Priti Patel, Home Secretary, urged police last night to take the’strongest possible action against Piers Corbyn anti-vaxxer after he called for his supporters to murder MPs.

The conspiracy theorist – and brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – was filmed inciting the protesters to ‘burn down’ MPs offices – just weeks after Tory MP David Amess was stabbed to death in Southend-on-Sea.

Whitehall witnessed several anti-vaccine passport protests during this month, which included marches organized by Together Declaration. The violence escalated repeatedly during these events.

A video of Corbyn speaking before a mob emerged after MPs approved new Plan B controls to manage Omicron.

Corbyn said to the crowd, “We have to smash to death those scum that want to introduce new Fascism.”

‘We have got to get a list of them – there’s lists of them on websites – and if your MP is one of them, go to their offices, and, well, I’d recommend burning them down, I would say, but I dare not say that on air. I hope you’re not watching me on the air.

Ms. Patel took to Twitter after the video was posted. I support the police taking the most severe action possible against him.

Piers Morgan was a journalist for Mail on Sunday and Broadcaster. He said, “This is absolutely appalling.” Piers Corbyn encourages murder of MPs. He should be detained and sentenced.

Yesterday Mr Corbyn was among thousands of anti-lockdown protesters in London who blockaded streets and set off smokebombs. This angered Boris Johnson’s Plan A Covid restrictions.

Home Secretary Priti Patel last night urged police to take 'the strongest possible action' against anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn after he called on his supporters to kill MPs and 'burn down' their offices. Pictured: Mr Corbyn wears a shirt that says 'Resist! Defy! Do not comply!' and performs a fire-breathing stunt on Whitehall

Priti Patel (Home Secretary) urged police to take “the strongest possible actions” against Piers Corbyn, an anti-vaxxer. He had called upon his supporters last night to kill MPs as well as ‘burn down their offices’. Pictured: Mr Corbyn wears a shirt that says ‘Resist! Defy! You must not obey! Performs fire breathing stunt at Whitehall

Video emerged of Mr Corbyn addressing a mob after MPs voted in favour of introducing new Plan B restrictions to control Omicron last week. Mr Corbyn told the crowd: 'We've got to hammer to death those scum who have decided to go ahead with introducing new Fascism'

A video of Corbyn speaking before a crowd emerged after the MPs approved new Plan B restrictions for Omicron control last week. The crowd was told by Mr Corbyn that they had to “hammer to death” those who wanted to introduce new Fascism.

After the footage sparked fury on Twitter last night, Ms Patel tweeted: 'The Piers Corbyn video is sickening. I back the police to take the strongest possible action against him'

Ms. Patel took to Twitter after the clip sparked outrage on Twitter. I’m backing the police in taking the most severe action possible against him.

Police were involved in scuffles as some of the demonstrators tried to push through police lines

As some demonstrators attempted to force their way through the police lines, officers were caught in an altercation.

Anti vaccine protesters congregated in London's Parliament Square, including this man who appears to be wearing a police hat

London’s Parliament Square was filled with anti-vaccine protestors. One of them is this man, who seems to have been wearing a police cap.

Anti-vaccination protestors climb railings in Whitehall, London as police watch on

Police watch as anti-vaccination protestors climb over railings in Whitehall London, while police monitor.

Even though he was 74 years old, he tried to inhale fire using liquid spraying from his mouth. He had mixed results.

Corbyn, who is well-known for his attention seeking actions at anti-vax functions, was recently involved in a Flash Mob of Covid Deniers singing “wearing masks is like trying to keep fart in your pants” on Underground.

A number of Met Police officers were injured while trying to help a police motorcyclist in Parliament Square around 12.30 on Saturday.  

This video shows the confrontation between police and protesters. 

In addition to Plan B, demonstrators also oppose the introduction of vaccine passports as well as the imposition of future restrictions on Plan C.  

