Bonnie Langford was criticised by Twitter users for complaining she was “shouted at” for bringing her Maltipoo in to Pret a Mannger. 

The Dr Who and Eastenders star, 57, was visiting a Bromley branch of the popular café, when she claims she was ‘shouted at’ because of her dog, Poppy.

Take it to TwitterBonnie said that she was on her way to Sleeping Beauty when she stopped by the restaurant. She’s currently playing the Lilac Fairy in the pantomime.

The woman said she had been coming to the branch with her dog for two weeks without any problems, but did not specify whether the individual who approached her was an employee of a customer. 

Commenters were largely on the side of Pret with one person branding dog owners ‘unhygienic’ for bringing pets into cafés, however some followers came to Bonnie’s defence.

Bonnie Langford, has come under fire from her Twitter followers for complaining that she was 'shouted at' for bringing her Maltipoo into Pret a Manger (pictured together during an appearance on This Morning earlier this year)

Bonnie Langford has been criticized by her followers on Twitter for saying she felt’shouted’ about bringing her Maltipoo to Pret a Manger. (pictured here together at an appearance on This Morning earlier in the year).

Followers were largely not on the actress' side as they called dog owners 'unhygienic' for bringing their pets into places of food

Many of the actors’ followers were not supportive as they called dog owners unhygienic for bringing their pet into restaurants.

Taking to Twitter to vent her frustration, Bonnie revealed that she was 'done' and implored people to be more kind

Bonnie took to Twitter to express her anger and asked people to show more kindness.

Tweeting about the experience, Bonnie wrote: ‘I’ve just been shouted at in #pretamanger Bromley for taking my dog in while I get a take away coffee between shows having done so for the past 5 weeks twice a day everyday.’ 

‘People say be kind but they’re not. You are just being rude. I’m done.’

A person said, “Why would you allow your dog to go into a cafe?” That is disgusting and unhygienic. Agree that manners cost nothing and no need for them to raise their voices, and they should have informed you of their ‘no dog’ policy in the first place!’

Another said, “Dog lovers, do you ever consider the impact on people like me who have severe allergic reactions to pets?” I’m often forced out of public places to protect myself from inconsiderate pandering to people with pooches. It’s Pret-a-manger not Pet-a-mongrel!’

Some commenters weren't happy with the fact that Bonnie had taken her pet in the establishment

Some people were not happy that Bonnie took her dog to the institution. 

Another person stated that dogs shouldn’t be allowed in areas where they can be eaten. What’s wrong with people.’

Some commentators thought that she had every right to take her dog, and they chastised her employee for allegedly shouting at her. 

A person said, “I agree with your opinion.” I certainly wouldn’t leave my dog tied up outside a shop, vulnerable to theft or anything else for that matter. Dogs are my family, like little children. If I’m on my own & I can’t take my dog inside a shop or cafe then I don’t go in.’

British actor, Colin Baker, weighed in on the matter and claimed he wouldn’t be buying from Pret again, saying: ‘That’s a boycott for Pret a Manger from me! Outrageous!’

Other commenters revealed their support for Bonnie and wondered why there would be a problem in the first place

Bonnie was supported by other commenters who wondered why it would become a problem.

Bonnie could also try out the countryside.

Tweeting to a question about their dog policy in 2020, Pret A Manger had previously stated: ‘We don’t have an official policy on dogs, but guide dogs are, of course, always allowed. We allow small dogs to be admitted by our managers as long as they are well behaved. That should help! 

Mail Online was contacted by Pret A Manger. A spokesperson said that they had received previous complaints from customers about letting dogs into their stores. That is why the policy has been implemented. 

‘We are sorry to hear about Ms Langford’s experience. Our normal policy is to only allow guide dogs in our shops, but we’re speaking to our shop team to understand more about the situation.’