The artist makes playful ceramics using modern touch like Adidas Hoodies, McDonald’s Bags and trinkets that can be found at charity shops.

  • Lucy Bryant, an artist based in London who creates ceramic figurines that have been loved by the stars. 
  • Her fans include singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Alan Carr. Mark Ronson is also a fan. 
  • Haus of Lucy collaborated with Footlocker and Adidas to create a teaser collaboration with Primark

Artist reveals how she modernizes traditional ceramic figurines by adding contemporary touches, such as an Adidas hoodie (or a McDonald’s mini-takeaway bag). 

Lucy Bryant of London learned how to make Fimo (plasticine-like clay that can be oven baked), so she could alter ceramics and other trinkets from charity shops.

After spending years drawing in her spare time, she explained that Fimo was the perfect idea for expanding while still working as an editor of a magazine. 

Lucy started Haus of Lucy in 2019 and since then, she has won over many thousands of her fans like Mark Ronson, Sophie EllisBextor, and Alan Carr. 

Lucy Bryant, a London-based artist is behind Haus of Lucy. These ceramic figurines are loved by celebrities and can be found in fine art prints.  

Alan Carr was gifted a china plate Lucy made using a collage of Gemma Collins snaps

Alan Carr received a Lucy china plate made from a combination of Gemma Collins snaps.

Singer Sophie-Ellis-Bextor bought a martingale of the biggest fast-good names' crests, including KFC, Macdonald's and Greggs

Sophie-Ellis-Bextor, singer, bought a martingale with the most prominent fast-good names’ Crests including Greggs, Macdonald’s, and KFC.

Lucy, pictured, started making the figurines in 2017 and quickly turned it into a business that's growing in popularity

Lucy, shown here, began making figurines in 2017. She quickly made it a successful business. 

Alan received a China plate made with images of Gemma Collins from her. He later went to her shop to purchase more.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, singer bought a martingale with the crests from fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s or KFC.

Mark Ronson, a music producer, bought three ceramics in the meantime, one of which he messaged Lucy on Instagram. It was called The Recital.

Lucy stated that her initial goal was to laugh and the figurine would be a success if that was achieved.    

Lucy worked with Footlocker as well and Adidas as Lucy with Footlocker. She is currently working on a Primark project after Primark reached out to Lucy about adding bags made by the brand’s low-cost line to her collection of figurines and prints.  

Some of Lucy's 2020 figurines were Covid-19-related, like this tourist enjoying a few drinks and reading a book away from the UK's lockdown in Magaluf

Lucy had some 2020 figures that were Covid-19 related, such as this tourist reading and drinking away from Magaluf’s UK lockdown.

Lucy also works with prints and made this portrait of Mary, Jesus and Baby Shark in a nod to the popular kid's song

Lucy works also with prints, so Lucy made this image of Mary and Jesus as well as Baby Shark to pay tribute to the song.

Feeling peckish? The artist inserted a McDonald's bag in this print she called 'Saturday Night's Takeaway'

Do you feel hungry? This print was called ‘Saturday Night’s takeaway’ by the artist. It features a McDonald’s bag.

This piece, which shows a woman playing records on a turntable was purchased by Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson purchased this piece that shows a woman listening to records on a turntable. 

Lucy made a tiny bottle of Jägermeister so that this sad clown could drink his sorrows away

Lucy made a tiny bottle of Jägermeister so that this sad clown could drink his sorrows away

This elegant Victorian lady is seeing walking her very punk poodle with bight pink ears to the park

The elegant Victorian lady walks her punk dog with bright pink ears and bight pink eyes to the park. 

A figurine carrying Primark bags. After she used the brand's bags in a few of her works, Primark has got in touch with Lucy to work with her on a 'top secret' campaign

Primark bags carried by this figurine Primark got in touch after Lucy used Primark’s bags for a couple of her pieces. 

A figurine of a woman behind a mixing table which was purchased by music producer Steve Levine, who produced the Beach Boys

Steve Levine purchased a figurine featuring a woman hiding behind a mix table. 

Yummy! Lucy gave this adorable ceramic figurine a pizza slice, a pizza on a plate and a beer for its lunch

Yummy! Lucy bought this ceramic figurine a delicious pizza slice and pizza on plates.

The artist adds a modern touch to the ceramics by making the items with plasticine and baking it in her oven. On this, she added the jumper and the bag

By using plasticine to bake the ceramics in her oven, the artist brings a modern twist to them. The jumper was added to the mix, as well as the bag. 

This figurine, which is called The Recital, shows a man and a woman playing hip hop on a piano. It was purchased by Mark Ronson

The Recital figurine depicts two people playing hip hop together on a piano. Mark Ronson bought it 

This piece, which is called Babe in the Woods, is one of Lucy's favourite and shows a woman in an Adidas hoodie listening to a podcast during lockdown

Lucy loves this piece called Babe in the Woods. It shows Lucy in an Adidas hoodie while listening to podcasts during lockdown.