Alarmed llama! Storm sees for the first-time his reflection!

  • An adorable baby llama reacted to seeing his reflection in a mirror for first time
  • Seven-week-old Storm was spooked at Wunsapana Farm, Altamount in New York
  • TikTok’s footage shows how animals build confidence and get closer to one another.

A baby llama who saw himself first in the mirror was horrified. 

The seven-week-old baby llama – known as a cria – named Storm, looked like he’d seen a ghost at Wunsapana Farm, Altamont in New York after his owners placed a long mirror in the barn. 

TikTok posted the footage on November 14. It shows the animal seeing his reflection and then fleeing in fear.

Seven-week-old baby llama Storm

Seven-week-old baby llama Storm

Seven-week-old baby llama Storm looked like he’d seen a ghost at Wunsapana Farm, Altamount in New York on November 14

The curious llama laughs and runs off, before jumping back in front the mirror.

A few seconds later, the llama approached the glass once more, and he bravely touched his nose on the surface. 

One user said, “I do this every morning!” One user wrote: “If I was as beautiful as you, then I would be staring at my own face!”

A second writer wrote: “This is just too adorable!”

It’s not the first time that a reflection has spooken an animal. Sometimes the result is to anger them.

One cat hissed and growled at a potential rival, not realizing the intruder was his own reflection in a mirror.

Baby Claude was an unhappy cat. His owner heard him mew from upstairs in their Brandenberg home.

The pet was preparing to fight against the mirror that he had found himself in after he thought an animal had entered.

Video of seven year old boy from the owner shows him slowly following the mirror, before raising his head to see the “other animal” and exchanging a series of growls and hisses.