After revealing that she had filmed behind a man while working out at the gym, a woman splits her opinion. Some say she should not have been filming him and others argue she should.

  • One woman that filmed at the gym with a man shared her happiness that he did not watch it.
  • This clip was posted by the woman on her encounter with TikTok and received over 530K hits
  • Commenters complained that her video was inappropriate and called it a violation of privacy.

Following her revelation that she had recorded a man working out at the gym, she split opinions. 

Libby Christensen (22) from Kansas set up a camera in order to record herself as she squatted at a gym machine.  

Behind her, a man was sitting on a bench. He made her feel uncomfy because he was watching her while she exercised. 

But when she looked at the clips back, she was happy to find that he was exercising and that “her focus wasn’t on her” 

Some people agreed with her. However, some others wondered why she was filming him. 

Libby Christensen, 22, from Kansas, set up a camera to film herself as she squatted on a machine at the gym. Sitting on the machine behind her was a man, who she said made her feel 'uncomfy' at the time because she feared he was checking her out while she was exercising

Libby Christensen (22) from Kansas set up a camera in order to record herself as she squatted at the machine. A man sat behind her on the machine, which she described as making her uncomfortable because she thought he was watching her while she exercised. 

Libby (pictured) said she was relieved when she watched the video back and saw he was working out and not staring at her 'booty'

Libby (pictured), said that she felt relieved to see him working out, and not just staring at her booty’. 

Before looking up at his hands briefly, the man looks at the camera. Then he lies on a bench. 

Libby explained the situation by writing: “I need to shout this man behind me hack squatting. I was so uncomfortable that I was being stared at but I am very grateful that his attention was not on my booty.

“I saw this and was at ease.” 

In the time it has been up, more than 55.5 million people have viewed it in just two weeks.   

The man (seen in the background) looked down at his hands then continued his workout

As you can see, the man in the background looked at his hands and continued with his work out.

The video was not well received by commenters, many of whom claimed she had outdone herself in recording the man. 

One person said: ‘If I was him I’d feel uncomfortable for being filmed without consent.’

Another commenter agreed saying: ‘I’m so glad my gym doesn’t allow filming inside… #1 fear is trying to live my life and ending up on a TikTok.’ 

A third person felt that men not staring at women in gyms was normal: ‘I think there’s more guys doing everything they can to make sure it’s very clear they’re not staring at women in the gym.’

Commenters were outraged that Libby had filmed the man without his consent and thought it was hypocritical

Comments were furious that Libby had filmed him without his permission and considered it hypocritical

Libby’s sharing of her clip was supported by some people.

One person wrote: ‘I love that you’re getting hate for recognizing good behavior we need to see more of. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and being so open to learning!

Sometimes we stare at the floor while walking around or lifting just so someone doesn’t think we’re staring 

A third person said, “A wild king.” 

Some people however were in support of Libby sharing her clip. Pictured, Libby on Instagram

Libby shared her clip with support from others. Pictured: Libby on Instagram