Adele talked about her drinking habits while she was undergoing a makeover by Nikkie de Jager (also known as Nikkie Tutorials). 

According to the 33-year old singer, she is now teetotal and admitted she used to drink in order to be interesting at parties. She chatted with Dutch make-up artist, 27, about her new album, as well as other topics, while she was filming a video. 

I would rather drink to be interesting than spice me up, so that’s what I’d normally do. During the process, she stated that this was what she meant. 

'I would normally drink to make other people interesting!': Adele admitted she boozed to deal with 'boring' people as she went makeup free in a transformation video

“I normally drink to make people more interesting!”Adele said she was able to drink alcohol in order to get over ‘boring people’ during a transformation video.

Nikkie asked Nikkie questions about I Drink Wine. She poured Nikkie a glass of wine and they sipped on it for the duration. 

She continued, “People at parties can be bloody boring!”  

Out of fear that she might be recognized, she shared her regret at not being able go to the supermarket. 

Adele said: ‘Because I don’t like being photographed and things like that, the planning that goes into it is f***ing exhausting.’ 

Revelation: The singer said she used to drink to make other people interesting at parties as she chats about her new album with the Dutch make up artist

Revelation: As she talks about her new album and the Dutch makeup artist, she says she once drank to keep other people interested at parties. 

Wow! Adele, 33, discussed her drinking habits as she underwent a makeup transformation with Nikkie de Jager - who is better known as Nikki Tutorials

Wow! Adele (33), discussed her drinking habits while undergoing a makeover with Nikkie de Jager – better known for Nikki Tutorials

Adele then was asked about her grounding, to which she laughed: “Oh my son! Don’t worry!” And my two f***ing new puppies.’  

Adele shared with us that although she didn’t have social media access before the epidemic, she did get them for sending memes to friends. 

She was unable to post one image, so she lost the right.

Adele said that her favorite thing about meeting The Rock (a.k.a. The Rock) was the fact that it would make her “freak out”. Dwayne Johnson, because she used watch wrestling as a child. 

Yet she insisted it wasn’t about ‘fancying’ the star, as she only saw him in a platonic way.

She stated, “I would freakout over The Rock.” […]He sent flowers to me the other day, because he and his wife could not make it to my show. Literally, it was almost like I fell out of my chair. 

I wish that he could be my dad. He’s incredible, and it’s not as if I have a crush on him. 

Famous: She went onto share that she misses being able to go to the supermarket out of fear she would be recognised

Famous: Her fear of being recognized led her to share the regret she feels about not being able go to the grocery store.

Star: She also revealed that she would 'freak out' over meeting The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson because she used to watch wrestling when she was younger

Star: She revealed she was ‘freak-out’ about meeting The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne because she used to love wrestling when she was younger

They also talked about other mishaps in make-up, Adele talking to Adele about her lipgloss use and how her mascara was stuck in her mascara. 

Although she admitted she didn’t know much about make-up, she said that the look was something she learned from ‘goth girls’ in school. 

Adele revealed that unlike 25 she played guitar and drums, her 30th record was not a recording of her playing. This is because she wasn’t ready to let her nails go to make it play. 

Funny: Elsewhere, the pair both chatted about their make up mishaps, with Adele saying hers would be when she used lipgloss as eyeshadow and her mascara kept getting stuck in it

Funny: They had a conversation about each other’s make-up mistakes, Adele saying that hers came when she used lipgloss to conceal her eyes and mascara was stuck.

Nails on! Adele also shared that, unlike on her album 25, she did not play guitar or drums on her new record 30, as she didn't want to take her nails off to play

Get your nails on! Adele revealed that unlike her album 25, her record 30 doesn’t feature any drums or guitar. She didn’t want her nails to be ruined by playing.

Although she admitted to being a percussionist, her whistling at Can I Get It wasn’t. 

Nikkie was constantly doing Someone Like You’s makeup on the other half of her face throughout the video. 

This was a stunning end result. Half her face was completely make-up free, while the other half had a glamour layer that included a dark eyeshadow and winged liner. 

Hello from the other side! The end product was stunning with half of her face being make up free and the other with a glamorous layer consisting of a smokey eyeshadow look and a winged eyeliner

We are here from the other side. It was stunning! Half of the face had no make-up and half featured a glittery layer of eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow.