Dog who likes to drink coffee

  • Char Char, the Dachshund is seen sipping coffee in Yemeni footage
  • Char Char’s dog, Char Char, was suspicious of its owner Chloe. She set up a camera
  • Char Char was seen sipping her mug from the mug, confirming her suspicions.

Here’s the adorable moment when the dog steals the coffee from its owner, only for it to be captured on film.

Chloe took the video in Hisn Al Qa’ Yemen after becoming suspicious that Char Char, her small Dachshund Char Char, was sipping on her hot tea when she went out.

On October 26, she placed her smartphone camera face-up to a cup de coffee and left.

Char Char, who was seen sipping from her cup shortly after Char left after a quick glance to ensure the coast was clear, was following her intuition.

Char Char was caught on camera in Hisn Al Qa', Yemen stealing from Chloe's coffee cup - confirming suspicions that the pooch's owner had

Char Char was caught on camera in Hisn Al Qa’, Yemen stealing from Chloe’s coffee cup – confirming suspicions that the pooch’s owner had

Char Char and Chloe have been TikTok celebrities with nearly 5 million views on the social media platform. This app is very popular among Gen Z. 

TikTok users found this video funny, with the app receiving 4.6 million views. 

One user commented: ‘It’s the fact that home boy looked around to see if no one is around.

Another commented: “Hahahaha, the way lil puppy was so sneaky.

The pooch can be seen curiously looking at the camera with his tongue out after sipping the caffeinated drink

After consuming the caffeinated beverage, the pooch is seen looking curiously at the camera.

Chloe had set up the camera to catch Char Char in the act after she suspected her coffee was being sipped by her miniature dachshund

After Char Char was spotted drinking her coffee, Chloe set up the camera and captured Char Char.

‘See this why I ALWAYS cover my drinks, at bars & home, can’t trust these dogs.’

Char Char had been criticized by other users for his well-being, including one who said that “Dogs shouldn’t have caffeine.”

Caffeine is more effective in dogs than it is for humans.

A few coffees will not do any major damage, but a lot of coffee can increase your pets’ heart rate and cause seizures.

RSPCA advises you to contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog is suspected of having taken in any caffeine.