After overnight temperatures dropped to -6C, Britain’s winter grip is now back. The Met Office has warned that there could be up to half an inch of snow and 80mph winds. There will also be frozen roads in some parts.

Expect subzero conditions to prevail for the majority of the week. Wintry showers and snow are possible.

This morning, the record-breakingly balmy New Year’s weather that had seen temperatures reach 16.3C (61.3F), is being replaced by colder conditions. Shap in Cumbria fell to -6C (20F) this morning.

Tomorrow night could see temperatures in Northern England drop to the same levels as yesterday. In South Carolina, it could reach -4C (25F). Meanwhile in Scotland, there are warnings for snow and strong winds.

In the Highlands winds reaching 80mph and up to 6in (15cm) of snow could cause blizzard conditions, while there is also a threat to motorists from ice – which will also affect parts of northern England.

There is still a flood risk in many parts of Britain, with 73 flood warnings or alerts currently in effect. These include 46 warnings and 8 warnings in England and Scotland.

Tomorrow night the mercury in Scotland could fall to -8C (17F) tomorrow night – Met Office chief meteorologist Neil Armstrong predicted that temperatures will drop south of northern England this afternoon.

Snow on the ground at Killhope in County Durham this morning as the icy grip of winter returns to Britain today

This morning, snow fell at Killhope, County Durham as winter grips Britain.

He stated that the change was being caused by cold northerly flows, which can bring about some wintry showers, especially on higher ground, in northern England.

“Minimum temperatures are forecast to fall below freezing over the next few day, increasing the chance of some ice.”

According to the Met Office, ‘brisk winds will make it feel colder’ today. Tomorrow morning there may be frosts at many locations. Then tomorrow is another cold day.

According to forecasters, tomorrow night will be coldest with frost in large parts of the country. Temperatures could drop to -2C (28F), North East.

Southern England will also see below-zero temperatures on Thursday, before some rain and sleet.

The UK Health Security Agency advised people to pay attention to vulnerable individuals in the next few days.

According to the Met Office, today’s temperatures will be noticeably lower across the entire country. The South’s temperature is at 8C (46%), 9C (48F), and Scotland’s heat indexes are around 4C (39%) and 5C (41%).

This could bring snow to England’s Pennines or North York moors but forecaster Simon Partridge stated that it would be “pretty heavy stuff”.

Conditions have been so springlike that daffodils were in full bloom by the roadside in Somerton, Somerset, yesterday

Yesterday’s conditions were so mild that some daffodils could be seen blooming along the roadsides in Somerton (Staynton), yesterday

In Aberdeenshire and the northern and eastern parts of Scotland however, wind gusts up to 80mph may create ‘localised snowstorm conditions’. The Met Office has issued warnings for travelers about possible accumulations of snow.

Met Office weather warnings in place for Britain today

Met Office warnings about weather in Britain

Aviemore in Scotland saw 5cm (5in) of snow yesterday. This would increase overnight, Mr Partridge stated, suggesting this could be good news for Cairngorms’ ski resorts.

He said, “But I don’t think they’ll be too happy about the strength and wind power.” In Lincolnshire and the Pennines, snow will likely be “slushy” in the coming days.

Mr Partridge said that those in the South will also feel the chill today, as the winds could make the 8C (46F temperature mark feel much harsher.

It will be much colder outside so make sure to bring an extra layer if you are going out. [today]He said that you may need to use anything to stop the wind from blowing because it won’t be pretty.

Tomorrow will be bright and dry in the West. There are few rain showers. However, Thursday is going to see some precipitation, along with cold temperatures.

Temperatures of up to -4C in South Dakota could be expected on Thursday morning.

Partridge stated that this is basically the right thing to do for January. It’s only that our climate has been so mild that suddenly it can be a shock.

There are some signs that spring flowers will bring a brighter future in certain parts of the country.

A flooding risk remains for many areas of England with 46 flood alerts (in amber) and eight warnings (in red) in place today

There is still flooding danger in many parts of England, with 46 flood warnings (in amber), and eight warnings(in red) currently in effect

There are eight alerts and ten warnings in place for Scotland today, imposed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency

There are eight alerts and ten warnings in place for Scotland today, imposed by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency

It was spring-like conditions yesterday, so daffodils were blooming by the roadsides in Somerton (Staynton), yesterday

They arrived because of the mild conditions that prevailed in the recent weeks, which saw Britons travel to beaches and take walks outside as the holiday season ended.

It was the warmest New Year’s Day ever on Saturday, when St James’s Park, London, registered 16.3C (61.3F), surpassing the Bude, Cornwall record of 15.6C (60.1F), set over a century ago.

It happened after the country had its mildest New Year’s Eve ever recorded, with Merryfield in Somerset reaching 15.8C (60.4F) last Friday. This beats the previous record of 14.8C (58.6F), set in Colwyn Bay, North Wales in 2011.