Tom Hardy, a man frequently misunderstood for Tom Hardy claims he has hundreds of ‘flattering messages’ and even propositions from beautiful women each day. However, he still admits to being single.

Keify Bankhead is 34 years old and hails from Newcastle upon Tyne. He said that an acquaintance first compared him the Hollywood star-struck around seven year ago, but since creating TikTok videos has received a flood of comments about his similarities.

A civil servant claimed that people were forced to make a second-take because they thought they had found Tom Hardy’s real account. The star could have told him he was his stunt double.

His mailbox has been inundated by messages from women, some offering to pay to transport him across the globe.

Keify Bankhead, from Newcastle upon Tyne, gets mistaken for Tom Hardy every day on social media

 Keify Bankhead, from Newcastle upon Tyne, gets mistaken for Tom Hardy every day on social media

The dad-of-one keify is modest despite his luck with women online

Many people are convinced Keify ids the real Tom Hardy on Instagram. Pictured: Tom Hardy

His TikTok videos have been known to gain over 283,700 likes for his resemblance to the film star

The modest father-of-one admitted that he doesn’t see much in the way of female attention, but said there is a slight resemblance. However, he admits that it’s an encouraging comparison.

Keify explained that she was bombarded with messages regarding her resemblance, from both men and women, about Tom Hardy’s resemblance.

“I receive hundreds of messages per day from various women [since making TikTok].’

“My email inbox is quite crazy.” People have tried to convince me to travel around the globe by promising to pay my train ticket to Berlin or to get me a flight to Canada.

Keify was first compared to the Hollywood star seven years ago when a close friend pointed out the resemblance

Keify first saw the Hollywood star in seven-years ago. A close friend noticed the similarities.

Since creating TikTok videos he's been bombarded with comments pointing out the similarities

His TikTok videos have been inundated with comments, all pointing to the similarities

Keify admits that while the majority of people think he is a dead ringer for the star, others will tell him he looks nothing like Tom Hardy

Keify says that although the majority thinks he is the perfect heir to the star, others will claim he does not look anything like Tom Hardy.

“Women say they love me and want to marry my basically. Never in my life have I received this much attention. Another said “How is it feeling to look like my dream guy?””.

“Tom Hardy’s like my man crush.” It’s possible to say worse things about yourself when people compare you with someone who looks exactly like you. Although it is not entirely believable, it can be quite flattering.

Keify stated that he is getting so much attention because he has just uploaded his first TikTok TikTok video. It wasn’t related to Tom Hardy.

Keify commented that there was a pattern and women seem to like it. I’m not one of those women who says I do. I find that quite amusing.

Being compared to Tom Hardy over the years has been a confidence boost for the TikTok star who says 'there are worse compliments'

For Tom Hardy, being compared over the years to him has given the TikTok star a boost of confidence.

The 34-year-old said he suspects that it's his browline and forehead which leads people to make the comparison, while others have said it's his lips that make him look like the Inception star

He said that he thinks it’s his forehead and eyebrows which lead to people making the comparison. However, others believe it’s the look of his lips which make him look like Inception.

“I was surprised that the video went viral. There is some resemblance. However, it’s not my intention to do so because of all the comments. Although it’s true that I don’t look exactly like him in any way, I will admit to believing this.

“It’s increased my self-esteem than ever before because of the confidence crisis that I have experienced over the last few years.”

“There were a lot of straight men who commented on the comment, saying that they weren’t gay and would be. It made me smile.

“But, then again people claim that I am not like him. So it is 50/50. I was amused when someone said “Tom Hardly”.

Some people even think the Newcastle father is related to Tom Hardy after seeing the resemblance

After seeing the similarity, some people believe the Newcastle father may be related to Tom Hardy.

The funniest comments Keify thinks he's received are from straight men telling him that even they are attracted to him

Keify believes that straight men have told him the most amusing comments he has ever received. They said they were attracted to him.

According to the 34-year old, he believes it is his forehead and brows which lead people to compare him with Inception. Others have suggested that his lips are what makes him appear like Inception.

Keify wrote: “Years back, one of my close friends posted a picture that said, “Is this just me? Does Keify look like Tom Hardy?” This was the very first time anyone said it.

“I was talking to people in person. They were like, “I didn’t realize that but you certainly do look like him.”

“On my previous TikToks, I had never posted any Tom Hardy one until people said it. So I added it and everybody was like “Oh my god, I thought Tom for a second.” “I needed to look again and make sure this wasn’t Tom’s private account.”

Keify's Instagram inbox is constantly filled with women flirtatiously finding reasons to strike up conversations

Keify’s Instagram Inbox is always flooded with flirtatious women looking for reasons to start conversations 

Or “I didn’t know Tom Hardy had TikTok”, “Oh my god there’s two of them?””, “Are they his brother?” You look just like Tom Hardy’s younger brother.

“People think I should work as his stunt double. I’m exactly like him. They also inquired if Tom Hardy and I have the same parents.

According to the father, he has received an “overwhelming” response from his videos, with one attracting more than 283,700 comments, likes and shares.

Daniellehalliday5 said: “To think that we were fortunate enough to have one Tom Hardy when in reality we have two.”

Luke said: ‘Great, now I’m pregnant. Cheers.’

Penny Brewster commented: “There is a photo of him that you appear identical to.”

Lou Lou said, “Better looking than Tom Hardy I think.”

Hasmik Asatryan stated: “Who thought it was Tom Hardy? And double-checked the name LOL?”

Tiktok comment sections on the lookalike's videos are filled with people telling Keify how good-looking he is and how much he looks like the British star

Tiktok comments sections for the video lookalike have flooded with users telling Keify how handsome he is, and how similar he looks to the British star.