remover starts to bubble up and peel off, making it simple to get the gel polish off.

Demonstrating the impressive hack on TikTok, @jesslizs showed her fans how the 'must have' Magic Gel Remover (pictured) makes remove gel polish at home quick and easy

Demonstrating the impressive hack on TikTok, @jesslizs showed her fans how the ‘must have’ Magic Gel Remover (pictured) makes remove gel polish at home quick and easy

After six minutes the gel polish begins to bubble and peel, making it effortless to scrape off

The gel polish will bubble up and begin to peel after six minutes. It is easy to remove.

Gel polish can be tricky to get off. But the Mylee Magic Gel Remover will remove gel polish in 6 minutes. That’s two-and-a-half times quicker than using foil wraps and cotton balls that have been soaked in skin drying acetone.

Incredibly impressed viewers posted comments on @jesslizs’ video to express their love for the technique and to hail it as a must-have. She explained that she preferred this method to acetone because it’s faster and cleaner.

However, one cautioned against using the Magic Gel Remover because some think it contains methylenechloride. This chemical is most often found in paint strippers. But, the site of the brand states that this is not the case.

TikTok users are not the only ones who love this acetone-free method for quickly removing gel nails at home. Amazon’s gel nail remover has received nearly 2,000 5-star Amazon reviews.

Many reviewers believe that Mylee Magic Gel Remover will remove gel polish the most effectively.

One reviewer stated that this gel polish is much more effective than applying acetone to the nails. The gel polish can be applied for six minutes, and then it peels away easily.

TikTok success: Since going viral, Mylee are now selling a product every second online

TikTok Success: Mylee have now sold a product each second online since the viral success of their TikTok campaign

TikTok users have taken to the social media platform to show how they use the Mylee My Gel Remover

Creators show how the solution makes the gel polish bubble and peel in satisfying videos

 The Mylee Magic Gel Remover promises to remove gel polish in just six minutes, which is two and a half times faster than using foil wraps with cotton balls soaked in skin-drying acetone

I didn’t feel any pain, discomfort, or tingling. I’ve had to remove my nails with acetone before. It’s so much more pleasant.

A second shopper also confirmed that he was ‘pleasantly surprised’ by the purchase. No more foils and acetone. Polish will come off in about 5 to 7 minutes. Fantastic!’

The Mylee My Gel Removaler can be used by using a coarse filing to remove any shiny topcoat. This will reduce the time it takes. After applying a coat of Magic Gel Remover to gel polish, let it dry for six minutes.

When the gel polish bubbles and peels, you can gently grab your orange stick to push the polish off of your nails. Users recommend that you repeat the procedure if it isn’t easy to remove. After washing your hands, apply cuticle oils.