Matt Doran, a Channel Seven journalist covering ‘Mortified,” apologizes to Adele that he didn’t listen to the new album prior to their interview for $1million. However, he insists that Adele DID NOT storm out in angrily.

Matt Doran, a Channel Seven host has apologized to Adele after failing to listen her new album prior to interviewing her in London.

Doran’s gaffe outraged her record label Sony, which refused to allow Seven to air the interview as part of its $1million package that also included broadcast rights to Adele’s One Night Only concert and her sit-down with Oprah Winfrey.

The Weekend Sunrise host, 37, told The Australian he was ‘mortified and unequivocally apologetic’ to the British singer, 33, over what happened.

Gaffe: Channel Seven presenter Matt Doran (right, with Monique Wright) has apologised to Adele for failing to listen to her new album before interviewing her in London two weeks ago

Gaffe: Channel Seven Presenter Matt Doran (right) and Monique Wright have apologised for Adele’s inability to listen to her latest album before she interviewed her in London two-weeks ago

After his return flight from Sydney, he discovered that his email system was having problems and he had lost the link to the album. He couldn’t listen to it so he explained the situation.

Doran explained that Adele emailed her a sneak preview before she interviewed him.

It was an “ecard” link that I had missed when landing in London. Although it was accidental, the error wasn’t malicious. “This is the most important email that I have missed.” 

According to reports, an “offended” Adele had apparently’stormed-out’ of Sunday’s interview. This was after Doran claimed that he only heard one track from the latest Seven release.

Later, furious Sony executives withdrew their permission for any portion of the interview to be broadcast.

According to The Sunday Telegraph’s reports, he was apparently “suspended” for two weeks after the gaffe but returned to the screens this weekend. 

But, the television personality refuted this claim and said that Someone Like You’s hitmaker “didn’t storm out” but instead agreed to continue speaking with him for an additional nine minutes.

There are more to come.