Furry cute! Adorable animal snaps will melt even the hardest hearts – from cubs walking with mama bears to a chunky baby rabbitny, these adorable photos will make your heart melt.

  • Social media users captured adorable photos of animals all over the globe.  
  • Two bear cubs were captured walking behind their protective enclosures. Mother
  • A tiny baby bunny, curled up in an adorable ball on the ground, is another example   

These photos capture adorable animals around the globe, from a baby bunny and a cheetah cub. 

These snaps were taken by professional and amateur wildlife photographers. The best images were compiled in an online gallery by Bored Panda. 

Highlights include a hedgehog cuddling a toy hedgehog as it slept, and two bear cubs following their mother.  

Another photo shows the sweetest looking hippo swimming underwater, looking like it could not possibly be the proud owner of strong, large teeth.

These happy little Quokkas that almost exclusively live on Rottnest Island, Australia, are perfectly happy snuggled up with a leaf

These Quokkas are happy to snuggle up with a leaf, almost exclusively on Rottnest Island in Australia.

This lovely little pair of American stoats look like we've quite interrupted their stroll across the road and they'd like to get back to their business

This adorable pair of American stoats looks like we’ve just interrupted their walk along the road.

This tiny bunny in a garden deserve a prize for being this tiny and round, it's almost unbearable

This tiny bunny is a prize winner in a garden. It’s so small and round it’s almost uncontrollable

These three Alaskan brown bears walking along the beach got their timing just right, and their bouncy little feet pads are wonderfully in sync

These three Alaskan brown bears were walking along the beach at just the right time. Their little feet pads and their rhythmic movements are amazing.

An extremely rare sighting of the duck flower, only created when young ducks get a little chilly

This is a rare sighting of the duck flowers. It only occurs when young ducks are a little colder.

This stunning little fawn resting on a carpet of purple flowers is quite simply astonishing to look at

This tiny fawn, resting on a carpet made of purple flowers, is simply stunning to behold.

A bowl of baby otters is perhaps the last thing most would expect to see but the soul needs what the soul needs

A bowl of baby otters might seem like the last thing that most people would expect to see, but the soul needs what it needs.

This little Hippo is called Fiona and lives at the Cincinnati Zoo, her adorable face is inviting but she actually natures cutest ferocious animal

Fiona is a little Hippo and she lives at the Cincinnati Zoo. Her adorable face is charming, but she is actually nature’s most ferocious animal.

A puppy named Marley and her bunny friend Beau chilled on a couch in Australia and absolutely no one was mad about it

Marley the puppy and Beau her bunny friend were able to chill on a couch in Australia.

This hungry little leopard gecko hungrily eyes up his next bug filled meal and we're very glad he chose to do that

We are so happy that this little leopard gecko, hungry for bugs, chose to eat.

What could possibly be better than a hedgehog cuddling the toy version of himself? Absolutely nothing

What could be more wonderful than a hedgehog cuddling a toy version of him? Absolutely nothing

This is a baby tiger quoll, a marsupial native to eastern Australia, you probably haven't seen one before and you're probably obsessed with them now

This is a baby leopard tiger quoll, an eastern Australian marsupial, which you have probably never seen before.

This big-eyed little bee is so tiny and cute, she surely would never think of stinging anyone, right?

This adorable little bee has such tiny eyes that you would never believe she would sting anyone.

This little baby cheetah is staring right into our souls and sending us messages that it's incredibly cute

This adorable baby cheetah is looking into our souls and sending messages that it thinks are incredibly cute

This happy little hamster clearly wanted to have some attention and we'll gladly give it to them

This happy little hamster clearly desired some attention, and we’ll gladly provide it.

This sleep little branch fox from Vosges in France has found the perfect sleeping spot and looks so ridiculously cosy

This adorable little French branch fox, a sleepy little fox, is so cozy!

This tiny little US hummingbird who decided to take a seat on a garden chair is not only sweet but extremely brave considering a big human bottom could come along at any moment

This little US hummingbird decided to take a seat in a garden chair. It’s not only adorable, but also very brave considering that a large human bottom could be coming at any moment.

If this least tern hatchling from New Jersey doesn't inspire you to put your best foot forward then nothing will

If this New Jersey hatchling of the least tern doesn’t inspire, nothing will.