After covering themselves in Desitin, a mother said it took her five days to get the diaper cream out of her children’s hair.

Wendy Pryce, from New York City, told Today Parents that she was ‘absolutely convinced’ that she’d have to shave her daughters’ hair off after the incident, during which Jamie, four, and Morgan, three, coated their hair and faces in Desitin. 

Wendy was shocked to discover that her diaper-rash treatment product contained Zinc Oxide. This ingredient is almost impossible to wash off. She actually found that Desitin made matters worse when she tried to wash it off.   

“My first reaction was to take them out of the bath tub,” she said. “That was my first mistake, getting their hair wet. Zinc oxide has a water insoluble.

“I was convinced that they would need to shave their heads.” 

A mother revealed it took five days to remove diaper cream from her daughters' hair after they covered themselves with Desitin to look like Elsa from Frozen

After covering themselves in Desitin, a mother said it took her five days to get the diaper cream out of her children’s hair. She wanted them to be like Elsa from Frost.

Wendy Pryce, from New York City, told Today Parents she was 'absolutely convinced' that she'd have to shave her daughters' hair off after the incident

Today Parents’ Wendy Pryce of New York City said she was “absolutely certain” that she would need to shave the hairs off her daughters following the incident

The mom-of-2 tried for three hours to scrub them, but no success. She decided to go to Facebook to seek help from other mothers.

The mom shared the photo of her two daughters covered in cream with a Manhattan group. She wrote, “Please, any mamas have suggestions for removing Desitin hair?” We’ve tried bath soap and Dawn. We are grateful.

Hundreds of people responded and sent her suggestions – ranging from a product called Goo Gone, which is a gel spray that removes adhesive, to cornstarch and baby oil.

The Goo Gone wasn’t expected to arrive until after a few days so she chose the second option.

After covering her hair in cornstarch, baby oil and then brushing it with a fine-toothed comb, she gave birth to her children.

She also used Dawn dishwashing detergent rather than shampoo, which is used to clean birds after oil spills.

This was done for five more days, until all the girls had their hair clean. 

Wendy concluded: ‘There’s no chance they will ever do this again. This was an extremely painful process.

Professor and Chair of Dermatology at George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences Dr. Adam Friedman told The Outlet that oil and soap are genius ideas.

According to him, zinc oxide’s lipophilic nature means that it’s at its best when placed in oily, fatty environments.

She scrubbed Jamie, 4, and Morgan, 3, for three hours before heading to Facebook and ask the help of other mothers

Before heading to Facebook, she scrubbed Jamie (aged 4) and Morgan (aged 3) for three hours.

After five days of brushing it over and over again with baby oil and Dawn dishwashing detergent, she was finally able to get the diaper rash cream out of her girls' hair

She was finally able remove the diaper rash cream from her daughters’ hair after five days of combing it with Dawn and baby oil.

“The baby oil may have done the trick. However, the Dawn dish detergent, which is quite simple on the pH scale, likely added to its solubility, making it easier for you to wash off.

Wendy seems to not be the only person who’s had to deal with this issue. In 2011, another mother went through something very similar and posted her story on Mamapedia.

“Okay. It’s been an odd day in our house. Her 25-month-old twins had been supposed to take a nap.

“I was able to hear them play, but I decided to let them rest for a while before I went in to make them sleep. That was a terrible mistake.

“I found all the diapers and wipes in the bathroom, and one boy had no diaper. He also had enough Desitin to last a whole year of diaper rashes.

“I have washed his head twice, but perhaps it’s because it’s child shampoo, it’s not taking it out of his hair or scalp.

Is there anything you can suggest that would be better than an adult shampoo? It’s the joy of boys I keep hearing. LOL!

Many others responded with ideas like clarifying shampoo or diluted vinegar. One even advised the mother to use dish soap just as Wendy’s.

“My son did it today, and I’m sorry, but I tried to remove all the shampoo and soap, and it didn’t work,” one woman replied. “But I used a bit of Dawn dish soap, and it worked wonders.

One said, “My friend’s daughter and I were playing and somehow my son ended up with a boatload of vaseline in our hair!”

“She tried shampooing her hair 30 times, but nothing worked. Dawn detergent finally made it work.

It’s possible you might like to do it. It’s possible to succeed – my sons are mischievous so I can relate.