You can shave your split ends yourself! A woman goes viral for her easy tip on how to cut your split ends at home.

  • TikTok’s creator, TikTok, shared her tip for solving split ends in hair that she couldn’t put down 
  • This technique exposes damage to hair by cutting sections.
  • Her method has gained over 150,000 hits since 2005. 

TikTok has made a woman viral with her handy tip on how to remove split ends at home. 

American TikTok user MeyinLeda explained how she first discovered this technique five years back and never looked back. 

This involves slicing the hair into 1-inch sections. 

Next, bend the section over one finger. The split ends will spring up and make them easier to cut. 

American TikTok user Meyin Leda explained in the video she discovered the technique five years ago and hasn't looked back

Meyin Leda from America, a TikTok user, explained how she learned the technique in this video. 

The method involves sectioning off the hair into 1in-wide sections. The section is then 'bent' over a finger, causing the split ends in the sections to spring upwards and making them easy to cut

It involves cutting the hair into sections measuring 1 inch in width. Once the section has been sliced, it is ‘bent’ with a fork. This causes the ends to rise up and makes them easier to cut. 

It was a huge hit among followers who claimed it could save them money at the salon. This video received 150,000 views.

Video of Meyin’s close-up begins with Meyin combing through her brunette hair to remove any knots. 

She then bending it to make any damaged split ends stand up.

Meyin grabs a professional haircutting knife to stop further damage. She then gently cuts any hairs damaged. 

Taking a strand of her hair, she carefully combed it to measure exactly how much she wanted to cut

She carefully took a hair strand and measured how long she needed to trim.

Then, she took the hair between her fingers and bent it slightly so that any damaged hair would stick up

She then took her hair and bent it between her fingers so any hair that was damaged would be visible.

She simply cuts the first section and then moves on to the next.

Meyin swears to this method for maintaining her long, shiny hair looking healthy and happy.

She wrote in the video: “A hack that I began doing five years ago and can’t quit doing right now.”

A concerned commenter said that the product wouldn’t work for their hair texture.  

Commenters were quick to praise the idea and some even shared how it had worked for them

Many commenters praised the idea, while others shared stories about how they used it.

To which Meyin replied saying the technique was suitable for any hair type: ‘You can straighten it and then do it, that’s what I also did in this video!’ 

Commenters that had used the same cutting process elsewhere have also chimed in and said they believed the procedure. 

A person said, “I do this so that I can get rid of all my split ends.” My hair is healthier and more beautiful than ever.

Another commented, “I saw a new stylist.