After discovering that a ‘huge exotic Spider’ had been hidden in her McDonald’s meal, a traumatized mum claimed she felt compelled to throw up.

Katie Moss (21), ordered an unadvertised chicken and bacon wrap with chips, and a 99p McDonald’s burger for lunch at Just Eat Wednesday.

After eating about three quarters, however, the mother from Winsford (Chelteseshire) claims she had bitten into the wrap.

The woman claims she was shocked to find an “exotic”-looking spider, which she has never seen before. This led her to believe that it was not from the UK.

Katie Moss chose a McDonald's wrap for her lunch and was later horrified when she discovered a spider inside

Katie Moss went for a McDonald’s sandwich lunch, but was horrified to find a Spider inside.

Katie discovered the spider when she bit on something 'hard' and originally thought it was a tomato

Katie found the spider after she ate something hard and initially thought it was a tomato.

According to the care assistant, she was offered a replacement voucher and a refund. However, she has made a vow never to order from that fast-food chain ever again and has no plans to do so.

McDonald’s apologized and now is investigating what the item was and how it ended up in Katie’s meals. The bag of fresh lettuce was the first suspect. 

Katie stated, “I ordered it as lunch because I didn’t feel like cooking and wanted to try McDonald’s.”

“It was only three quarters of the time and I felt something difficult in my mouth.”

Katie at first thought the spider was a small crab, but later revealed she believed it to be an 'exotic' spider as she didn't recognise it

Katie initially thought it was a small crab. But, she later realized it was an exotic spider because she couldn’t recognize it.

The mum has vowed that she will never order a takeaway again and refused McDonald's offer of a voucher

She has made a vow to her mother that she would never order take-out again. McDonald’s offered a coupon but the mum refused.

“At first, it looked like a tomato’s end so I took it out. But then, as I got closer to it, it turned out that it was actually a crab. Then I realized it was a spider.

“I had eaten the remaining food, and I ate it all. The taste was horrible and I almost felt sick. I was disgusted and wanted to throw up.

“I doubt the spider is from the UK, as I have never seen one like it before.” The spider was an exotic species.

“I don’t mind spiders. But I don’t want them in my mouth.” Although it didn’t taste anything, I noticed a strange taste in my mouth. This could be my imagination.

Katie claims she immediately called the Winsford branch to inform them what she found and also reported the incident through the Just Eat app

Katie says she called Winsford to tell them about her findings and reported it through Just Eat.

The mum sent the wrap and spider back to McDonald's who have now launched an investigation

McDonald’s received the wrapped and spider from her mother, who has launched an investigation. 

“I’d have preferred not to know it was there or that it had been eaten. People say that eight spiders are consumed in a lifetime, but you still don’t realize you’re eating them.

“It was small, but I didn’t mind it. It was massive.”

The care assistant says the £11.40 order has put her off takeaways for life.

Katie shared that she is traumatized and paranoid because of it. It’s made me rethink everything I eat, even the food I have cooked.

“I couldn’t drink the Coca-Cola after that.”

Katie claimed that she called Winsford’s branch immediately. She was given a substitute meal and a full refund. But Katie, a mother-of-two, was not satisfied after vowing to never eat in the Winsford location again.

She later contacted McDonald’s through the Just Eat App, and they promised to investigate and offered Katie a £10 voucher.

A screenshot of Katie's order, that cost £11.40, shows the barbecue and bacon chicken wrap which contained the dead spider

A screenshot of Katie’s order, that cost £11.40, shows the barbecue and bacon chicken wrap which contained the dead spider

Katie commented, “I called right away and they offered me to return the money and replace my meal. But after I thought it over it turned out that it wasn’t good enough.” They won’t let me eat there again.

“They replied to me that they could not come up with a solution to the mystery of how the spider entered the wrap. A spider would not be allowed to get inside a wrap.

I don’t want to eat at that place again. A voucher won’t do me any good. I demand proper compensation.

McDonald’s spokesperson stated that safety in food is of great importance. McDonald’s places great importance on quality control and follows strict standards to prevent any mistakes.

The restaurant offered a substitute meal or a refund to the customer. We will investigate further as the customer also returned the product in question.

“We are able to understand that the customer is attempting to reach a solution. We have also been in contact with our Customer Services Team.