Jade Wright-Guy, 15, was in the grips an eating disorder when she began.

Her condition worsened and she was so obsessed with her diet, that she avoided socializing and stopped drinking water.

Now 26, the education support worker for Melbourne, Victoria said that anorexia took away 10 years of her life. She can’t remember much from 15-25.

It feels like my whole life was missing out. Jade shared her feelings with FEMAIL. “I was constantly in a state of survival, and I wasn’t enjoying my life,” Jade said. 

Jade Wright-Guy (pictured) said anorexia 'took away a decade of her life' as she can't recall from the years of 15 to 25

Jade Wright Guy (pictured) stated that anorexia took away 10 years from her life. She can’t remember what she was doing between 15 and 25.

'I feel like I missed out on my whole life. I was in a constant state of survival and wasn't enjoying life,' Jade told FEMAIL

It feels like my whole life was missing out. Jade explained to FEMAIL, “I was always in a state of survival. I wasn’t enjoying my life.” 

Jade was born prematurely at the age of three months. Her condition started after the death of a family member.

She said, “I can remember feeling so stressed I could not eat and that it was impossible to control everything that was going on,”

Jade was also bullied at school.

Her condition worsened during summer vacation because she was so busy.

‘It was the perfect storm for an eating disorder to thrive in – I was alone a lot. She said that she would stop eating meals over time. 

Jade was admitted to the hospital after she lost 10kg, had extremely low blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

She was admitted to hospital over 20 times, and often was too sick to go home.

She stated that doctors made sure she was mentally healthy and medically sound.  

“More important than anything, I just heard my head telling me that I wasn’t worth it.”  

From being born three months early as a premature baby, Jade said she's 'always been small and thin' but her condition began after the near-death of one of her family members

Jade, who was three months prematurely born as Jade, said she’s always been thin and small. Her condition developed after the death of a close family member.

'I remember a 28-year-old woman came in and thinking 'I do not want to be here when I'm 28 and living the same life',' she said

“I can recall that a woman aged 28 came into my office and thought, “I don’t want be here when it’s 28″ and leading the same lifestyle,” she said. 

Jade’s 20th birthday was a pivotal moment in her life. She was also in another lengthy hospital stay.

“I can recall that a woman of 28 years came into my office and thought, “I don’t want be here when it’s 28″ and leading the same lifestyle,” she said.

“It was that moment that I realized how much I’d missed in my life, and that it could still be my life that I wanted.

“I am already a victim of anorexia for 10 years, and I don’t want to go any further.” 

It was during the summer holiday period of 2012 that her conditioned worsened because she was 'left alone'

She was in and out of hospital more than 20 times and was often too unwell to leave the house

Her hospitalizations were more than 20 and she often couldn’t leave her home due to illness.

Jade determined to take charge and overcome her condition. She learned through therapy that there was a difference in ‘thought’ and ‘fact’.

I thought that anorexia might tell me that eating a meal makes me worthless, or make me disgusting. This is the truth. She said, “I can immediately think of nothing that would prove that it is a fact.”

“My anorexia tells me that I am fat because I eat a meal. But me eating because it makes me happy, is a thought. There is no truth to the idea if it is not true.

Being determined to take control and find strength to overcome the condition, Jade learnt through therapy there's a difference between 'thought and fact'

Jade was determined to control the situation and found strength to conquer it. Therapy taught Jade that there is a distinction between “thought” and “fact”.

Jade’s situation is dire after she tested positive for Covid-19 December 3. She needs to be isolated at home for 10 more days. 

She said, “I’ve been crying for hours lately because my housemates have to make my meals and my eating disorder says that it’s unacceptable.” 

It’s making me feel isolated and lonely, so I am keeping myself busy with reading, meditation and calming down. 

While she still struggles with the condition today, Jade is motivated by the thought of having a better life for herself

Jade continues to battle the illness today but is determined to live a happier life.

Jade regrets how unhappy she was as an adult and teenager, but hopes for the best.

She said, “I am so unhappy. I felt like an empty shell and my eating disorder was controlling everything.”

Jade continues to battle the illness today but is determined to live a happier life.

“I’m happy now, I look at myself and feel full of life, love, and contentment,” she stated. 

After taking up pole dancing, she felt confident and empowered in her body for the past four years.

She stated, “My body was so broken before but now I feel stronger in all aspects of my life.” 

Jade hopes that her story will reduce stigma surrounding eating disorders and anorexia. She shared her experiences with thousands of people on Instagram.    

If you need help or support for an eating disorder or body image issue, please call Butterfly’s National Helpline on 1800 334 673 or email support@thebutterflyfoundation.org.au