A woman who claimed to be an advertising executive was being stalked and filmed in the name of a TV comedian director nominated for three BAFTA awards, has been convicted.

Sophia Owen, 36 years old, claimed Misha Manson Smith harassed her throughout 2020.

He was said to have used the lawnmower to make as much noise outside as possible and would rattle his car tires to bother her.

Manson-Smith has been an award-winning director of documentaries, comedies, and films for Amazon Studios and Netflix. He was also a part of the documentary series. The false allegations caused a lengthy court fight.

Sophia Owen, 36, accused Misha Manson-Smith (pictured at Stratford Magistrates' Court) of harassing her during 2020 and even applied for a High Court injunction against him

Sophia Owen (36), accused Misha Smith (photo at Stratford Magistrates Court) of harassing and harassing her in 2020. She even sought a High Court Injunction against him

Owen’s father, music producer Mark Arthurworrey, 68, owns the freehold of a converted house in Dalston, east London, where Mr Manson-Smith lives in the ground floor flat.

Mr Arthurworrey was previously found guilty of harassing Mr Manson-Smith, 48, and his ‘mummy blogger’ wife Alex, 44, and was forced to pay damages to them after making their lives a ‘misery’. 

The couple also accused him of creating noise nuisance and dumping large quantities of trash, including a mattress in their yard.  

Arthurworrey claimed that the Hackney front yard of their building, in London, was not theirs but rather his. He denied all wrongdoing.

After taking him to court they won damages. They are now seeking an injunction that will prohibit the music producer’s interference with their property or personal belongings.

Owen called the police two times in May 2020. Two more calls were made in September 2020. Owen claimed Mr Manson Smith was being ‘abusive’ and threatening.

Owen (pictured outside Stratford Magistrates' Court) said he used his lawnmower outside her home to make as much noise as he could and would screech his car tyres to annoy her

Owen (pictured outside Stratford Magistrates’ Court) said he used his lawnmower outside her home to make as much noise as he could and would screech his car tyres to annoy her

She described feeling’scared, intimidated’ and claimed that the director of the film was psychotic.

James Richardson, District Judge: “She is building a narrative about Mr Manson Smith.”

Owen said Mr Manson Smith had hidden cameras at his basement, which pointed to the entry to her house. He claimed that they were used to spy on her.

He used the mower outside of her house to intimidate her, she said. She also complained about his tire wear as he left the property.

Owen stated that she was able to see Mr Manson Smith “literally hundreds” of times and that she’regularly drives or walks past her house, or even stalks her.

Mark Arthurworrey, 67,  a musician who produced tracks for 80's stars including Annie Lennox and Aswad (pictured above). After taking him to court, the couple won damages

Mark Arthurworrey, 67,  a musician who produced tracks for 80’s stars including Annie Lennox and Aswad (pictured above). The couple were awarded damages after taking Arthurworrey to court.

Then, in December 2020 she applied for a High Court Injunction against Mr Manson Smith.

He denied all allegations, and provided evidence including GPS records and photos from his vehicle and his cell phone to back up his claim.

Both parties reached a settlement called ‘drop hands’, in which they agreed to end their respective claims.

The experience was described by Mr Manson Smith as “profound, stressful, unnerving and time-consuming,” and “costly.”

Owen’s actions had an ‘incredibly profound impact’ on his family and professional life, according to him.

Judge Richardson said that making false accusations against someone as support for a High Court order would be considered harassment.

The building in Hackney which contains the flats of Mr Arthurworrey and Mr Manson-Smith. The judge said dumping rubbish into the front garden 'could amount to harassment'

Hackney’s building which houses Mr Arthurworrey, Mr Manson Smith and their flats. Judge said that dumping garbage in front of the house could be considered harassment.

“It is clear that this harassment behavior is unacceptable.”

He claimed that the harassment was part of a deliberate campaign to harass Mr Manson Smith in order to obtain an injunction.

He said, “I consider the case to be proved” and that he found Ms Owen guilty.

Owen continues to defend her account as she is an account director for advertising and stated that the events of Mr Manson Smith had deeply affected her.

The long, black trousers she wore to court were paired with a roll neck, and war-style boots.

Owen was not guilty, but he denied harassing Mr Manson Smith between 11 May 2020 – 23 December 2020

Her father was a highly successful music producer who worked with many acts such as Earth, Wind and Fire and Annie Lennox over a 25 year period.

British writer, director, and producer of film, TV, and commercials, Mr Manson Smith, is the name. He has worked as a director with Ali G star Sacha Barron Cohen. Also, he directed a movie called Barbados featuring Michael Sheen.

In order to allow Owen to have legal representation, Judge Richardson delayed the sentence from being delivered until February 28th at 2 pm.

On condition she did not contact the victim, bail was granted.