A second protestor crowd arrived at Regent Street later in the day, around 3pm. Police stated that they started to harass people and throwing eggs at the property. 

To’monitor’ the situation, officers are still present in the vicinity. There have not been any arrests.

Together Declaration organized the protest and stated: “We represent over 200 businesses groups, activists, campaigners, professionals, and other organizations who are very concerned about what the introduction of vaccine passports might lead to.”

Protests took place also in Bournemouth (Blackburn), Gloucestershire and Bristol as well Bristol, Glasgow Glasgow Cardiff, Belfast and on the Isle of Wight.

Plan B, the government’s measures for indoor public venues include mandatory mask wear at cinemas, theatres, places of worship and other indoor public spaces. Nightclubs and large venues require Covid passes that either prove double vaccinations or fail lateral flow tests.

Anti-vaccination protestors let off flares as they demonstrate in Whitehall near Downing Street in London on Saturday

Protestors against vaccination threw flares during demonstrations at Whitehall, near Downing Street, London on Saturday

Hundreds of maskless demonstrators were armed with signs and placards dissuading others from taking the vaccine

Many hundreds of protestors without masks were equipped with placards and signs to dissuade others from getting the vaccine.

Police watch on as hundreds of anti-vaccine protestors gathered to demonstrate against further curbs on our everyday lives

Police keep watch as protestors who are anti-vaccine gather in support of further curbs to our every day lives were demonstrating before the police 

Demonstrators in Barcelona were pictured holding signs that read: 'Europe do not give up against [sic] tyrany'

Barcelona Demonstrators were photographed holding signs saying: “Europe refuse to give up against.” [sic] tyrany’

Demonstrators, most of whom were not wearing face masks, gathered to object to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions

Most demonstrators were not wearing masks and gathered together to protest the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions 

Heard shouts of shame from unmasked protestors as they marched through Parliament Square this afternoon. As they marched past Parliament Square, unmasked protestors could be heard shouting “shame on you!” 

Other people were seen gathering together in large groups and carrying signs and placards that said “No to vaccination passports.” 

After being thrown eggs, flares, and beer cans at police officers on Saturday night, minor injuries were reported by the police. 

Nearly 100,000 people contracted Covid-19 yesterday, according to a laboratory. London was home to more than 60% who were positive for Covid-19. 

The Together Declaration organized the demonstration, stating that they represent over 200 organizations, businesses, campaigners, and professionals. They also stated, “We are deeply concerned about the consequences of the introduction vaccine passports.”

“In the UK we have many rights and liberties that were fought for by our ancestors. These rights are fundamental for our understanding democracy and are the rights that all human beings should enjoy. 

They are also against digital ID cards and vaccine passports.    

The group stated that requiring medical certifications to be produced at clubs, pubs, theatres, schools, universities and other places is dangerous.

Saturday's demonstration was organised by the Together Declaration - who claimed to represent more than 200 organisations and  businesses

Saturday’s demonstration was organised by the Together Declaration – who claimed to represent more than 200 organisations and  businesses 

Yesterday, almost 100,000 people were confirmed in a laboratory to have contracted Covid-19. In London, more than 60 per cent of those testing positive were identified as having the Omicron Variant

Today, nearly 100,000 people tested positive for Covid-19 in London. London: More than 60% of the positive test results were confirmed to have the Omicron Variant.

As well as Plan B, the demonstrators are opposed to the possible introduction of vaccine passports and the future imposition of a more restrictive Plan C

The demonstrators oppose Plan B as well. They also object to vaccine passports being introduced and a future, more restrictive Plan C.

While protestors gathered in Westminster, Oxford Street was quieter on the Saturday prior to Christmas. 

The escalating rates of Covid-19, a result of the Omicron variation spreading to other countries is keeping shoppers from London’s central London during the busy weekend before Christmas trading. 

Online sales have boomed and shopping malls that are accessible by car have been bustling, but city centers have experienced a significant drop in footfall according to Trade Groups such as the British Retail Consortium.

