After nearly three months of intensive care, a young mother who had given birth in a coma due to Covid was finally allowed to leave.

Saskia, 21 years old, was from Partridge Green (West Sussex) and tested positive for Covid. She was then admitted to Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath with breathing problems.

Saskia, eight months pregnant, was scheduled for an emergency caesarean on September 4, to aid her recovery.

However, Saskia was not able to wake up after the birth of Betsy Mae Blackman’s daughter. Doctors decided to place her in an induced state to ensure her survival.

Saskia was finally able to wake up after spending three weeks in an intubated coma.

Saskia, her partner and her two children Betsy (two) and Eliza (2-year-old), were able go home November 6. She is now able spend Christmas with her family.

Mother is appealing to all pregnant mothers who are not vaccinated to have the vaccine administered before it’s too late.  

Saskia Lane, 21, from Partridge Green, West Sussex, spent three weeks in a medically induced coma and three months recovering from Covid-19 in intensive care after testing positive in late August, while she was eight months pregnant. She has now been able to make it home for Christmas. Pictured in hospital after waking up from her coma and meeting her daughter for the first time

Saskia Lane (21), from Partridge Green in West Sussex spent three weeks in an induced medical coma. She also needed to recover from Covid-19 after she tested positive for the drug in August. After recovering from Covid-19 in intensive care, Saskia Lane was able to return home for Christmas. After being awakened from her coma she is seen in the hospital with her little girl. 

The mother-of-two shares Eliza, two, right and Betsy, now three months old, with husband Lee Blackman

Two-year-old mother of two shares Eliza (right), and Betsy (now three months) with Lee Blackman

Saskia said, “Seeing Betsy the first time was almost like having a baby all over again. But this time I felt awake and it was overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

“I met my daughter a month later and was relieved that we were finally together. I felt like I had finally made a connection with my child after so many years apart.

I was in such pain that I couldn’t speak. However, my body was still ventilated.

“I don’t remember ever wanting to let go. It was hard to see them leave the hospital. All I wanted was to be back with them to start our family.

Saskia was induced into a coma after giving birth to Betsy on September 4, and stayed under for three months

After giving birth on September 4 to Betsy, Saskia was placed in a coma and kept there for 3 months.

It was an emotional time for Saskia when she woke up from her coma and was able to meet Betsy for the first time

Saskia was overcome with emotion when she was released from her coma. She was then able to see Betsy again for the first-time.

“I gave up on the idea of ever coming home, because every day was different. I had not seen outside since August and it was scary to return home.

“Once my arrival home was complete, I felt as if I hadn’t left. Just sitting down on my couch and being able hold and feed my baby from the beginning was just how it had to have been.

“Our Christmas tree is up, and it’s time to get into the spirit of Christmas. This year it’s even more special for me and my family, because they once thought that I would not be there to enjoy it.

“It’s Betsy’s first Christmas, and Eliza is beginning to grasp the magic of Christmas. It would have broken my heart if it had been Christmas without them. So I’m the luckiest mom in the whole world.

After waking up from her coma, Saskia, pictured with Betsy and her mother Becky, spent two more months in hospital

Saskia was able to wake up from her coma and spent the next two months in hospital with Betsy (her mother Becky) 

After a rough autumn, the family are looking forward to spending a magical Christmas together

After an autumn that was difficult, the whole family looks forward to celebrating Christmas with their loved ones.

Saskia was reunited on September 30 with her children. She wanted to keep fighting until she made it home for Christmas.

Saskia felt anxious about returning home despite her excitement at being released from hospital.

Elle added, “After seeing Betsy then being reunited finally with Eliza it gave me the strength to fight so that I could return home to my daughters.”

“I was afraid to go home. I kept asking the nurses for help because I was not sure it was 100% safe.

Saskia admitted she was scared of going home because she was not sure it was completely safe. Pictured with her family

Saskia confessed she was afraid to go home as she wasn’t sure whether it would be completely safe. Photographed with her family 

The mother's two-year-old daughter Elia got to meet her new sibling before Saskia did

Elia, the mother’s 2-year-old daughter, got to meet her sibling Saskia before she did.

