The United States Air Force has authorized the use of gender specific and gender neutral pronouns within email signature boxes.

Air Force clarified that emails ending with they/them, she/he or them would not be permitted in December 9 memos.    

Air Force correspondence says that this guidance approves the use pronouns within electronic signature blocks. Additionally, it expands on writing communication by making official templates accessible on the epublishing website.

The memo states that pronouns are allowed but not mandatory in email signature blocks. requested comment from the Air Force, but they have not responded.

The United States Air Force is authorizing the use of gender-neutral and gender-specific pronouns in email signature boxes

United States Air Force allows the use gender-neutral or gender-specific pronouns for email signature boxes

Secretary of State Tony Blinken at the Adelcrantz Palace in connection with the OSCE meeting of member states' foreign ministers

Tony Blinken, Secretary of State at Adelcrantz Palace for the OSCE Meeting of Foreign Ministers

The memo announcing the ability for people to use pronouns in Air Force email signatures

This memo announces the possibility for individuals to use pronouns within Air Force email signatures

The State Department was criticized earlier in 2021 for celebrating International Pronouns Day

The State Department received criticism earlier for 2021 celebrating International Pronouns Day

In an attempt to accurately address their gender, people often use pronouns. People who are gender neutral or don’t want to be identified with one gender, or have a different sex at birth, most commonly use pronouns.  

In 2021, it was criticised for its celebration of International Pronouns Day. This is due to the many challenges that the State Department faces all over the globe.

On Twitter, the department stated that today was International Pronouns Day. It shared why so many people use pronouns to share their social media and email profiles.

There have also been other instances of the U.S. Military embracing various ‘woke’ causes recently, including a recruitment ad that features an animated lesbian wedding and an LGBTQ pride parade.

The Army’s new advertisement is part of its ‘The Calling’ recruitment campaign, which tells stories from five different service members.  

It was just weeks later that a similar ad appeared. A CIA recruiting video that featured a woman who was described as an “intersectional cisgender millennial” by the recruit, was ridiculed widely online.   

The two-minute video was released on May 4. It focuses on Corporal Emma Malonelord’s upbringing and how she was raised. By two mothers. Malonelord was an Army corporal. Her story is told in this cartoon.  

The ad shows an animated Corporal Emma Malonelord (pictured) attending a gay rights parade

An animated Corporal Emma Malonelord, (pictured) attends a gay rights parade in the ad

The Army's new recruitment ad chronicling the life of Corporal Emma Malonelord features an animated depiction of a gay rights march (pictured)

A new Army recruitment advertisement that chronicles the life and times of Corporal Emma Malonelord includes an animated representation of a march for gay rights (pictured).

The new Army ad shows Corporal Emma Malonelord's mother's getting married after one suffered serious injuries following a car accident

After sustaining serious injuries in a car accident, Corporal Emma Malonelord is now married to her mother. 

This animated video shows Malonelord as she grows up, from when she was a child all the way to her retirement. As a Patriot Missile Operator, he joins the Army.   

Her animated counterpart watches her two mothers get married after one recovers from a serious car accident that left her paralyzed. 

Ted Cruz stated that he supported the strongest fighting force on the planet, while criticizing the video.

After questioning the legitimacy of an “emasculated military” and comparing it to a video of a Russian recruit parachute into combat, the Texas senator caused online fury.

The military exists to eliminate the evil guys. Fox News interviewed him as he tried to defend himself against accusations that his actions were aimed at serving U.S. troops.

“People join the military to protect us, not to be in a circle emojiing and passing daisies around, but they do so because they are passionate about keeping our country safe.

These comments are reminiscent of a CIA advertisement that criticised similar criticisms. 

Recently, members of the Air Force were discharged due to President Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate.  

27 Air Force members were fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. This is the first instance of disobedience in the Air Force.

Air Force allowed its troops until November 2, and many have refused to receive the vaccine or requested an exemption. 

Ann Stefanek, a spokeswoman for the Air Force said Monday that they are the first Airmen to be administratively dismissed due to reasons related the vaccine.

They were all in the first term of their enlistment so were lower-ranking, younger personnel. 

While the Air Force is not required to disclose which type of discharge an Air Force member receives, Congress has passed legislation that limits the Army’s ability to grant troops who refuse vaccines either an honorable or general discharge.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, pictured, has said the vaccine is critical to maintaining the health of the force and its ability to respond to a national security crisis

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, pictured, has said the vaccine is critical to maintaining the health of the force and its ability to respond to a national security crisis

In April, the Pentagon required that all military personnel, active and reserve, receive the vaccine. The mandate was set by each service, with the Air Force setting the earliest deadline. 

Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary has stated that the vaccine is crucial to maintain the health and ability of the force to deal with a national security emergency.

Stefanek claimed that none of 27 Airmen requested any exemption, whether it was religious, administrative, or medical. 

Multiple officials representing the other service said that only the Air Force had so far advanced the process. They also discharged personnel for not having vaccinated.