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Injectable facial treatments have advanced a great deal over the past ten years. Researchers develop new facial injectables based on the botulinum toxin at a rapid pace, improving on the medications used in the past.

One of the newest facial injectables on the market is Jeuveau, which the FDA approved in 2019. Many patients call the treatment “Newtox.”

Derived from a critical ingredient similar to Botox and Dysport, Jeuveau is a newer formulation that uses prabotulinumtoxinA. The medication safely relaxes facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles when used in tiny amounts.

The Science Behind Jeuveau

Jeuveau, Botox, and Dysport are three examples of facial injectables based on derivatives of the botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin has a visible effect on the nerves. It works by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This natural substance safely relaxes selected facial muscles when injected in tiny amounts.

The FDA approved Jeuveau for moderate to severe glabellar lines (frown lines). Glabellar lines are vertical wrinkles that often appear between the eyebrows. However, clinicians also employ it for horizontal forehead lines, bunny lines, and crow’s feet.

The Jeuveau Treatment Process

Jeuveau injections target facial nerves that control the muscles between the brows and around the eyes. Injections diminish nerve signals that cause conscious and unconscious muscle movements. Over time, these contracting muscles cause the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

The practitioner uses a fine needle to apply tiny amounts of Jeuveau into the affected areas. A complete treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Patients only need to take a short time from their busy daily schedules to enjoy the benefits of Jeuveau.

After injection, you may experience minor side effects that should pass quickly. These effects may include redness, bruising, and pain at the injection site.

Benefits of Jeuveau

  • Fast-Acting
  • Highly Effective
  • Long-Lasting
  • Natural Look

Jeuveau vs. Botox

When compared to Botox, Jeuveau’s results appear faster and bring you a revitalized appearance. It works better on frown lines than its competitors.

Millennials and younger patients often prefer Jeuveau because it is a more advanced version of trusted medications like Botox.

Good Candidates for Jeuveau

Jeuveau is a safe medication, and most patients who feel bothered by facial wrinkles are excellent treatment candidates. However, if you have any of the following medical conditions, consult a physician before making an appointment.

  • Allergies to any product containing botulinum toxin
  • Infection in the injection area
  • Certain nervous system conditions like ALS, myasthenia gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome

Refresh Your Outlook

Jeuveau can give you a rejuvenated facial expression, taking years off your appearance. By significantly reducing frown lines, you will appear happier and more relaxed.

Injectables like Jeuveau can combine with other aesthetic treatments to bring you a renewed facial expression. Contact a qualified practitioner to make your appointment today.


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