After attending the event, Emmanuel Macron raped a French female soldier.

  • On July 1, an attack occurred on a party that was being left by an officer at Elysee Palace.
  • Macron was present at the event, and he made a speech for his chief of staff.
  • The party grew raucous after President Trump left it. There was also heavy drinking
  • A young woman was apparently raped at a palace command room.

An alleged rape by an officer of the French President Emmanuel Macron’s Military Staff on a French female soldier was committed in a secure command area at Paris’s Elysee Palace.

On Friday, aides to the head confirmed that the women had filed a complaint with the police.

After a rowdy party at Macron’s official residence in central Paris, the alleged sex attack occurred.

According to reports, the attacker is known to have drunk heavily and lured the victim to the area. There, high-ranking commands meet regularly.

Emmanuel Macron (pictured at the palace in 2018) made a speech at the party, at which alcohol was being served, and then left at around 10pm

Emmanuel Macron (pictured at The Palace in 2018). He gave a speech, then alcohol was served.

The Elysee Palace, the president's official residence in the centre of Paris, was hosting the party for Macron's outgoing chief of staff on July 1

On July 1, Macron’s outgoing Chief of Staff hosted the party at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Liberation newspaper was told by a source familiar with the matter that it took place on July 1st, just as France’s Coronavirus restrictions had been relaxed.

A source close to the matter said that Emmanuel Macron’s three former colleagues were present at the party on the evening of the event.

‘The President was there to say goodbye to Brigadier General Valéry Putz, his deputy chief of staff since July 2017, as well as one of his aides-de-camp and a third staff member.’

After a short speech, Macron left the party at 10:15pm.

Liberation reports that this is the time when it seemed like things were heating up. Liberation reports that it was at night when the truth of the matter emerged. These facts are the focus of a judicial probe.

It is believed that the rape occurred in an ultra-secure’ area of Palace. There classified information was stored, and is regularly discussed by France’s highest ranking generals.

Liberation reports that a young soldier who was previously at a drinking party for her superior said she had been sexually assaulted by another man.

They knew each other and were given the task of working as a special staff.

Next day, the female soldier reported the attack to police at a station near the Elysee the next morning.

On July 12, the prosecution opened a judicial probe for rape.

The investigating source stated that “Custody” and “interrogation” of the suspect had already been completed.

On Friday, an Elysee spokesperson stated that they would not comment on legal matters currently under investigation.

However, a source close to the president said that “everything has been done” in support of this young lady.