Helen Dickinson is the company’s chief executive. She stated: “The Omicron variant and Government work-from home advice have resulted, in part, in less people going to shops and high street, especially in larger cities.

“Despite ongoing supply chain challenges, there has been an enormous effort to make sure essential gifts and food are available for Christmas.

We are optimistic that this Christmas will prove to be a memorable one for shoppers, so retailers have gone out of our way to make sure customers and staff are as safe and secure as possible in these challenging times.

According to the New West End Company (representing retailers, restaurants and business in London), outlets in London’s West End won’t see an impulse purchase rush in the coming weekend.

In Italy, hundreds of protestors attended a 'No Green Pass' rally in Turin (pictured) after The Democratic Party's government introduced compulsory vaccine passes to enter all public and private workplaces

After The Democratic Party introduced mandatory vaccine passes for all private and public workplaces, thousands of Italian protestors attended the Turin ‘No Green Pass” rally (pictured).

Maskless protestors, both young and old, chanted and waved the national flag in demonstrations against the 'Green Pass' in Turin

Young and old maskless demonstrators waved and chanted the national flag during demonstrations in Turin against the “Green Pass” in Turin.

A protestor dressed as Santa Claus holds aloft a sign reading: 'We are not lab mice, we are children' outside a protest in Turin, Italy

Outside a Turin protest, Italy, a Santa Claus-dressed protestor holds a sign that reads: “We aren’t lab mice. We are children.” 

The most current data shows that customer traffic to Bond Street, Oxford Street, and Regent Street dropped by seven percent points from the week before and was 32 percentage point lower than the day prior. 

MailOnline received a statement from Scotland Yard stating that Officers were stationed in London to protect the public and ensure safety.

“We have seen videos online that show a small fight in Parliament Square. Protestors tried to block a group officers who were transporting a police motorcycle through the crowds. Although some officers were minorly injured, order was restored quickly.

“Just before 15:00hrs, after making their way down Regent Street, protestors stopped at a shop outside and started hurling abuse at those who were inside.

Although eggs were thrown at windows, no injuries were reported. The officers quickly intervened, and the calm was restored.

“The protest is now moving on, and officers will keep an eye on it. There have not been any arrests at this point.

The protests came as major demonstrations took place across Europe, where some voted to reinstate draconian bans on indoor mixing and curfews that were in effect for non-essential retail outlets.  

Italian demonstrators gathered at a No Green Pass rally in Turin to protest the introduction of mandatory vaccination passes by The Democratic Party government. This was after all workers were required to have them.

On Saturday night, Barcelona’s La Rambla street was thronged with protestors who carried signs reading: “Europe don’t give up on us!” [sic] tyrany’. 

After the European Commission Chief said that everyone should undergo PCR testing before entering the EU, the Netherlands will announce today a tighter anti-Covid lockdown.

The measures will be introduced by Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, at 7pm, alongside Hugo de Jonge, the health minister, and Jaap Van Dissel, the head of RIVM public health institute, according to broadcaster NOS.

A partial lockdown was implemented in November 28, limiting social gatherings only to 13 persons and making it impossible for bars, restaurants, cinemas, and other venues to open after 5 p.m. At 8 pm, essential shops like supermarkets will close.

Rotterdam saw riots after the restriction was first made public. Police opened fire against protestors who wanted to impose the restrictions.

Ministers met today with leaders of regional safety boards and they are expected to complete the plans by this afternoon.

The Outbreak Management Team, Dutch government, recommended the closure of all stores other than essential, as well as schools, gyms.

Although Covid cases declined in the Netherlands following the imposing of restrictions last month it only gave a boost jab to 1.5million people after becoming one the last European countries to implement its drive.

Ms von der Leyen, meanwhile, asked EU leaders in Brussels to reinstate pre-departure as well as on-site tests.