Unidentified schoolboy has shared how it feels to be overwhelmed by the expulsion of a fellow classmate who made racist comments about him.

Taking to Reddit to reveal his worries surrounding the situation, the young British boy of Indian descent asked if he was wrong to admit to a teacher he felt offended, rather than discussing it privately with the other boy. 

The anonymous youngster revealed that after a string of remarks, the new  boy – who he named Cory – shamed him for not being able to answer a question in maths class, and said the ‘entire nation of India is weeping’. 

The boy was asked by a teacher if he was offensive. Knowing that Cory would have to be expelled due to strict anti-racist school policies, he admitted that he was.  

The post received support from many commenters who called Cory a shame and outraged that Cory was not allowed to voice his opinion. 

A schoolboy who suffered racist jibes from a classmate has revealed how he feels overwhelmed after the other boy ended up being expelled (stock image)

One schoolboy, who was subject to racist remarks from his classmate, has spoken out about how overwhelmed he felt after the expulsion of another boy (stock photo).

According to the schoolboy, he has never had his school treated poorly and stated that Cory arrived, and they didn’t get along. Because it’s small, people who do something wrong quickly get expelled.

‘Now, our first interaction already made me dislike him. He claims that I am too small for a Brit. Then he adds that “it’s likely the Indian genes that makes you short.” 

“People feel already uncomfortable with me,” he says. Then, a person points out that I am still quite fit and only slightly smaller than the average. He notices me and starts to touch me. Then he assumes that I play cricket.

Cory began mocking Cory when Cory couldn’t understand a question he was asking in mathematics class. You can channel your Indian brain and do your forefathers proud, man. 

A schoolboy questioned on an 'Am I The A*****e?' forum about whether he had been in the wrong after receiving racist comments

A schoolboy questioned on an ‘Am I The A*****e?’ forum about whether he had been in the wrong after receiving racist comments

Cory responded to the boy’s claim that he didn’t know what he was talking about: “Wow, India’s entire population is crying.”

Teacher who saw the response from Cory and witnessed Cory’s comment, then asked another person to repeat the words word for word. Finally, she inquired whether the boy was offended by Cory’s comment.

Cory was sent by the headteacher to Cory when he said that he was. 

He explained to the boy that the school’s previous experiences with racism had led to a zero tolerance policy.

“I should also mention that, a few years back, in the lowest years of the school there was an extremely racist teacher who basically race abused children, and then bullied other students into talking about it. 

It was hugely publicized and is still a hot topic. The school, which is basically an “you say/do anything that is unquestionably racist, you’re out” school.

Commenters were quick to rally around the schoolboy and make sure he knew that racially motivated 'jokes' are never acceptable

The schoolboy was quickly supported by commenters who made sure that they understood that jokes about race were not acceptable.

“So when I stated that I was offended I knew I would get him suspended or expelled. Well, he got expelled, and now he has reached out on socials, saying it was just a joke and that I’m an a** for saying I got offended. He could have talked to me privately, rather than saying it to the teacher.

After the schoolboy asked whether the situation made him out to be the A*****e, commenters flew to his defence.

One person wrote, ‘ Not only a racist but an extremely brazen and confident racist. He doesn’t either know how to do it or doesn’t care. It’s either not acceptable or he has lived his entire life with people who don’t feel the need to conceal their racism.

“The child must learn quickly that such behavior is unacceptable or he will face severe consequences in adulthood.” He committed a true hate crime. This happened in the UK. He was lucky to be expelled.

Many other commenters were ashamed at the teacher's response and felt it put too much pressure on the schoolboy

Others commented on how ashamed they were at the teacher’s reaction and thought it was too pressured on the boy.

A third person sympathized with the boy said, “Casual racism still is racism.” The kid was given what he deserved. However, I feel that he will say the wrong thing to someone and make them regret it.

“You did the right things.” Don’t feel guilty for speaking up about your feelings or for telling the truth regarding offensive behaviors.   

The third stated that “it’s always just a joke” when people call them out on their racism. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t as racist as you think. They just want to have fun with your racism. This is what I wish he will take away from his experience, and it’s a good thing that you’re not forced to listen to him.

Others were outraged by the teacher’s reaction to finding that a racist comment had been made under their supervision.

A shocked person said, “Your teacher is here to put you on the spot.” It doesn’t really matter if you were offended. Racists can be racist. False is false. He said that it ought to have been sufficient for the school’s punishment.

One person also commented on the guilt the schoolboy felt because the teacher was there.[He]They made it his fault and he is still traumatized. Cory believes that the brown child got him kicked out of school as a joke. Cory’s school and his parents are racists.

Another commenter said that the teacher had singled out the victim, which was a good thing, even though it should have been dealt with more care. [his]You are to blame for the expulsion of this child. It’s not the fault of anyone, but of the racist child. Even if [he]Although he had laughed with the joke, it should have been punished.