Today, an acting coach was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for sexually and raping young actresses who were just 15 when he ran his theater group.

Christopher Lynch (38), sexually assaulted a variety of girls from 2013 to 2017 and was found guilty of 11 sexual offenses.

Today, he was sentenced to jail as part of an additional sentence.

Lynch was sent to Northampton Crown Court where Judge Rebecca Crane sentenced him. Crane stated that Lynch was a dangerous, predatory man who used his position and the stage ambitions of his young victims in order to gain his personal wealth.

She stated that he had a significant impact on the lives of their families, including on their mental and emotional health.

Acting coach Christopher Lynch, 38, was found guilty of 11 sexual offences including rape against girls as young as 15

Christopher Lynch (38), an actor coach, was found guilty in 11 sexual offenses, including rape of girls as young and 15-years old.

The Force’s Child Protection Team Detective Constable Laura Mannion said outside court that she was pleased with the sentence. It reflects Lynch’s severe abuse over many years.

He deceitfully put himself in a position where he could carry out his crimes and took advantage of the aspirations of his victims to become actors.

“He sexually assaulted them, then tried to hide his tracks and pretend he didn’t do it to anyone who knew him at the time of the police investigation.

“He continued to lie to the court while he stood to prove his innocence to the jury.

“He subjected victims to more trauma by making them testify and live back what he did years before.”

Lynch was held for 16 years and told by the judge that he would be serving at least two thirds of his sentence.

Detective Constable Laura Mannion said Lynch 'deviously put himself into a position of trust to carry out his crimes, taking advantage of his victim's aspirations to become actresses'

Laura Mannion Detective Constable stated that Lynch had ‘deviously placed him in a place of trust to perform his crimes, taking advantage his victim’s aspirations of becoming actresses.

According to Lynch, Lynch was previously from St Stephens Road in Kettering and ran an amateur drama company there. However, Lynch used the opportunity to target young, vulnerable girls with an interest in acting.

Liz Fell from the CPS claimed that Lynch exploited young girls’ vulnerability in order to encourage them to pursue their performing passions.

“The survivors’ evidence showed that he had a history of repeat offenses, and targeted young people whom he could control for his own pleasure.

Liz Fell of the CPS said: 'Lynch preyed on the vulnerability of young girls keen to pursue their passion for performing'

Liz Fell from the CPS claimed that Lynch exploited young girls’ vulnerability in order to encourage them to pursue their performing passions.

“His offenses had a devastating effect on the survivors.”

In September, jurors heard that he had used his position during auditions to sexually assault young women.

He ensured that no chaperones would be present to make certain each victim and he were alone in their room.

The auditions were held in his home, at his youth centre and in church private rooms.

All of his victims (aged between 15 and 19 years at the time) were lead to believe that he would aid them with their acting careers.

Lynch was jailed for 16 years at Northampton Crown Court. The judge told him he will serve at least two-thirds of his sentence

Lynch was sentenced to 16 years in Northampton Crown Court. He was told by the judge that he would serve no less than two-thirds his sentence.

The court heard that he visited the victim’s home to talk about a play, and then used the opportunity to assault her sexually.

He forced his victims to provide evidence during trial.

Lynch was found guilty on one count each of rape and three of sexual assault, as well as four counts for sexual activity with a minor.

Also, he was found guilty on two counts of inciting or encouraging a child in sexual activity as well as one charge of facilitating and commissioning child sex offences. One sexual assault was not charged.

Lynch will serve the rest of his sentence under licence after his release. He will also have to comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order that prohibits him from ever having unsupervised contact whatsoever with females younger than 18 years.

For the rest of his life, he will be listed on the Register of Sex Offenders.