A 17-year-old woman was paralysed from her chest down after a ‘jealous friend’ threw it off a bridge. She claims she is a better person because of it.

Emily Holliday, 20 years old, couldn’t walk again after a friend hurled Emily 25ft off a bridge in her return from a night in Solihull (Birmingham) in September 2018.

The woman stated that she is ‘lucky’ to be here despite everything. 

Emily Holliday, 20, plummeted 25ft off a bridge to the ground, landing on the canal path below after a night with friends in September 2018

Emily Holliday (age 20), fell 25ft off a bridge and landed on the canal path below. This happened after a night with her friends in September 2018.

She said that she feels better because she appreciates the small things. 

Ms. Holliday was severely injured and was told she would not be able walk again after a trip with a friend.

As they approached the canal bridge, a 17 year old pal – who cannot legally be named – was acting ‘irrationally and jealously’ towards Emily and accusing Emily of cheating on her former boyfriend.

He grabbed her and threw it over the bridge.

Ms Holliday had known the teen who threw her off the bridge for around five years, during school, and believed he had 'feelings' for her

Ms Holliday was a friend of the teen who threw Holliday off a bridge for about five year and believed that he had ‘feelings” for her.

The young woman spent five-and-a-half months recovering in hospital before being able to go home

The young woman spent five-and half months in hospital recovering before she was able go home. 

Ms Holliday, terrified, fell 25ft to her death and landed on the canal below. 

She said she heard a  ‘massive crack’ from her spine on impact and remembers every ‘agonising’ second of the fall.

The young woman was rushed to Birmingham Hospital where she was given the devastating news that she had severed her spinal cord and would never walk again.

Her spinal cord was broken along four ribs, some vertebrae, and the breastbone. Ms. Holliday’s lungs were also punctured. 

Ms Holliday said she heard a 'massive crack' from her spine on impact and says she remembers every 'agonising' second of the fall

Ms Holliday stated that she heard a massive crack’ in her spine during impact. She said that she still remembers every second of the fall.

She wasn’t allowed to sit up for eight weeks and was later transferred to the Midland Centre for Spinal injuries for rehabilitation. 

The young woman spent five-and half months in hospital before she was allowed to go home. 

Ms Holliday hails from Birmingham, West Midlands.

It’s clear as day. I can clearly recall falling and hearing a loud “crack” as I landed on the embankment.

“I couldn’t feel anything, I could only use my arms to move, and it was not good. I was taken to hospital, and doctors said that I would never be able to walk again.

Ms Holliday said her life has changed dramatically

While she still struggles with pain, the 20-year-old is positive

Ms Holliday stated that her life is completely different, but that she still feels ‘lucky’ to be here despite everything 

“It was so heartbreaking to hear. Despite everything, I feel so blessed to be here. I was given a second chance at living.

Ms Holliday knew the teen for five years, while she was at school. She believed he had a ‘feeling’ for her. 

She said that he was a bit obsessed about her, but that she didn’t feel this way towards him.

“He was being very aggressive towards me and saying horrible things, but I tried to ignore him.”

A TikTok the young woman posted of her ordeal in July has racked up 3.6 million views and 10.1 thousand comments

A TikTok that the young woman posted in July of her ordeal has received 3.6 million views, and 10.1 000 comments

The case eventually went to Birmingham Crown Court in April 2019 where the teen admitted to a charge of wounding and was sentenced to a two-year youth rehabilitation order.

Ms Holliday said that she was disappointed with the outcome. I don’t think it’s fair that he has completely changed my life and walked away from prison.’

The 20-year old had surgery in April 2021. An MRI revealed a cyst on her spine.

The young woman, despite still having to deal with daily pain, has a positive outlook.

She said, “I.” I have had to restructure my entire life and learn how everything works again. I lost everything. I don’t have a social existence anymore.

Ms Holliday wasn't allowed to sit up for eight weeks and was later transferred to the Midland Centre for Spinal injuries for rehabilitation

Ms Holliday was not allowed to sit for eight weeks. She was then transferred to the Midland Centre of Spinal injuries for rehabilitation

The young woman's spinal cord was broken along with some vertebrae, four ribs and the breastbone. Her lung was also punctured

The young woman’s spinal cord was also broken along with four ribs, several vertebrae, and her breastbone. Her lung was also punctured

‘I  will always remain strong, and I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am today. I feel a better person because I now appreciate the little things. 

“I’m proud of myself, and I will always be thankful to still be here. 

On September 1, she posted about her experience to TikTok. The video, which has more than 12 thousand views, is audio-captioned and reads: “Today marks three year since my life changed forever.”

Ms Holliday says the ordeal has helped her love who she is. She said: 'I've come so far in the last few years and I'm so proud of myself'

Ms Holliday said that the ordeal helped her love who and what she is. She said, “I’ve come a long way in the past few years and I’m so proud”

“Everything in me changed in less than a minute.

“I feel so fortunate to be here right now. I was given a second chance at my life.

“I’ve come so much in the last few decades and I’m so proud.  

‘I’m alive and breathing. I have the best people supporting me.

“I’ve learned to love myself as I am now, and nobody’s going change that.”

An earlier TikTok she posted about her ordeal in July has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

Ms Holliday shared her story in a short video. She said that she will never give up hope and will always be optimistic.