Apple has filed a patent that details designs for an all-glass iPhone which would have a wrap-around display for images on both the front and back sides.

With bold new designs being created by the company for both its Watches and Mac products, Glass is now the new black.

Although the design patent application was filed last week it does not mean that any of these ideas will be realized.   

Apple has filed patents for an all-glass iPhone which could see screens on sides

Apple has applied for patents in order to make an all-glass iPhone with screens on the sides

Illustration of the all-glass iPhone is the most detailed, with displays on both the front and back together with functional touchscreen buttons on the side

This illustration shows the all-glass iPhone in its finest detail. It has displays on both the back and front, along with the functional touchscreen buttons at the sides.

The design is essentially an iPhone 'within a glass enclosure' with the buttons overalapping from the screen on the front

It is an iPhone inside a glass enclosure with the buttons above the screen.

The glass iPhone is described as an, ‘Electronic device with glass enclosure’ although 9to5Mac dryly notes ‘It’s almost as if Apple has patented a glass box.’   

The patent filing also include drawings which see some of the screen’s buttons curved along the edge of the phone including ones to activate airplane mode, Wi-Fi enabling, and controls for volume. 

The filing is what makes the filing stand out. It suggests that the product will have a display on its back, not only the front. 

This lengthy patent filing reveals that the screen will run across the edge of each phone, so all sides can display information.

Artist impressions over how the phone might look show it to have screens on all six sides

The phone may look like an artist impression if it has screens on six sides

The back of the phone may also have a display which could show other people you are on a call

A display on the back of your phone could also be present. This can show you who is calling.

The glass iPhone looks familiar with its curved sides and rounded shape that fit in the palm of one's hand

With its curving sides and round shape, the glass iPhone is easy to hold in one’s hands.

In the design patent illustration, buttons are seen to spill over the sides for ease of use

Illustration of design patent shows that buttons spill out to the sides in order for them to be easy-to-use.

It might be hard to know which way is front and which is back with screens on both sides

You might have trouble identifying which direction is front or back if there are screens on each side.

The filing noted the challenges inherit in producing, ‘a device with multiple displays viewable through multiple transparent sides–including embodiments where displays are visible through each of the six main sides of the device.’  

Apple has also filed drawings for a all-glass, cylindrical Mac Pro tower. This will allow owners and users to view the components in action.  

This filing includes images of the Apple Watch that may be made with glass enclosures, with the edge of the screen blended seamlessly with the case.

The filing also shows pictures of how an Apple Watch may appear featuring glass enclosures with the curved edge of the screen blending seamlessly with the watch's casing

Also, the filing shows photos of an Apple Watch with glass enclosures that blend seamlessly into the watch’s case.

Apple's filing also includes a drawings of an all-glass cylindrical Mac Pro tower through which the components would be able to be seen

Apple has also filed drawings for an all-glass, cylindrical Mac Pro tower. These would enable the parts to be clearly seen.

A glass iPhone design may not be realized, as it is more abstract in nature.

However, it is interesting to see the patents filed. It gives us an idea of the future plans for the company.

Apple will surely move in this direction at one point. The questions are when and where …’ Twitter tech Ben Lovejoy looked at the patent.

Plans were also released for a glass encased tower for a Mac computer through which the components could be seen

Also, plans were released to create a tower with glass enclosure for a Mac computer. The components of the unit could also be seen through it.

The iPhone 13 just hit stores in September and has been so popular the phone needs to be ordered in advance.

Experts have already begun to plan the next generation of the most beloved smartphone on the planet.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated in the latest Power On newsletter that incremental changes to iPhone 13 will allow Apple the opportunity to focus its attention on an overhaul of the iPhone 14 design. He expects these improvements to occur by 2022.

Gurman did not provide any details about the overhaul, but he said that consumers can expect “new entry-level models and Pro models as well as a total redesign.”  

Jon Prosser, an Apple tipter, predicted that the iPhone 14 would also see its notch removed in favor of a punch-hole selfie cam.

Prosser is the host of Front Page Tech YouTube Channel. Prosser claims to have seen renders for the iPhone 14 Pro Max featuring the punch-hole design.

Earler this year Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the top-tier iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would lose their 'notch' in favor of a punch-hole camera

Ming-Chi Kuo was an Apple analyst who predicted earlier this year that iPhone 14 Pro Max Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max Max, the highest-end iPhones would be stripped of their ‘notch’ to make way for a punch-hole camera.

Days after the iPhone 13 went on sale, Apple prognosticator Mark Gurman said the Apple iPhone 14 would see a 'complete redesign'

Days after the iPhone 13 went on sale, Apple prognosticator Mark Gurman said the Apple iPhone 14 would see a ‘complete redesign’