“Even though I wanted to be home, my anxiety about the future made me feel so scared that it would all go wrong again. I felt completely helpless.

“I felt proud to have made it home. Once I arrived, I forgot all of my worries.

“It is still early, but I have both good and bad days.

I have covid for a long time and my lungs still are not normal. It has affected my everyday life.

“This experience affected me physically as well as mentally, but I do my best to keep my eyes on the good things that are happening and live a happy life with my wonderful children.

Saskia admitted she is still recovering from her Covid ordeal and has 'good and bad' days. Pictured with Lee and the girls

Saskia acknowledged that she still has to recover from Covid and is having ‘good and terrible’ days. Lee, Saskia and the girls 

The mother-of-two, pictured with Betsy, has therapy to help her mental health following her time spent in hospital

After her stay in hospital, the mother-of-2, Betsy, is receiving therapy for her mental health

“I am currently receiving therapy for my mental trauma, and I have regularly scheduled hospital visits to check on my progress and monitor any lung issues.

“But it can have turned out worse. Two young children could’ve lost their mother and I hope they’ll never forget that.

Family members are planning Christmas Day. They say that it will be even more memorable now Saskia can join the celebrations.

With Saskia free from hospital, the family are looking forward to spending Christmas together. Saskia said Eliza is starting to understand the magic of Christmas

Saskia is now free of hospital and the family looks forward to celebrating Christmas together. Saskia stated that Eliza has begun to grasp the wonder of Christmas. 

Pictured: Saskia with Eliza during her pregnancy with Betsy, before she contracted Covid-19 this summer

Pictured is Saskia (with Eliza) during Betsy’s pregnancy.

Betsy, pictured in hospital. Saskia said she wished she had gotten vaccinated before giving birth

Betsy is pictured at the hospital. Saskia says she wishes she was vaccinated prior to giving birth. 

Saskia stated that she wants to enjoy the building up. One thing I have learned from experience is to treat every day as if it were your last. Everything could disappear in an instant.

“We were such a tight family. Most of us lived in the same village. My mum would be there every day. Being away from my parents was torture.

“We all are so happy to be together again and make memories. It would have been impossible to live without my family. Their support for my partner and the girls while I was in hospital was remarkable.

“They kept Eliza’s name alive and made her life normal despite not having her mother; it was a wonderful family.

“I felt it was important to share my story with pregnant women because I was uneasy about getting the vaccine during pregnancy. I wish it had been done sooner.

As a mom, your only goal is to protect your child. The misinformation can make it difficult for you to get the vaccine. However, the truth is that the vaccine is safe.

Covid is causing more pregnant women to go into comas or to lose their lives. To find out the truth about vaccinations, talk to your doctor.

“Our NHS is amazing; The ECMO machine along with the hard work and dedication of the nurses and consultants saved my life. I am forever grateful that they gave me the opportunity to continue my favorite job, being a mother.

Saskia, pictured with Lee and their daughters, is pleading for pregnant women to talk to their GPs about the Covid-19 jab to get the right information on what to do

Saskia (pictured with Lee, their daughter, and their son) is pleading to pregnant women to speak to their GPs to learn more about the Covid-19 jab.

Saskia, pictured with Betsy, admitted she was scared off getting the vaccine but said she regretted it

Saskia is pictured here with Betsy. She admitted to being scared of the vaccine and said that it was something she regrets.

The mother-of-two, pictured with her family thanked the NHS staff who looked after her in hospital and nursed her back to health

Mother-of-two is pictured here with her family. She thanked NHS staff for looking after her in hospital, and nursing her back to good health.

Lee, pictured, made sure to talk to his daughters about their mother Saskia when she was in hospital to 'keep her name alive' while she was being treated

Lee, shown here, talked to his children about Saskia, their mother, while she was in the hospital. He wanted to “keep her name alive” during treatment.