The father of his child shared with us how nurses called him “mom” throughout the pregnancy, even though he is a man.

Bennett Kaspar Williams (37), a Los Angeles transgender man, realized that he was transgender in 2011 and didn’t transition to his new identity until three years after.

Six years later, Malik was his future husband. He married Malik in 2019.

After deciding they wanted children, Bennett decided he was comfortable trying to conceive and having a baby.

Bennett Kaspar-Williams dedided with his partner that he would be comfortable carrying a child full term. Bennett partway through the pregnancy

Bennett Kaspar Williams argued with his partner about whether he was comfortable having a full-term child. Bennett at the halfway point of his pregnancy

Bennett, dressed as Superman, when he was younger. He was in his 20s before he realised he was transgender

Bennett dressed up as Superman when he was younger. When he discovered he was transgender, Bennett was still in his 20s 

The family just after Hudson was born in 2020. Now, Bennett wants to separate motherhood from womanhood

Hudson and Hudson were born in 2020. Bennett now wants to seperate motherhood and womanhood

Bennett stated, “I knew there was always a chance that my body would become pregnant, but I didn’t want to experience it until I understood how to seperate the functions of my body and any ideas of gender.”

“Once I began to see my body as an instrument and not a collection gender-specific stereotypes, it was easy to realize that I could be both the person I desired and help bring another child into this world.

It is impossible to know if it’s possible to have children until one tries.

“That is why we need to stop dedefining “womanhood” in terms of “motherhood,” because that’s false. It implies that every woman can be a mother, and that all parents are mothers.

Bennett when he was younger. He did not realize he was transgender until around 10 years ago in 2011 when he was in his 20s, and started the transition process three years later

Bennett as a young man. Bennett was a young man when he realized he was transgender. He was only 20 years old in 2011. Three years later, he began the transition. 

Once he learned to think of his body as a tool and not a collection of gendered stereotypes, he realized that he could both be the person he wanted to and bring a child into the world

He realized that his body was a tool, not a set of stereotyped genders. This allowed him to be himself and to bring children into this world.

first realised he was trans around ten years ago, in 2011, but didn't begin his transition until three years later.

Bennett wearing one his comfortable pregnancy kaftans. Bennett was first aware he was transgender in 2011 – he didn’t start his transition until 3 years later.

“None of these things is universally true.”

Bennett discovered he was pregnant when he went to work in March 2020. His excitement soon turned into worry due to the pandemic.

Bennett said, “We tried it for only a few minutes, and we thought the process would be longer.”

“This happened just a few days before we entered lockdown here, March 2020. So my good spirits quickly became tempered by worry about the pandemic as well as how to keep my baby and myself safe.

Bennett six months through his pregnancy. Bennett belives he was misgendered because the entire institution of pregnancy care in America is centred around selling the concept of 'motherhood'

Six months into Bennett’s pregnancy. Bennett belives he was misgendered because the entire institution of pregnancy care in America is centred around selling the concept of ‘motherhood’

Bennett thinks it's beautiful to see how unclouded children are by prejudice, and he enjoys watching Hudson grow into a person full of love

Bennett believes it is beautiful to observe how innocent children can be when they are not prejudiced. He enjoys seeing Hudson blossom into someone full of love.

Bennett says the best thing about being a dad is seeing Hudson share his new discoveries. Pictured: Bennett, Hudson and Malik dressed up for Halloween

Bennett believes Hudson’s new discoveries are the greatest thing about being dad. Pictured: Bennett, Hudson and Malik dressed up for Halloween

Hudson is starting to learn how to walk. Bennett and Malik share their journey online on the Instagram accounts @Bennettonpurpose, @Malikdubs, @Hudsonsdads and @Designedbymalik.

Hudson is learning to walk. Bennett and Malik are sharing their adventures online via the Instagram accounts @Bennettonpurpose and @Malikdubs as well as @Hudsonsdads, @Hudsonsdads, and @Designedbymalik.

Hudson was born via caesarean in October 2020.

Bennett claims that he misgendered himself while being admitted to the hospital, even though he had a thick beard and flat chest.

He said that the only thing that had made him feel anxious about his pregnancy was misgendering, which happened when he was receiving medical treatment for it.

