A Glasgow Airbnb host has been banned from taking bookings during the COP26 climate change conference after trying to squeeze an extra £1,449 from an American delegate.

Tan Copsey, a Brooklyn resident, reported the landlord’s behavior to the company after receiving a message from the landlord in which he tried to justify the extra cost.

The landlord, who did not want to be identified, admitted that he didn’t realize the booking was for climate conference and was worried about’missing out’ on a lot of money.  

Airbnb has now banned Airbnb’s landlord from accepting guests during COP26. This event is scheduled to begin on October 31.

Climate Nexus’ senior director of communications, Mr Copsey, tweeted a picture from his correspondence with the host. In it, they cited a “400%” increase in average room price in the area.

Tan Copsey, a senior director at Climate Nexus, tweeted about the landlord trying to add another $2,000 to the price of his booking

Tan Copsey is a Climate Nexus senior director and tweeted about the landlord trying add $2,000 to his booking

Mr Copsey tweeted pictures of his correspondence with the landlord after reporting him to Airbnb

After reporting Copsey, Airbnb, Mr Copsey took pictures of his correspondence and sent them to Twitter.

His tweet read: “Having a great day with COP26 accommodations, this guy tried adding $2000 to my reservation. It was a wonderful experience all around.

The landlord stated in the message exchange: “I have been made aware of the fact that the average room cost has risen 400 percent in my area over the course your stay.”

“It bothers me that I have missed a great deal of cash due to your early booking.

“I had intended to contact you earlier, but I was on holiday for three week recently and was distracted.

‘I think an additional $70 per day would be a fair adjustment. I am open to considering other accommodations.

‘The average price per night for inferior lodgings is about £400. The weekly discount applies to the new rate.

“I should inform you that my property is located in a very quiet neighborhood. Five minutes walk to a train station that takes you directly into the COP26 venues.

“Sorry, I didn’t let you know sooner.”

After Mr Copsey informed his landlord that he would not be keeping the booking, he replied: ‘I gave to you the chance to agree to pay an extra fee to reflect market prices for short-term lets during COP26 in Glasgow.

The message Mr Copsey received from the Glasgow landlord citing that he was going to 'miss out on a great deal of money'

The message Mr Copsey received was from the Glasgow landlord, stating that he would’miss out’ on a lot of money.

“As you have not chosen to cancel, I am cancelling your reservation.”

Airbnb released a statement saying it had banned the host from accepting any further bookings during the conference.

A spokesperson stated that the Host was being held responsible and has been prohibited from accepting any additional bookings during the period.

“The guest has been fully refunded, and we have offered support to help them find alternative accommodation.

“Airbnb is donating all service fees for stays in Glasgow during the COP26 to Zero Waste Scotland.

Around 30,000 people including 120 leaders from 120 countries are expected to attend climate change summit at SEC Glasgow between October 31st and November 12.

However, there have been concerns about the availability and cost of accommodation in the city.

The Scottish government has urged people to ppen their doors to visitors as part of the COP26 Homestay Network – a programme set up to encourage families to offer a place to stay for free or for a low price.

According to reports, hundreds of households have signed up for this initiative. 

A spokesperson for the government said that by offering low-cost or free accommodation, hosts can ensure that all, especially those from the Global South can attend the summit and have their voices heard.

MPs were informed yesterday that there was an ‘accommodation crises’. Around 3,000 people had planned to attend, but could not find a place to sleep.

It follows reports that 20 properties on the Airbnb website and 30 on Booking.com were being advertised at more than £20,000 for the two-week event.

One two-bedroom apartment in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove area was said to have been listed for £8,583 per night. 

A COP26 official stated: “As hosts, it is of great importance to the UK that there are a wide range of reasonably-priced accommodations options available.

“We have been working closely with MCI, our hotel provider, to ensure that this is the case.”