Two Air Force pilots were injured and one was killed in an accident involving two trainer planes on Friday at a Texas military base.

Officials at Laughlin Air Force Base said an accident involving a pair T-38 Talon jets occurred on the runway around 10am.

In critical condition, one of the pilots who was injured was transported to San Antonio’s Brooke Army Medical Center. The current state of their condition is unknown.

Another pilot was discharged from Val Verde Regional Medical Center after being treated.  

Investigations into the cause of this accident are ongoing.

After a number of other fatal military accidents, Friday’s incident was the latest in a long line. 

An Air Force pilot was killed and two others injured Friday morning in a 'mishap' involving two trainer aircrafts at a Texas base

A mishap involving two Texas-based trainer aircrafts resulted in the death of an Air Force pilot and injuries to two other Air Force personnel Friday morning

Officials at Laughlin Air Force Base said an accident involving a pair T-38 Talon jets occurred on the runway around 10am

Officials at Laughlin Air Force Base reported that an accident involving a pair T-38 Talon aircraft occurred around 10:20 AM.

Col. Craig Prather released a statement in which he shared his condolences with victims’ families. 

He stated that he was sending his thoughts, best wishes, and condolences to the families of all those involved in the mishap.

It is not known who the victims are. 

T-38 Talon, a twin-engine supersonic, high-altitude jet trainer, is two-seat and can seat up to eight people. According to the Air Force, this jet can be used for a wide variety of purposes due to its design, efficiency of operation, easy maintenance and outstanding safety record.

Air Education and Training Command is the primary user of T-38 Talon. Training for undergraduate pilots in joint, specialized training. 

Air Combat Command and Air Force Materiel Command use the T-38A for various purposes. 

The T-38 Talon is primarily used by Air Education and Training Command for joint specialized undergraduate pilot training

Air Education and Training Command is the primary user of T-38 Talon for undergraduate pilot training.

The US Navy fired the Chief of the Boat, Commander, Executive Officer, and Commanding Officer of a Nuclear Submarine after it collided with an uncharted Seamount in the South China Sea.

USS Connecticut, $3.1 Billion: The CO Cmdr Cameron Aljilani (XO Lt. Cmdr Patrick Cashin) and the COB Cory Rodgers (COCmdr Cameron Aljilani), were relieved on November 3. 

According to the Navy, the Oct. 2 incident that resulted in the loss of life was caused by the “suicide bomber,” The accident that injured eleven crew members could have been avoided if there had been’sound judgment, prudent decision making and compliance with required procedures in navigation planning.

A USS Connecticut was found to have been grounded by an unknown seamount, while it operated in international waters of the Indo-Pacific.

According to some reports, the special-operations unit of Marines as well as the contingent that makes up the training mission have been operational for at least one year. 

The Naval Sea Systems Command ordered three interim officers to replace the Seawolf-class submarine.  

The 7th Fleet, which operates in the western Pacific, said an investigation had concluded that the USS Connecticut (pictured in Puget Sound, Washington, in 2016) smashed into a geological formation and not another vessel on October 2

According to the 7th Fleet which is based in the west Pacific, an investigation concluded that the USS Connecticut, pictured in Puget Sound (Washington) in 2016, smashed into the geological formation, and not another vessel, on October 2.

Specialist Maxwell Hockin was identified October 13 as the soldier found dead at Fort Hood

Specialty Maxwell Hockin was identified as the soldier killed at Fort Hood on October 13.

A Fort Hood soldier who was not responding behind the company barracks died last month.

Specialist Maxwell Hockin, 26, joined the military in 2017 and was most recently assigned to the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.  

Hockin received a lot of decorations such as the Army Good Conduct Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Medal. Hockin also earned the Army Service Ribbon and National Defense Service Medal.

He is one of 31 soldiers who died at Fort Hood in the last few years.

In September, a military training jet crashed into a residential area of Lake Worth, Texas, leaving three homes damaged and two pilots injured after they ejected from the plane – with one in critical condition after  landing on power lines. 

Two pilots were involved in a military training program near Corpus Christi International Airport. One was an instructor, the other was a student. After being evacuated in the vicinity, the instructor pilot was stable. 

One witness claimed the student pilot had been engulfed by flames just before he reached the powerlines. 

Facebook posted video showing the parachute being wrapped around the cables.

Three Lake Worth homes were damaged by debris, with one backyard containing the plane. 

According to Chief of Naval Air Training, the aircraft was a Navy T-45C Goshawk trainer jet aircraft.  

Thick black smoke was seen rising from behind residential homes in Lake Worth

Three Lake Worth homes were affected by the crash after the aircraft landed in one of the backyards

The remnants of the explosion were visible behind Lake Worth homes, Texas. 

Smoke from the crash is seen from the 4000 blocks between Tejas Trail and Dakota Trail

You can see the smoke from the impact from 4000 blocks located between Dakota Trail (Tejas Trail) and Dakota Trail (Dakota Trail). 

Friday’s accident also follows reports of several fatal small plane crashes across the US this week.

After his single-engine aircraft crashed in a wildfire, he was found dead at the scene.

The pilot, identified as Army and Air Force veteran Marc Thor Olson, had 42 years of flying experience. Olson was hired by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office to fight the wildfire because of its likelihood of a quick spread in dry, windy conditions. 

The Associated Press reports that he was chosen because of the danger posed by the fire to firefighters.

Olson, who reported unstable conditions to the plane and it crashed after Olson dropped water onto its fire.  

Two planes were also killed in Michigan during this week’s air traffic accidents. 

A plane crashed on Saturday, killing four people west of Mackinaw City in Michigan. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the twin-engine BrittenNorman plane crashed from Charlevoix. 

The second crash resulted in the deaths of Pilot Kenneth Daniel Yott, 61, of Pontiac and 21-year-old passenger Corbin Dennis Kennedy, of Howell.

They were discovered dead in their Beechcraft King Air in Charlevoix County on Monday.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident, but it is not clear what happened.