The mother-to-be reacted to being shamed online over her small baby bump. There were trolls who told her she had been’starving’ herself or lied about being pregnant.

Brooke Barclay (21), from Edinburgh was thrilled to learn that she and Liam were expecting their second child. They had Leighton (33) in 2018.

However, as she got deeper into her pregnancy, she realized her belly was not growing and that at 16 weeks, her gender scan showed her stomach still flat.

And now at 32 weeks – with her baby boy being due in February 2022 – Brooke’s stomach is her nowhere near as big as what is usually expected at that point in pregnancy, due to her tilted uterus.

Mum-to-be Brooke Barclay, 21, from Edinburgh, pictured at 32 weeks pregnant has been the subject of critique after social media users attacked her for having a tiny baby bump

Brooke Barclay (21-year-old mother-to-be from Edinburgh) was pictured 32 weeks pregnant. She has come under fire for her tiny bump.

Brooke, pictured at 32 weeks, started noticing her bump wasn't showing that quickly when nobody at work believed she was pregnant

Brooke (pictured 32 weeks) noticed that her bump didn’t show as fast when no one else at work was believing she was pregnant.

The mother-of-one is expecting her second child in February and said she 'can't wait' to meet her baby son

A mother of one, the woman-of-one will be expecting her second child in February.  

Brooke worked before going on maternity leave as a COVID-19 test operative. Brooke had only been trying and planning for a few months.

“Even though our nerves are heightened by the prospect of having two children, it is still a joy to be able to welcome our son into this world.”

“So far the pregnancy was healthy, but challenging, with continuous morning sickness, back pain, and heartburn.

“I noticed that my bump was not showing as quickly, and no one at work thought I was pregnant.

Brooke's pregnancy has been healthy but difficult, with constant morning sickness all the way through, back pain and heartburn

Brooke’s pregnancy was healthy, but challenging. Brooke experienced constant morning sickness throughout, back pain, heartburn, and other symptoms.

The COVID-19 testing operative and her partner, Liam, revealed they had been trying for months and were thrilled at the news of a second child

Liam, the COVID-19-tracking operative, and Liam, her partner revealed that they have been trying since months. They were delighted to hear of their second child. 

“By 16 weeks I still had a flat stomach. Because I was very small during my first pregnancy, and I was 8lbs smaller than him, I wasn’t worried.

“I know that I am tall so my torso is longer so there’s room for baby.”

Brooke said that her tilted pelvis is the main reason Brooke has a smaller bump.

Tilted uterus is when the womb tilts backward at the cervical cervix, rather than forward. This means that a pregnant woman’s child will be seated towards the rear of the crib and not the front.

Brooke's son Leighton holding her ultrasound pictures. She is expecting another boy and said she can't wait to expand her family

Brooke holds her pictures of the ultrasound with Leighton, Brooke’s boy. Brooke, who is currently pregnant by Leighton, said she cannot wait to add another son. 

Brooke has a tilted uterus which means that the womb tips backward at the cervix instead of forward, which could account for her smaller bump

Brooke’s uterus tilted means the womb is tilted at the cervix, rather than forward.

“The reason I have such a small baby bump is that my uterus tilted,” she said.

I discovered it during my first pregnancy. It doesn’t have any effect on the baby.

“This is something that is very common. Some women may not even realize they’re pregnant until the time of labor.

Brooke posted footage of her baby bump onto social media. Brooke was met with hateful comments and trolls that she should be starving.

Some even suggested that she was ‘lying about being pregnant in order to attract attention.

People told Brooke, pictured at 32 weeks pregnant, she was lying or starving herself and even wearing a waist trainer and would troll her would comments saying she was going to have a tiny baby

Brooke at 32 weeks was pregnant. People claimed she was lying, starving, and even wore a waist trainer. Brooke would then troll her and make comments claiming she was having a small child.

Brooke Barclay at 32 weeks pregnant. Her baby is healthy and growing normally, but her tilted uterus means her bump isn't as prominent

Brooke Barclay 32 weeks gestation. While her baby is doing well, her bump does not seem to be as noticeable due to the tilted position of her uterus.

What is a Tilted Uterus? 

The vaginal attachment to the cervix of the uterus is known as the cervix. You can think of your uterus like a small pear. The cervix is at the tip of that pear. Although the average length of the uterus when not pregnant is approximately 4 centimeters, it can be extended to about 5 cm during pregnancy.

The lower end is the cervix and it descends to the vagina. The cervix can also become lean if the uterus becomes tipped.

How does a tilted pelvis occur?

People are sometimes born with a tilted pelvis. Pregnancy can stretch the ligaments that support your uterus and cause it to change its position in the body. Some health issues can lead to scar tissue, which pulls at the uterus and changes its orientation.

Fibroids, endometriosis, and pelvic-inflammatory disease all can cause scarring, which alters the shape and location of your uterus.


Brooke shares her story now in an effort to educate others about having a tilted stomach and showing that all mothers are different.

She said, “So at twenty weeks pregnant I decided that I would post a TikTok. It was not something I expected to be seen by more people than my close friends and family.”

“But the views started rising after several weeks and then the comments began flooding in. There were 3.4 Million views.

“People said I was lying, starving myself and wearing a waisttrainer,”

“There was a lot people that thought they knew more about me than I did and kept telling me that my baby would be tiny.

“The comments weren’t really bothering me, because I knew that my baby was doing fine.

People assume that the tiny bump on the baby means that something is wrong. But that is not true.

“I only wish people didn’t immediately judge.” Everybody’s body is unique, but that doesn’t make me unhealthy.