Charbonnel et Walker is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite chocolatier. It’s therefore not surprising that Mumsnet users ranked it among the UK’s most expensive chocolate brands. 

After her mother-in law said that a Ferrero Rocher tower was ‘aspirational for families with lower incomes,’ a British woman started a debate about which chocolates work best. 

She admitted that she was puzzled by the notion of a particular type of chocolate being considered working-class chocolate and wrote, “Therefore, lightheartedly, tell me what chocolates you consider to be typically middle-class chocolates.” The family discussed the matter and couldn’t agree on a single solution. 

A woman took to Mumsnet anonymously to ask about the class rankings of chocolates after her mother-in-law called Ferrero Rocher's 'working class'

Mumsnet was anonymously contacted by a woman to inquire about class ranking of chocolates. Her mother-in law called Ferrero Rocher’s “working class”.

Prestat chocolates were a fan favourite for being the most classy and regularly got mentioned as a prestigious choc

Tony's Chocolonely was mentioned often by commenters as a middle class chocolate

Many regular grocery options were also included in the list. Most of the people agreed to the choice of chocolates for each class.

Or is it posh chocolate? Which sweet is your favorite? 

These are the opinions of Mumsnet users about UK’s largest chocolate companies…

Classes of the Lower Grade

  • Roses
  • Thornton’s 
  • Heroes 
  • Celebrations
  • After Eights 
  • Guylian 
  • Quality Street
  • Cadbury’s
  • Ferrero Rocher  

 Middle class

  • Hotel Chocolat
  • Rococo 
  • Tony’s Chocolonely
  • Green & Black’s
  • Lindt
  • Monty Bojangles 
  • Godiva
  • Montezuma 

 Upper class

  • Debauve & Gallais 
  • Charbonnel Et Walker 
  • Prestat 
  • Lauden
  • Leonidas
  • Artisan chocolatiers

Mumsnet users responded quickly to their suggestions, with Quality Street being listed as a ‘working class chocolate’ and Hotel Chocolat being classified as ‘common. 

One person wrote: ‘Deffo Green & Black [is middle class]. They were probably the original middle-class chocolates, which seem to have been the foundation for the new ones. 

“I can remember the time they were quite new (20 years ago!). The Maya Gold was my favorite, and I thought it was very poshe.

A second commenter wrote: “I bought some Guylian seahorse stuff for Christmas. I remember at one time I thought they were pretty classy. But now they are all over the place.

The woman explained that she was confused by the class system as her family had come from all different backgrounds

She explained to the woman that her family was from many different backgrounds and she had become confused about class.

Commenter “I am working class” said that they were described as such by a commentator: [working class]For WC taste, I love Galaxy Caramel and Fry’s Turkish Delight. I like Green & Blacks, Thorntons and Lindt, so they may well fit in the WC bracket too.’ 

A user added: “Ferrero Rocher look great, but the taste is terrible. The nuts taste like chopped wood.”

I have recommended that they be removed from the home. Monty Bojangles & Prestat are lovely Green & Black’s everyday chocolate and cooking. No Ferrero Rochers here.  

Another person believed they knew the system for chocolate classification: “WC” [working class] – Roses, Quality Street, Thornton’s, Black Magic, Heroes, Celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, After Eights. Guylian.’

‘MC [Middle Class] – Lindt, Monty Bojangles, Hotel Chocolat, Green & Black’s, Tony’s Chocolonely, Godiva, Montezuma, Charbonnel et Walker.’

‘UC [Upper class] – Prestat, Neuhaus, Leonidas, stuff made by niche chocolatiers plus anything they happen to like regardless of naff quotient as they don’t give a flying fart what anyone thinks.’

Someone else has written about their favorite ‘upper-class’ treat: “Prestat” is a very popular chocolate that flower companies include in delivery. These are good enough, and they have been a pleasure to eat. However, I’ve had much better experiences with LIDL.    

Commenters had no trouble in sorting out the chocolates at the top from the ones they deemed to be the least classy

The chocolates that were at the top and those they thought were the most classy were easy to identify by the commenters

“All chocolates are my favorite.” I don’t discriminate,’ one joked.  

One said, “Charbonnel Et Walker and prestat are my luxurious indulgence quite costly but delicious.” 

One user wrote that he was partial to House of Dorchester Rose Creams. However, he also recommends Lidl’s own brands. 

One said that “Actually, posh people eat what they like because they don’t care about what others think.” 

“I will eat anything that’s available to me.” “But because I don’t have any filter regarding chocolate, and not because of my poshness,” they said.

One person said that Maltesers were classless.

One person said Maltesers were 'classless' while another asked whether chocolates bought at Fortnum and Mason were posh

While one person claimed that Maltesers were “classless”, another inquired if Fortnum and Mason’s chocolates are classy.