Matt Doran (Channel 7) was fired by Channel 7 after he said that Adele had lied to him about his $1 million car crash interview.

Matt Doran (Weekend Sunrise) has been suspended from air for the next two weeks due to his ‘offending Adele’.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Channel Seven reporter, who flew to London for a chat with 33-year-old pop star, admitted that he had not listened to her latest album. 

According to the newspaper, Seven Network bosses then reportedly sacked the TV host.

Caught off guard: Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran has been taken off the air for two weeks after 'offending' Adele (pictured)

Matt Doran of Weekend Sunrise has been caught off-guard after being accused by Adele.

Daily Mail Australia reached Out to Seven for Comment.

Doran was reportedly interviewed by Hello singer for between 20 and 30 minutes. He didn’t ask any questions about the album.

Adele asked Doran about his thoughts on her 30 album. Doran replied that he has not listened.

Whoops! The Channel Seven reporter flew to London to chat with the pop diva, 33, but admitted during the interview he hadn't actually listened to her new album. Pictured with Weekend Sunrise co-host Monique Wright

Whoops! Channel Seven’s reporter, Monique Wright, flew to London for a chat with 33-year-old pop star. However, he admitted that he had not listened to the new album. Monique Wright, Weekend Sunrise host

The interview ended with Adele apparently walking out, though other sources claim that Matt had already asked her questions.

Although the interview was recorded by Adele, Sony claimed Seven did not have the right to broadcast any part of the recording. 

According to reports, the network spent $1 million on the disastrous one-on-one interview with Oprah and footage from the One Night Only concert.

Underprepared: Doran reportedly sat down with the Hello hitmaker for a '20-30 minute' interview, during which he did not 'ask a single question about the new album'. Pictured in London

Unprepared: Doran was reportedly interviewed by Hello’s hitmaker, Doran, for about 20-30 minutes. He did not ask ‘one question’ about the album. London

The rights to these events are believed to be still held by Seven, who continue to promote both of them on social media. 

Doran was pulled off air by ‘Angry Seven’ executives for two weeks.

On Saturday, he was on the air as Weekend Sunrise’s co-host with Monique Wright. 

Matt is 37 years old and has had a great career as a journalist. Matt worked for The Herald Sun for a while before joining Network 10. 

Kendall Bora is the Weekend Today producer he’s now engaged to.

Conflicting reports: An offended Adele is then said to have walked out of the interview, although other sources have claimed the interview was already finished

Conflicting reports