The 38-yearold mother is facing murder charges in the death of her one-year-old son, which was caused by head injuries. Also, her husband faces criminal charges over the death and neglect of their child.

  • Laura and Scott Castle of Barrow in Cumbria will face trial over the death of a baby 
  • One Leiland Corkill was taken to the hospital, but he died from severe head injuries. 
  • The birth mother of Little Leiland, who was only two days old when he was born, had taken him away and placed him in the care Cumbria Social Services.
  • Scott and Laura, who were his future parents, had the baby when Scott’s death occurred. 

After being charged with the murder of their one-year old baby boy, a couple is set to face trial today.

Laura Castle (38), has been accused of murder. Scott Castle (34) has been charged for causing or permitting a person to die. Leiland Corkill, who was admitted with severe head injuries and later died, was also charged. 

The one-year-old, originally from Whitehaven in Cumbria, had been taken into care just two days after he was born, had been living with the prospective adoptive parents in Barrow, Cumbria when he died.

Laura Castle was only able to verify her name and address at a brief hearing held by South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court Friday afternoon.

Before her Monday appearance at Preston Crown Court, she was placed in custody and remanded. Husband Scott should appear before justices in Preston Crown Court on Monday afternoon.  

One-year-old Leiland Corkill (pictured) died after he was rushed to Furness General Hospital in Cumbria with a severe head injury on January

Leiland (pictured) was one-year old when he suffered a serious head injury and was taken to Furness General Hospital, Cumbria. 

Leiland was 48 hours of age when his mother Laura Corkill took him and placed him in the care Cumbria Social Services.

A house was called by paramedics in Barrow-in-Furness, on January 6. They found Leiland suffering from an injury and then called the police.

Due to his critical condition, he had to be transferred from Furness General Hospital into Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Leiland died tragically on January 7th, with detectives initiating a murder investigation.

He had been in Cumbria County Council’s care at the time he died.

The Adoption and Children Act 2002 requires that children live with their adoptive parents at least for one year before they can apply for an adoption order.

The adopters assume parental responsibility for a child placed with them. However, the Local Authority continues to look after the child until the adoption order is issued. 

Police received a report from North West Ambulance Service on January 6 this year regarding the incident at a property in Cumbria. Pictured: Cumbria County Council

On January 6, North West Ambulance Service reported to police that there was an incident at a Cumbria property. Pictured: Cumbria County Council

Cumbria Police spokesperson said, “Two persons have been arrested in connection to an investigation into Barrow’s death of a year-old boy.”

“Laura Castle (38), from Barrow has been accused of murder.

“Scott Castle (34), from Barrow has been accused of causing or allowing the death of a person.

Both have been placed in police custody.

“The charges are related to the January death of a 1-year-old boy.”

John Readman is the Cumbria County council’s executive director. He said that it was a very distressing situation and his thoughts were with the family. 

We can confirm that the deceased was cared for by the local authority. He was also placed with his adoptive family at the time of the death. 

He said that a police investigation was also underway, so it is impossible to comment further at this point.