What’s the nation’s favourite thing to do as temperatures drop and the nights draw in? Take a stroll in the cold, and wrap up.

That’s according to a recent poll, which sought to discover the ‘greatest thing about winter in Britain’. ‘Crisp, wintery walks’ was voted number one, earning 49 per cent of the vote and topping the 25-place ranking.

The anticipation of Christmas earned the silver medal at 48 per cent, and there was a tie for third place, with ‘a roaring fire in a country pub’ and ‘watching a film while it’s raining outside’ both claiming 42 per cent of the vote.

A walker treks along the Derwent Fells in the Lake District. ‘Crisp, wintery walks’ are the nation's favourite thing about wintertime in Britain, according to a new survey

Walking along the Derwent Fells of the Lake District. ‘Crisp, wintery walks’ are the nation’s favourite thing about wintertime in Britain, according to a new survey

Second place in the poll goes to the 'anticipation of Christmas'. Pictured is a Christmas tree on Waterloo place in London

The ‘anticipation for Christmas’ takes second place. This is the Christmas tree that Waterloo has in London.

In fourth, the cosiness was continued with hot buttered toast and a cup of tea. Both were wearing thick, long jumpers that claimed 35 percent.

Hearty fare has a place in the heart – and tummy – of the nation during the colder months, the survey reveals. People love to eat a roast on Sundays (34%), and then a big serving of apple crisp with custard (31%)

Another gastronomic hit is stews, pies (joint 7, 30%), pub lunches, (joint 14, 20%), and homemade chicken soup, (joint14th, 20%). A wintery dinner in 17th position was completed by the smell of mulled grape (16%)

‘A roaring fire in a country pub’ came joint third in the ranking of things that Britons love about wintertime

'Watching a film while it’s raining outside’ also came third in the poll, which surveyed 1,500 Britons

‘Watching a film while it’s raining outside’ also came third in the poll, which surveyed 1,500 Britons

Southern Sheeting commissioned the survey and polled 1,500 respondents. It also identified other outdoor activities that were popular. Each ranking was based on the following criteria: walking across frozen grass with your dog on a morning run (12th place, 24%), wearing scarves, hats, and gloves (1st, 25%) or smelling your breath when it is cold (15th, 19%). 

Spotting a feathered friend during these outdoor adventures is an added bonus – ‘seeing your first red robin’ won over 27 per cent of those polled (joint 9th).

The popularity of staying indoors was just as high. Watching ‘wintery movies’ claimed 30 per cent of the vote (joint 7th), lighting candles earned 28 per cent (8th) and ‘staying in all weekend and not feeling guilty’ swayed 27 per cent of voters (joint 9th).

A 'roast every Sunday' was beloved by 34 per cent of those polled and ranked in 5th place

The ‘roast each Sunday’ is adored by 34% of poll participants and ranks 5th 

The smell of mulled wine landed in 17th place in the poll. Pictured is a mulled wine stand in London's Borough Market

In the poll, 17th was the most popular smell for mulled wines. The picture shows a Borough Market mulled Wine Stand. 

With 26% of the votes, cuddling up with your partner in the night was joint 10th. During winter weekends many prefer to curl up with a book and read the next morning (16th/18%). 

To combat the chill, the country has been enchanted by hot water bottles (13%, 22%), turning up the heating (joint 10-th, 26%), hot bubble baths (25% joint 11th) and electric blankets (18%, 10%).

A study found that 48% of Brits said they really enjoy winterproofing their homes. They do this by having their boiler checked and their roof checked.

'Seeing your first red robin’ came 9th in the poll, and earned 27 per cent of the vote

‘Seeing your first red robin’ came 9th in the poll, and earned 27 per cent of the vote

97% of respondents said that they enjoy the warmth and comfort of their home in winter, while 61% admitted to ‘nesting’ in winter.

A further 84% admitted that they enjoy the excuse of winter giving them the opportunity to be inside more than normal.

Also, 99% loved the idea of winter being more at home so they could spend more time with family.


1.Winter walks at 49 percent 

2.Advent anticipation – 48% 

3 =42% of the country pubs have a roaring fireplace. 

3 = Watching a film while it’s raining outside – 42 per cent

4 = Hot buttery toast with tea, 35%

4 = Large, heavy jumpers — 35%

5. Every Sunday, a roast – 34%

6.Apple crumble and custard 31%

7 = Stews, pies and other savory dishes – 30%

7 =Movies for winter – 30%

8.Lighting candles: 28 percent

9 =The 27 percent who stay in and don’t feel guilty about it – 

9 =27% of the time, you will see your first red Robin.

Source: Southern Sheeting survey

 10 =The heating should be turned up to 26 per cent

10 = To keep warm at night, cuddle up with your partner – 26% 

11 =25% off scarves, gloves and hats

11 = Hot bubble baths – 25 per cent 

12. Frosty grass at a morning dog walking – 24 percent 

13.Hot water bottles 22 Percent

14 =Lunches at the pub – 20%

14 = Make your own chicken soup.

15.Your breath is 19% colder than normal.

16.18% of the population prefers to read a book on weekends.

17.Mulled wine aroma – 16 percent 

18.The electric blanket – 10%


It was revealed by 26% that winter leaves them feeling empty and lacking the comforts of the warmer months.

Tony Hobbs, Managing Director of Southern Sheeting said: ‘It’s great to see so much excitement about winter months, and all the small things that the nation loves about the season, from eating comfort food, having lazy days at home, and nesting by ensuring homes are ready for winter.

‘We all know the elements can take their toll on our homes during the colder months, but it’s important to spot any problems early on so you can plan to fix them. That way you can rest easy and truly enjoy all the other wonderful features of winter like going for a walk on a cold crisp day and cooking up a Sunday roast in the warmth of your home.’