The “business of pregnancy” (yes, that’s what I mean, since the whole institution of American pregnancy care revolves around this notion of “motherhood”) is so closely tied with gender it’s hard to not be misgendered.

Bennett found out he was pregnant in March 2020, and his elation was soon tinged with worry caused by the pandemic. Pictured early in his pregnancy

Bennett discovered he was pregnant when he became aware of the pandemic in March 2020. His excitement soon turned to worry. Early in Bennett’s pregnancy

Bennett and Malik in their hometown of LA. The pair met in 2017 and fell in love, and later married in 2019

Bennett and Malik, in Los Angeles. In their hometown of Los Angeles, Bennett and Malik met in 2017. They fell in love and were later married.

Towards the end of his pregnancy, kaftans and nightgowns were the most comfortable clothing for Bennett

Bennett found that nightgowns and kaftans were his most comfortable clothes towards the end of the pregnancy.

Bennett  gave birth via caesarean section in October 2020, having a beautiful baby boy named Hudson

Bennett  gave birth via caesarean section in October 2020, having a beautiful baby boy named Hudson

I was a man with full hair, flat chest and an’male’ marker for my gender on all my identification. People couldn’t help but call me “mom”,’mother” or “ma’am” regardless of whether I had a beard.

“That’s what made it so bad.

It was not something I felt that made me feel “feminine” about getting pregnant. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I remember being alone in the hospital and dealing with all of the appointments and hospitals, which I thought was one of the most difficult and bravest things I have ever done.

“Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that I am a father who has created my child.”

The family going home after Hudson's birth. The couple aren't worried about Hudson accepting them when he grows up as they're bringing him up to recognise love

Hudson’s family returns home to their hometown after Hudson is born. Hudson isn’t likely to accept them as a couple, since they are introducing him to love and recognizing their relationship.

For Bennett, pregnancy was not about femininity but strength and bravery and he's proud to be a father who created his own child. Bennett and Malik partway through the pregnancy

Bennett believed that pregnancy wasn’t about femininity. It was more about strength and bravery. Bennett and Malik at the halfway point of their pregnancy

Bennett with husband Malik and their baby Hudson. The couple chose pregnancy after deciding they wanted to have children, and weighed the options available to them

Bennett, Malik and Hudson. After deciding that they were ready to have children, the couple decided to become pregnant.

Bennett says he loves watching Hudson learn and grow and is excited for his son to grow up with a Dada and a Papa

Bennett said that Hudson is his favorite child and that he enjoys watching him learn. He hopes Hudson grows up as a Dada or Papa.

Hudson is his favorite part of being a dad, he says.

He runs up to me and shouts “Dada!” when he realizes that he is capable of doing something different. Bennett said, “That is my greatest moment.”

He said that children’s prejudices are not as important to them as their innocence.

Bennett stated that “Children can see the world without the same prejudices and preconceptions as adults.”

Bennett was misgendered throughout his pregnancy despite his gender marker being 'male' and having male attributes such as a beard

Bennett misgendered his entire pregnancy, despite the fact that he was labelled’male’ with male characteristics such as beard and gender markers.

When Hudson is old enough, the parents will tell him that his Dada was the one who carried him and took care of him so he could come into this world

Hudson will be old enough to hear his parents tell him that Hudson’s Dada carried and cared for him until he was able to enter this world.

Bennet's high spirits were quickly replaced by anxiety around the pandemic and how he would keep his baby safe. Pictured: partway through his pregnancy

Bennet was a happy man, but his high spirits quickly turned to anxiety about the pandemic. And how would he keep his baby safe? Pictured: partway through his pregnancy

The couple had only been trying to get pregnant a short while, so they expected the process to take longer than it did

They had been trying for a while to become pregnant, and they were expecting the process to be longer.

“To my child, having a Dada or a Papa is natural and normal. When he grows up, he will learn that his Dada took care of him, so he can come into the world.

“Children are able to see love and patience. They also see dedication.

“My son won’t doubt that he comes from me. He will also accept all other beauty and love around him.

Bennett and Malik document their adventures online via the Instagram accounts @Bennettonpurpose and @Malikdubs as well as @Hudsonsdads, @Hudsonsdads, and @Designedbymalik.