A woman just turned her cheating ex-boyfriend’s ‘bulls**t’ apology text into a viral TikTok song, complete with a sad violin, and fans cannot get enough of it.

Jax, an artist and singer from Los Angeles, California read the text of her ex in dramatic fashion while Lindsey Stirling performed sad music.

‘Adding sad violin to my ex’s bulls**t apology text,’ she captioned the hilarious clip, which has gained more than four million views since it was posted last week.

Through the entire text, the anonymous guy confessed that he had ‘hooked-up’ with his roommate. However, he explained that he was still going through ‘a lot’. Jax asked him to show some compassion as he had been failing in his classes recently and was fired. 

Hilarious: A woman just turned her cheating ex-boyfriend's 'bulls**t' apology text into a viral TikTok song, complete with a sad violin

Hilarious: A woman just turned her cheating ex-boyfriend’s ‘bulls**t’ apology text into a viral TikTok song, complete with a sad violin

Spilling the tea! Jax, a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California, dramatically read her ex's apology text while violinist Lindsey Stirling played sad music in the background

Drinking too much tea Jax, an artist and singer from Los Angeles, California read out her ex’s apology while Lindsey Stirling performed sad music.

Through-out the text, the unnamed guy admitted the he 'hooked up with her roommate,' but explained that he was 'going through a lot' and that it wasn't 'who he was'

The unnamed man admitted throughout the text that he “hooked up” with his roommate. But he also explained that that he was just ‘going through some things’ and wasn’t really who he is.

“Hey. “Hey.

You know that it was not right that I had “technically” dated your roommate. However, I have been through so much that it’s hard to believe I was able to get along with your roommate.

‘I’ve been failing in most classes. And you also know that I got fired. It would be a great gesture of compassion if you could show me your sympathy. [stopped]It made me feel evil.

“Plus, I feel really lonely because of your busy schedule at work. I just felt really sad for you, and that was only a once-off mistake.

I love you even more than Emily. How do I tell my family? Okay? 

Surprisingly, Jax ended the conversation by asking Jax whether she changed her Netflix password.

“Also-did you change your Netflix password?” He wrote.

TikTok users joked that the whole purpose of the apology was to obtain the Netflix password.

He said he was failing his classes and recently got fired, so he asked Jax to 'show him some sympathy' and to 'stop making him feel like a villain'

Jax was asked by him to show some compassion and stop making him feel like an evil villain. He claimed that he had been failing in his classes.

In a surprising finish, the ex concluded the message by asking Jax if she changed the Netflix password

Surprisingly, Jax ended the conversation by asking Jax to change her Netflix password.

Jax didn't divulge who sent her the text message, but told Insider that it was written a few years ago, and that she recently re-discovered it

Jax did not reveal the identity of the sender, but she told Insider it was from a long time ago and she just rediscovered it.

“I’m not bad! Bad guy stuff is what I do! I’m sorry, but that Netflix password isn’t working.

A third person said that he had written “The gaslight amount in his text.” 

A second comment stated, “It is the way that he never actually thanked,” 

Jax is now dating Braverijah. She didn’t reveal the source of her text message but she confirmed it on Instagram. Insider reported that the text was written several years ago and she rediscovered it recently.

While she acknowledged that some things had been changed, the TikTok star maintained that it was nearly true to the original text.

“When you write, you almost always have artistic freedom to make it work. It’s really only a few words here and there. She explained that the song was very close to the original. 

Sticking to the facts: Although the star admitted to changing a few things in it, she insisted that the TikTok song is almost true to the original text

Staying true to facts

More to come: After going viral, the aspiring artist asked her followers to send in some of the crazy texts that they've gotten from their exes. Now, she wants to turn it into a whole series

The viral video inspired her to ask followers for their crazy text messages. She plans to make it into a series.

One girl claimed that her ex 'tried to make himself the victim because she wasn't talking to him enough when her brother died'

A girl claimed her ex tried “to make herself the victim” because she didn’t talk to him enough after her brother’s death.

Another responded and said that her ex sent her an 11 page letter! They joked: 'You could make it into an opera'

A second responder said that the ex-girlfriend had sent her an eleven page letter. The two of them joked that they could turn it into an opera.

“We decided that it would be humorous to add really sorrowful violins. [music]Behind this lame and incoherent apology text of an ex.

It took three attempts to capture the funny clip, as they were “literally laughing hysterically” during the first two.  

The viral video made it very popular and the artist who was born in New Jersey, then asked her fans to submit crazy messages they had received from their ex-partners. She received some amazing responses.

‘Oh God, I deleted mine. Because I didn’t talk to him enough, he tried to make me the victim. One girl said, “That’s why I got up right away.” 

A second responder said her ex had sent her an 11-page note!

Then they said, “You could make it into a opera.” 

“Some of these ex-exes are crazy, and their texts are absurd,” Jax said. Jax said that there are so many great ones. She also suggested to Insider that it could be a TikTok series.