A new airline is operating from the UK that provides a kid-free zone in its aircrafts.

Scoot, a low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines that launched in 2012, is running direct Dreamliner flights from London Gatwick to Bangkok with bare-bones one-way economy fares starting at just £210.

A multitude of upgrades are available, though, including the option of paying from £16 to sit in a ‘ScootinSilence’ seat towards the front of the plane, where under-12s are banned.

Pictured here is Scoot's child-free 'ScootinSilence' section, where under-12s are banned. The low-cost airline has launched a Gatwick to Bangkok route

Pictured here is Scoot’s child-free ‘ScootinSilence’ section, where under-12s are banned. Low-cost carrier Scoot launched a Gatwick to Bangkok route.

The airline is not the only one that offers assistance to passengers who want to be away from children. Japan Airlines offers a booking feature that allows you to see which plane seats will be available for infants under two years old.

Scoot’s ScootinSilence section is sandwiched between economy and the plusher ScootPlus cabin, which offers reclining leather seats, meals, in-flight entertainment and 30kg of baggage, from £368.

Other ticket options include ‘flybag’, which includes £20kg of baggage, from £41; ‘flybageat’, which includes 20kg of baggage plus one hot meal, a drink and a snack, from £50, and ‘MaxYourSpace’, the option to purchase up to two empty adjacent seats.

Scoot claimed that they had received a “overwhelming” response for its Gatwick to Bangkok route. Many of the available flights, up until January 8, 2022 were now full.

Scoot was named the World's Best Long-Haul Low-Cost Airline by the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2021 , the 'Oscars of Aviation', and has a fleet of 50 aircraft

Scoot was named the World’s Best Long-Haul Low-Cost Airline by the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2021 , the ‘Oscars of Aviation’, and has a fleet of 50 aircraft

According to the airline, it will increase its service by adding three flights per week from March 2022 until late March 2022.

Skytrax World Airline Award 2021 named this carrier the “Oscars of Aviation” World’s Best Long Distance Low Cost Airline. The carrier has 50 aircraft.

Scoot Chief Executive Officer Mr. Campbell Wilson stated that Scoot allows travelers to personalize their flights. This includes extra legroom and checked luggage, complimentary carry-on baggage of 10 kg, ScootinSilence, delicious meals, ScootinSilence, or simply a great airfare.

Scoot travelers who want to go to Thailand using Scoot will have to read through the rules before they travel.

Mr Campbell Wilson, Scoot's Chief Executive Officer, said: 'For nearly 10 years, Scoot has empowered travellers to customise their flight experience as they prefer'

Scoot’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Campbell Wilson said that Scoot gave travellers freedom to customize their flight experiences for as long as 10 years.

Scoot said that it had received an 'overwhelming response' for the Gatwick to Bangkok route and that many of the flights up to January 8, 2022, are now fully booked

Scoot claimed that they had received a ‘overwhelming’ response for its Gatwick to Bangkok route, and that all flights booked up until January 8th, 2022 have been fully booked

Thailand announced it would reinstate the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine to foreign visitors, and will eliminate the waiver of quarantine starting Tuesday because of concerns about the Omicron coronavirus.

Thailand has halted its “Test and Go” waiver. Visitors must now undergo quarantine at their hotel. It lasts seven to ten working days.

A so-called “sandbox” programme that requires tourists to stay in one location, but permits them freedom of movement beyond their accommodation will be temporarily suspended.

Rachada Dhanadirek, deputy government spokesperson, stated that “Test and Go” will no longer be available after December 21.

It was just a few days after Thailand announced the first known case of Omicron-related local transmission.

The move also occurred weeks after Thailand had reopened for foreign visitors in November. This ended almost 18 months of rigid entry policies that led to a decline in tourism. In 2019, Thailand attracted more than 40 million tourists.

Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, a government spokesperson said that about 200,000 people who previously registered for the quarantine waiver or sandbox program will be still eligible.

He stated that ‘this is not to stop tourists from coming to the area, but temporarily to suspend their arrivals’.

He said that the decision will be reviewed in January.

Scoot is available at www.flyscoot.com/en.